Blog Azeroth: The Best Profession Ever.

Originally posted 2011-03-14 16:37:34.

This weeks Blog Azeroth shared topic is something I found pretty neat. Ama at Specced for Drama wants to know what our favorite profession is and why. What a fun topic to post about. I have tried many of the WoW professions over the years and each has varied character to character. But my all time favorite is Alchemy.

Sarindre currently has the professions Enchanting and Alchemy, but she did not start out that way. When I first made Sarindre, I also had a Warlock named Calencil who was a Tailor and Enchanter so I initially made Sarindre take Herbalism and Alchemy. I really enjoyed flower picking with Sarindre. It found it a great way to pass the time and it was easy to do while leveling. Alchemy was great too. I liked using all my flowers to make needed potions. When I was able to transmute, I found a great way to make some money easily. Plus the mats have never been too expensive ( at least on my server) and I was able to gather most of them myself.

As some of you know I am a hoarder in this game and I never ever like to sell epics, no matter how old and outdated they are. So one day, when I had a total of 75 epics in my bank, I decided action needed to occur. I was also pretty poor and needed some gold. So I dropped Herbalism, picked up Enchanting. I quickly leveled with the help of my husband and some guildies and disenchanted all those epics for money! So now, I am unable to gather my own herbs, but I found Enchanting to be good to have and an easy way to gain money.

Alchemy is my favorite profession though. The ability to make flasks and needed potions for raids is awesome. Now, with all of the cool Cataclysm changes in Alchemy, I am liking it even more! I am working hard in Archeology to find the recipe that will let you turn into a dragon. C’mon! How cool is that!

Alchemy my be my favorite main profession, but I happen to be addicted to Cooking, Fishing, and now Archeology. In fact, I find them to be more enjoyable than any main profession. For Wraith, I would fish all the time, especially to look for the achievements. Now in Cataclysm I cannot stop working on Archeology! I think this profession is amazing and wish it was in the game from the very beginning. It feels like I am being productive and it is neat to be able to discover everything and find new items.

What is your favorite profession? What about secondary profession? Do you like any secondary profession more than a main profession?

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