World of Warcraft: Legion Update

Originally posted 2016-01-18 17:00:56.

Leaked news for Legion!  Apparently Blizzard has listened to it’s transmog audience.  Kotaku found a video of the new wardrobe feature, which has been removed, but they managed to snatch a screen shot before the removal:

Legion Wardrobe Screen Shot

Legion Wardrobe Screen Shot

The image gives us a glimpse into their plans with transmog.  Traditionally, us transmog lovers have had to store our beloved pieces in our banks and void storage.  For people like me, this is a serious issue as transmog takes top priority when it comes to storage.  Adding a Wardrobe tab would be a gift from the Blizzard Gods for us fanatics!

Release Date

Blizzard has also given us a timeline of when the game is released:

Latest Release Date Possible

On or prior to September 21st, 2016.  Well, at least we have something to work with!


PvP Update

At Blizzcon, Blizzard revealed that it is revamping it’s entire PvP system.  We will still earn Honor, but it’s going to be more of a “Level Up” up system, similar to how Experience Points works.  They are completely re-hauling how PvP zones work, and are supposed to be giving us specific PvP talents to use along side our normal skills and talents.  Highest Honor Level is 50 – but then you have the option to go Prestige, and your talents will get reset.  But you’ll get better loot, like mounts and other cosmetic items.

Two new arenas are going to be in Legion as well with some line of site mechanic opportunities.  Seasons are going to be shorter, and player achievements are going to be handed out for each faction instead of pooling them together.

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