YouTube: Mark Zero Gaming Plays XCOM 2! Episode 11

Originally posted 2016-05-21 17:00:47.

Mexico is lost. Advent’s strike force suffered heavy casualties, but was not routed by XCOM’s counterattack. Of the five XCOM operators deployed, three were killed in action – Rachel Gabai, Jane Kelly, and Lydia Wronski. Clay Godlesky was viciously wounded, but managed to evac alongside Osvaldo Garza. With their haven destroyed by the aliens, contact with Mexico’s resistance elements has been lost, as the few who survived the brutal onslaught have fled into hiding.

The Avenger is now suffering not only a lack of experienced soldiers, but also a lack of supplies. Morale is dropping, as the reality sets in that Advent is gaining the upper hand in
the conflict. Resistance elements send word that a data vault containing information on Advent’s armor research program is moving through Vancouver, providing a chance to intercept it and stop Advent from toughening up their soldiers.

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