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Originally posted 2015-08-30 12:30:44.

Quick bio for Drew:  He’s been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla, he loves his warlock, and he’s pretty geeked for the demon hunter class to launch.  The new hero class will for sure be his new main.  Also – I totally have to admit he’s brilliant with knowing the in’s and out’s of WoW. (And even other  blizzard games!)

So, our first episode revolved mainly around the love triangle of Illidan, Tyrande, and Malfurion.  (I mean come on, I’m addicted to the love drama, so of COURSE I had to know what happened.  I strongly demand a wedding scene in a future expansion).  We also chatted about who these characters were, and what roles they have in the world.

We start off explaining who Malfurion is.


That one I knew, as I met him in Darkshore recently while questing on my lowbie Mage.  From what Drew tells us, he’s the first druid who trained under the tutelage of the demigod, Cenarius.  Get this – his twin brother is Illidan.  Here’s where my favorite love triangle comes into play: Malfurion is married to Tyrande WHO Illidan also likes, and most of what Illidan does was to impress Tyrande.  Anyway, back to Malfurion: He stopped the first invasion of the Burning Legion.  Yes, apparently there have been several attempts to destroy the world this way.

Queen Azsharra led the Night Elves at one point in time, but good old Malfurion battled with the evil leader and won.  He and his bride have been the leaders of the Night Elves, and the longest since.

Tyrande, a high priestess of Elune and former leader of the Sentinels, shockingly (to me) let Illidan free from his first prison to help save the world.  As mentioned above, she is married to Malfurion and is a pretty BAMF warrior in battle!

Tyrandre, married to Malfurion

I had a lot of questions for Drew, mainly because I lacked the knowledge of older content.  He suggest reading The War of the Ancients and WoWWikki.  Warcraft III is full of lore as well, along with the quest lines in Shadowmoon Valley (The first one, that is), and all over Outlands – The Burning Crusade Version.  Basically just join us on the US Realm Misha as we quest and hang out together to get up-to-date with our lore.

Check out our YouTube Episode, and be sure to be on the look out for our Podcast for the stream.

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