YouTube: Mark Zero Gaming Plays XCOM 2! Episode 25

Originally posted 2016-08-27 22:00:21.

The alien communications relay near Edmonton Canada has been destroyed, causing crucial data for the Avatar project to be lost. The operation also served as a field test for the new beam rifle prototypes, proving themselves devastatingly effective against both Advent forces and their alien masters. Meagan Murphy, the resistance operative responsible for finding the relay, has joined XCOM. She has demonstrated herself as a highly skilled sharpshooter in recruitment evaluation, immediately attaining the rank of Major.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tygen and Chief Engineer Shen were able to successfully re-construct one of the disabled Codexes from the “brain” each leaves behind on death. The procedure was violent, with the Shadow Chamber’s containment unit being destroyed as the Codex strained to fight back, but in the end Tygen was successfully able to extract highly sensitive encrypted data from the Codex.

Further breakthroughs are realized in the Psi Lab, with the first Psi Operative successfully completing the process of tapping into the latent psychic potential of the human mind. Contact with the Western European and West African resistance networks is established. After a period of relative quiet, the resistance hails Avenger with information about another disabled Advent supply convoy. The advanced scanning capabilities of the Shadow Chamber indicate a new, unknown signature detected in the AO.

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