YouTube: Mark Zero Gaming Plays XCOM 2! Episode 22

Originally posted 2016-08-06 17:00:28.

Menace 1-5 has successfully infiltrated and destroyed another Avatar facility, but the victory is bittersweet and comes at a heavy cost. Capt. Clay “Mez” Godlesky, ranking soldier among XCOM’s Sharpshooters, gambled and lost against an Archon alien. His body was recovered from the AO and is being discreetly transported back to his family for burial, while his signature weapon will remain in the XCOM armory to honor and continue his fight.

With the Avatar project further set back by the assault, XCOM now has the breathing room it needs in order to conduct some long-awaited research into the aliens’ plans. Chief Engineer Shen and her team complete construction of a decryption and analysis laboratory dubbed the “Shadow Chamber”. This facility serves a two-fold purpose, as a reconnaissance facility capable of providing intel on Advent force deployment, and as a resource for Shen and Dr. Tygen to conduct highly sensitive projects alongside the research team. The first and most pressing task is to isolate and examine the vial recovered from the Advent black site in Mexico. While work begins, another opportunity arises to thwart Advent’s general operations.

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