The Chronicles of Shannara Review : Pykon

Originally posted 2016-02-07 12:00:46.

Episode six of our epic adventure ! This week started off with a weird dream involving Amberle and Wil. Yes, you guessed it I’m sure. Amberle and Wil playing on a playground that ultimately leads to a near sexual encounter that becomes a nightmare that includes the Dagda Mor. The more I think about it, this weeks episode had  a lot of odd sexual stuff. This weird dream and then a near “situation” with Amberle and Eretria. Look, I’m not a frost queen but do we REALLY need to add this stuff to the story ? Aside from the passionate kiss in the end between Wil and Amberle the other scenes were useless time fillers. Anyway, I digress.

From last week we know the Changeling killed King Eventine and took his form. Allanon was trying to contact Amberle using Bandon’s gift and in doing so Bandon is being held hostage mentally by the Dagda Mor. In this episode Allanon is taken over by the Dagda Mor momentarily and nearly kills Catania. Arion rescues her and begins to doubt Allanon is a good guy. This of course has been helped along by the Changeling planting seeds as King Eventine. Allanon is killed (we think) by Arion in the King’s chamber. I’m not sure where MTV will go with this one. We all know Allanon isn’t going anywhere. Right ?

Our heros get caught in a winter storm and take refuge inside Pykon. I’m not sure why this was a part of the story.I read the Elfstones several years ago but I don’t remember this scene in the books. Apparently the guy living in this abandoned Elven fortress has a grudge against King Eventine. When he finds out Amberle is his granddaughter she is strapped up for some torture at the hands of this weirdo. This weird torturer is not alone. There is a little girl named Mags who is at first equally weird but as the episode moves forward you start to grow attached to her. Mags helps Wil rescue Amberle and Wil has promised to take her from the dark creepy fortress. Well of course Mags is killed ! C’mon MTV ! Dang !

The episode sort of bounces around a bit between stories that have no clear connection. Everyone is kind of doing their own thing. I’ve come to the conclusion that MTV is trying to squeeze this whole story into 10-12 episodes. It’s very hurried and the story doesn’t flow very well. All that aside I did like the action in Pykon and was excited in the end to see the Reaper again ! The final bit of the episode has Eretria and Cephelo escaping without Amberle and Wil. As the zip-line across the ravine Eretria feels guilty about leaving them and decides to go back. As soon as she lands on the other side The Reaper comes out behind them, they rush to start across together and Wil tries the Elfstones. The stones wound the Reaper but do not kill it.  However, remember the bad guy Cephelo ?  The guy everyone seems to trust now ? Cephelo cuts the zip-line and down they go with the Reaper. I KNEW they should have killed him ! TV people never listen to us do they ? Until next week !