Would you play Super Mario Run?

Originally posted 2017-01-18 17:00:04.

It is not a secret for anyone that, after the big hit with Pokémon Go, Nintendo seems to be destined to rule the whole world of mobile games including a new one: Super Mario Run; with Apple being their chosen platform to strike first. If you remember Pokémon Go, it was not just a good game, but a massive success on the whole world, that changed the way to play on mobile devices.

Super Mario Run, the new Nintendo’s proposal:

And yes, Nintendo has always been one of those companies that are always trying to find new ways to play and go one step further. Not all of their ideas have been as good as others, but in this case this was a good one. A big idea that changed the concept of augmented reality and put them on a good place as a third party for mobile gaming. The best thing of this is that almost every person with a [smart]phone could play this game without being worried about its limitations. And it looks like with the release of Super Mario Run, things are not going to be different. Let’s see if this game is really worthy.

The first thing you are going to notice, is that graphics are just simply amazing. Mario never has looked better, and if you consider that this is a mobile game, you can not deny that Nintendo work is totally impressive on this area.

Of course, the second thing you will notice, as you must be thinking, is that controls are totally different. In any case, you will see that they are totally intuitive and easy to get use to. The first few levels of Super Mario Run will make any Mario fan feel comfortable. The look is simply a polished version of the well-known Mario Universe. Controls are as good, and you will like this as probably the best Mario game out there, at least on its 2D versions. The great thing is that you will be able to jump and remember some of the best things that made this game awesome years ago. But of course, you are going to face a problem on the way.

In fact, even if this game has been announced as a free download game, after some levels it will ask you to buy the rest. And this is really disgusting in some ways, because the game is completely addictive by itself. We are sure most of the gamers out there won’t have any inconvenience on buying the whole game, but the thing that you can not play it as its fullest when it has been published as a free game, is very annoying.

In any case, we can’t say this game is bad. If you ask us, we recommend it plenty. It is one of the best games on mobile devices nowadays. And it looks like Nintendo is thinking in taking a new path for their products, even if Switch Console has been released recently. 

What do you think? Would you buy this game? Do you think that mobile devices are the future for Nintendo games? Who knows… but we’re sure you have the last word.

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