YouTube: Mark Zero Gaming Plays XCOM 2! Episode 26

Originally posted 2016-09-03 17:00:44.

The disabled Advent supply convoy has been secured successfully. For the first time, XCOM deployed a Psi Operative as part of Menace 1-5. Trey Randall, despite having no prior field experience, showed considerable combat skill and provided unique tactical advantages to her more veteran squadmates. Advent deployed its own new addition to its forces – an updated variant of the Sectopod. The bipedal alien machine is rightfully feared as one of the most deadly weapons in the alien arsenal. Fortunately, Menace 1-5 was able to destroy it swiftly before it could bring its full force to bear on them.

After the relative dry spell of activity, the resistance has now sprung into action. Only a few days after the convoy is secured, the resistance transmits data on multiple Advent operations that could be struck via a guerilla operation. An operation in the New Mexico sector is targeted after intelligence reveals that the aliens are prepping a UFO to hunt the skies for the Avenger.

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