ANIME – What to Watch – Fall 2015

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The reviews have kinda died down the last week since I’ve been dealing with school and working crazy hours – so I thought I’d change it up. Just because I haven’t been writing doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching, it’s pretty much all I do in my free time these days. That being said, there are so many great shows going on this season and I’m gonna go through a quick list of my favourites.

The Asterisk War

This show is getting a lot of recognition right now for its great action, sci-fi elements and colourful cast of characters. At the time I’m writing this there are 4 episodes and each one has been really just a blast to watch, I think it has a lot of potential to really deliver on what it’s building towards in the story. High tech weapons, magic abilities, a gladiator style tournament between different academies. I mean, come on. That is pure Anime gold.

Check it out on Crunchyroll and Funimation!

The Perfect Insider

Looking for a good murder mystery? Look no further, this mature and dark book adaptation has me hooked. Painfully slow in the start of the series it goes from 0-100 by the end of episode 2 and the mystery is in full swing. This story has a Girl with the Dragon Tattoo feel to it that is a refreshing style in Anime sometimes; you’ll find no fan service or cat girls here. Just a gritty serial killer story that isn’t holding anything back.

You can catch it on Crunchyroll.


Personally I’ve never been one for mob stories but when you toss in 3 excellent lead characters(one whom is deaf and uses sign language…IN A ANIMATED SERIES!) and breathtaking fight scenes, you’re going to have my attention. Drugs, sex, violence and crooked cops with a twist involving certain people with unimaginable fighting ability; I loved this series so much I went out to buy the manga. However, admittedly it is hard to follow at times and I found the manga necessary for me to follow it all. But that’s just me!

Available subbed and dubbed on Funimation.

God Eater


Fan of Attack on Titan? Then this is a must watch. Seriously. Stop reading and load it up right now. They follow a very similar path – lead character training to be a fighter against an unnatural foe set out to destroy humanity…but he’s different. No spoilers but you get the idea. It has very beautiful animation – typically saved for high budget OVA’s and one off series – making each episode feel epic and unforgettable. Will it reach the mainstream juggernaut heights of AoT? Probably not, but I will finish this by saying it’s a must see.

It can be seen on the roll that is crunchy.

Attack on Titan: Junior High


Lastly, we have the comedic reimagining of Attack on Titan that is such a great parody of itself that I can’t help but laugh my butt off just thinking about how absurd it is. Annie has a secret that she’s just like Eren, sound familiar? A secret so awful I’m surprised she can live with herself. She loves cheese burg steak just like Eren. If you’ve seen AoT, that makes that joke so funny it hurts. The show follows all the characters(now very young) we love in a school setting. Dodgeball and Sleeping in are the real problems in Eren’s life these days. Oh to be young.

Available on Funimation!

Obviously I can’t go into detail about everything I’m watching because I have things to do, Taco Bell to eat, cat litter to scoop, manga to buy and Waifus to decide on.

However, I will add a list of honourable mentions!

Akame ga KILL!

Comet Lucifer


Tokyo Ghoul

Fairy Tail


Ushio and Tora


Anti-Magic Academy

Ok, that’s all folks. You know the drill! Hit me up on the tweets @Umarumon or email me a series to check out! [email protected]

Also, go check out the podcast Mega Anime Ultra Show – they are doing awesome things and I’ll be joining them on an upcoming episode soon!

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