YouTube: Mark Zero Gaming Plays XCOM 2! Episode 27

Originally posted 2016-09-10 17:00:45.

Menace 1-5 has successfully retrieved the resistance data on the alien plans to deploy UFO sweeps against the Avenger, giving XCOM the chance to flood Advent’s network with false-positive data to throw off their tracking algorithms. A new enemy was encountered during the mission – an armored, semi-mechanical sphere that registered tremendous psionic power readings. The “Gatekeeper” was found to contain an organic host after its defeat, which will need to be studied by Dr. Tygen.

After much study of alien armor designs, Tygen has made a breakthrough in replicating their technology to create a powered armor suit prototype. Chief Engineer Shen eagerly was able to replicate the design into a fully functioning powered armor suit that, during ballistics tests, appears to be able to stand up to tremendous punishment even from plasma-based beam weaponry. The new Warden Armor has been issued as standard gear for all operatives. Further research projects have made available new weapons and equipment technology, which Shen is awaiting the supplies to fabricate.

It won’t take long for the new armor design to be tested, as a transmission comes through from the resistance. One of their allies in an Advent city has sent a distress signal requesting extraction, and XCOM has been asked to respond.

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