Destiny: A Hate / Love Relationship

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I originally played Destiny when it first came out over a year ago. This game was supposed to be the game of games. It was so over hyped and I couldn’t get enough of it. At long last it was finally launch day and I played it non-stop when my fiancé, at the time, wasn’t fighting me for the controller. A typical night would be staying up until 4 am to grind out some rep or trying to beat the Vault of Glass.

After a few short weeks I lost interest entirely, I just couldn’t seem to play the game anymore. What led to this? Well, a bunch of posts and articles came out on various sites. Across all of them was this question “What happened to the game we were promised?” The game we were promised and the game that we are playing are 2 separate games. We were supposed to be able to do some much more. Many of the following bullet points can be found through google searches or through reddit.

  • Being able to travel throughout the whole solar system (Jupiter, other moons)
  • Fight against multiple races. I originally thought there was 7 but now that I look at the concept art I only see 5 (below).


  • MMO’s are built on stories and the community. We can’t even interact with people right next to us and I don’t understand what these story missions are about.
  • What are these grimoire cards about (I shouldn’t have to look on my phone / computer to learn more about the game I’m playing…put them in the game)
  • Why does every new character start with the Exo intro level (All 3 races were supposed to have a separate introduction mission)? The only one we have is the Exo one where they are found near the rusted cars of the Cosmodrome. The Human and Awoken intro’s were apparently scrapped).

Bungie screwed us so hard. The game we got wasn’t the game we were promised and people quickly found out that massive parts of the game were blocked off. Why would pieces of the game be locked away? DLC was the answer. We bought ½ of a game and the rest of it was to be released in pieces to us over the next year. What a bunch of suckers we were. That was it, I was done pre-ordering games. A big F-bomb to Bungie and to Activision.


I moved on to a bunch of games since then and rarely thought about Destiny until the new expansion came out. I had no interest in playing it since I bought the base game (non-digital guardian version) and it didn’t come with the next 2 expansions. Then, The Taken King arrived. I heard good things on a few sites and how they fixed many of the problems that plagued the original versions and the expansions since. I became intrigued and after that I figured it was worth checking out.

I bought it for Xbox this time (previously I was playing on PS4) and re-rolled my Warlock again. I immediately noticed Peter Dinklage’s voice was replaced by Nolan North. I really never had an issue with Peter’s voice acting, but I heard a lot of griping about it. Leveling to 40 took a few days (I refrained from using the item you get with The Taken King to insta-level to 25 so I could give the game a fresh start) and felt like a good pace. I sometimes would forget that I dinged a couple levels while doing some Crucible of Vanguard playlists. One improvement (while not a perfect solution) was the addition of somewhat a story that involved speaking to the 3 vanguards in the tower who sent you on various missions. It was nice I finally understood why I was trying to find Rasputin. If anyone remembers in Vanilla Destiny after you activate the gigantic satellite dish in one of the Cosmodrome missions, that is the last time you ever hear of him and I don’t believe they tell you why you need to activate it in the first place.


One thing that came as a pleasant surprise was once you hit 40 the game really opens up. There are tons of quests to do around the tower and the Dreadnaught has a lot of secrets. There are a bunch of things that I’m still looking forward to do: getting my exotic sword (currently waiting on Armsday [Wednesday] to finish that up), playing high level Prison of Elders, and completing the Crota Raid from The Dark Below and also the Oryx Raid from the Taken King. I’m also looking for a clan/guild to raid with regularly if you are on Xbox one and need another fireteam member please hit me up.

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