YouTube: Mark Zero Gaming Plays XCOM 2! Episode 23

Originally posted 2016-08-13 17:00:17.

The Advent data vault has been secured from the AO in New Chile, denying crucial data on the implementation of rural checkpoint planning from the enemy. While the mission was successful, it was far from smooth; an unexpected altercation with a civilian resulted in blown cover and an all-out counterattack by Advent forces, which included a dangerous new alien creature not yet encountered. While there were no casualties on the mission, nearly all of Menace 1-5 were rushed immediately to medical in order to recover from wounds and acidic burns sustained during the operation.

Dr. Tygen and Chief Engineer Shen have concluded their investigation of the mysterious vial recovered from the Black Site, using the Shadow Chamber to uncover that the liquid contained tens of thousands of human genetic sequences deduced to be those of the missing persons mentioned by the Spokesman. The aliens appear to be rendering human abductees en masse into this liquid DNA concentrate for some yet unknown purpose. Shen has also uncovered another Advent black site deep in the jungles of Africa, which appears to be the intended destination of the vial.

Preparations begin for the assault, including retasking the research team onto uncovering the functional applications of the mysterious alien element Elerium in weapons and equipment development. As plans to establish communications with Europe are made as a prerequisite to reach Africa, an urgent transmission reaches the Avenger. Advent has once again attacked Mexico, seeking to cut off the resistance’s network between the Americas. The Shadow Chamber reports another unknown alien bio-signature on the Avenger’s approach to the region – one that the Commander hypothesizes to be the Elder’s pet hunter species.

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