WTH is WoD?

Originally posted 2016-10-23 12:00:44.

I’m an old school DnD nerd girl. I can’t even begin to guess how many hours I have gleefully utilised as a half-elf Rogue, or my full night elf forest dweller, or my halfling thief/bard, or… okay you get the idea. I am a supernerd. And proud of that fact.

But I have clearly missed the opportunity to become even more engrossed with a whole new world of roleplaying in my multiple-moves-never-settle-long-enough-to-find-likeminded-individuals since the mid 90’s. Yeah, that’s 20 years ago. Excuse me while I sob hysterically that I just realised other than Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age Origins, and Skyrim, I have been without the dragons or the dungeons in over two freaking decades.

For years now, I’ve been hearing whispers about different games (or so I thought they were all separate) – World of Darkness (Which I honestly thought was a new Silent Hill like video game the first time I heard it), Vampire: The Masquerade, Children of the Night, The Succubus Club, and even Changing Breeds amongst many others, and I never took time to find out anything about them. Maybe if I had, I’d have found out a new love was waiting for me. Dammit, Pixie, keep up with the cool kids!

Well, better late then never, right?

So here are the things I’ve found out so far… It might not seem like a lot, but in context, it is.

I’ll give you the top 10 things I can think of, though I could possibly expand that list.

  1. It’s a roleplaying game.
  2. It’s not like DnD style, other than it is turn based, it has some crossover ideals, and… okay, yeah, there’s actually a lot about it that is similar. But it’s not DnD. There aren’t dungeons.
  3. It’s set in the ‘now’ modern world, but there are Shifters, Mages, Vampires, Demons, Angels, Ghouls, Ghosts… see how this really isn’t a DnD but it’s more like an episode of Supernatural?
  4. It’s hosted by a GM – Game Master, not a DM – Dungeon Master. (And yes, there’s a HUGE difference. Game and Dungeon aren’t even close to the same word.)
  5. It’s incredibly liberating to be in roleplaying mode. If you’ve never done it, you’re truly missing out!
  6. It’s got lots of freedom to choose options. Yeah, you read that properly. It’s a choose your own adventure for all ages (but the older ones can fucking swear).
  7. It’s fantastic for your resume/CV. How? Team building. Character development. Crisis management. Leadership skills. Conflict Resolution (especially if one of your cohorts insists on bringing thermite EVERYWHERE). Diplomacy skills. Justice and patience and honesty and even animal husbandry (and no, for those of you who don’t know that word, I don’t mean marrying your dog).
  8. It’s excellent social interaction.
  9. It’s a great way to slip away from reality and stress and even hardships for even a few hours.
  10. It’s cheaper than booze or drugs, and it’s healthier too.
  11. It’s just fucking awesome.

See? There’s a wealth of awesomeness that is just waiting to be attained.

I can’t wait to see when I can play.

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