Let’s face it; life is pretty hectic.
Sometimes, we need someone to lean on, even if that is a quiet voice online to garner validation, support, ideas, and encouragement.

Geeks try to incorporate so many different facets into their lives, and many times have younger eyes watching, and little feet walking in our footsteps. We don’t come with manuals; nor do the littles in our lives, so it’s alright to admit you don’t know something. It’s not alright to assume you can make up any old answer. We don’t even have all the answers, but we strive to make our little chunk of this floating space rock a little bit better.

You may notice some of these links give you similar results, as we are that awesome that many things are multi-category ideas to share!

Discussion: Many Wonderful Stories!

Tips and Tricks: From Gardening to Animal Care!

Parenting: The Everlong Discussion About Being A Great Parent

DIY’s & How To’s & Recipes: DIYs and How To’s Recipes From Around The Globe!

TBT’s *this is a misc group of awesome ideas, stories, and fun things to read over during a coffee break!*: Throwback Thursday Fun!

Crafts: Needles, Paint, Glue, and Glitter!

Health: Geeky Roundups, Group Challenges and More!

Fitness: Striving For The Best Life!





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