YouTube: Mark Zero Gaming Plays XCOM 2! Special Mission!

Originally posted 2016-11-12 17:00:12.

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Several months earlier:

The Avenger receives intel from resistance forces in the Eastern US/Canada sector about a strange wreckage site somewhere in the region. The Avenger relocates to investigate, and discovers that the wreck is the original Skyranger. The crew finds a cache of unique weapons inside the wreck, which Dr. Tygan states he most likely cannot reverse engineer for production. After several weeks of scanning and processing triangulation data, Bradford is able to confirm Big Sky’s point of origin. Scanning the site picks up a weak transmission, and a familiar voice – Dr. Vahlen. Bradford requests that he be allowed to lead the squad that investigates the uncovered location. His request is authorized, with the possibility of recovering Vahlen alive considered worth the risk of deploying him. Armed with the unique equipment from the Skyranger wreck, Menace 1-5 prepares to deploy…

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