WoD Recaps: Episodes 19-22

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Wait, if this is your first time here, you might want to back up. Not sure how you tripped onto this part before all the others, but dude, seriously, head back to the start and work your way up here. This will be a lot easier to follow if you do.

Oh yeah, and don’t let the kiddos read/watch this. It’s all up in the NSFW/NSFC cause adults like to play games too!

Okay, now that’s out of the way… onto Epi 19…

Gigglefest 2016 commences with Diasani/Evian tip touching. Yup, you guessed it. The DinoBros know when that “live” light sparks and they are ready for anything.

Über-talk and Boston grid facts; funny shit.

Gregory Fine – Ex Heavyweight ((Sam and Dean are hardcore fanboys)) — it’s so funny how

December 3rd, I’ll officially be starting in this World of Darkness. If you’ve been reading my stuff posted on here recently, you might have already come across my character’s introduction. Last Friday (Nov 18, 2016), I was scrambling to figure out what to write about an acorn for the FWF… I sat down at the laptop, and the fingers/keyboard told me a story. It’s the starting point (Other than the fact that my character is one of the characters in the NaNo Trey and I co-wrote this year), so I can evolve her as needed as the gameplay goes on.
And yes, when we have to “roll” new characters, I’m going to play a gurahl again. Why, because simply put: THEY ARE FUCKING AWESOME. Okay, done with that mini ramble…

Dex + Wits = Initiative roll.

**The DinoBoys are singing about the sun, and Sam breaks out with “Ra, Ra, Raaa-aah-aah” (yeah, the Lady Gaga Bad Romance beginning)**

Drew is talking creepily-seductively into his microphone for so much of this episode, and the things he’s talking about is so fucking funny in regards to how he’s saying it. Like that dude on YouTube that does the Kiss the Girl (Little Mermaid) Low Key Version ((seriously, look him up, he’s awesome, he’s got tons of these songs, and they are waaaaaay creepy)).

The vampires are still in the poker room.

Uncanny instincts is Sam’s favourite add-on. He can hear an odd noise behind him. And then breaks into song (in everyone’s head – a special new gift the Pack has to be able to speak to one another telepathically within a certain range).

Sam sings ‘Smooth Criminal’ by Alien Ant Farm, but changes the lyrics: “Dante are you okay? Dante are you okay? You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by, a motherfucking Corax.” 

This is so brilliant I have had to put the episode on pause just so I wouldn’t miss what happens after it.

I should back up, and explain a bit if you didn’t catch it from last episode.

Dante (the kitty) put a knife (Klaive) into Carmen (Jake’s ex-fiancé who he still has lub-lubs for), and she did the whole explodey thing all over the circular booth where Jake and Lydia were also sitting.

The conversation you DIDN’T hear, but will soon become noticeably louder and more distinct is the voice of the Klaive. Or rather its former owner, Blitzer (aka Jalal). Jalal will be the name the Blade refers to itself as pretty much now, as his spirit is happily wound into the folded metal of the weapon.

By the way, I seriously need you to go look up the Motherfucking Pterodactyl song (The Oatmeal’s creator and some chic do this, and it’s the best. And if you’re wanting to be like the cool kids, go listen to it. Be prepared for it to be all kinds of weird… well, the name of it should get the imagery going the right way for you. The song comes up quite frequently in the gameplay, so it will either just be referenced or sang by usually Sam (or Jake who does kind of a Shatner-esque Rocket Man version once or twice in spoken word form and it makes me lol even more when it happens.)

Okay, so I’m stalling as usual, right? NOOO! I am just letting you know there’s a lot of fun stuff behind the scenes, sort of side by side to the scenes really.

Darkness is all over the bar (well, it starts as a 10-foot radius from the Dante/Spirit Whispy Gooishness that was once Carmen). 

Jake’s a mess. Yeah, like pointing his gun between the gaseous goopy shit that hangs in the bar that used to be his fiancé, and Dante’s face.
I do think I should point out that his (Dante’s) reaction to this, by looking down the barrel of the gun like “Dude, I get she was your fuckbuddy at one time, but she’s one of the Crowned Evil Kings now, and the soul of Blitzer (Jalal’s spirit is forever sealed in the Klaive Dante uses) is able to find the Kings. 

THIS IS AWESOME. #justiceforBlitzer is #justiceforRazzi and #justiceforKon. <3

This fight is crazy.

Dante. Jake. 
Jake. Dante.

There’s a bit of a technical issue for a bit with the storyteller’s computer, so they decide that it is a good time to chat about Spaceballs and do fun things.

This epic fight though, seriously.

Sam leaps, but botches.

About ten minutes later… There is a parkour awesome vampire staking move. Dante and Sam for the win!!!
Episode 20 starts with a mini recap of Eva and Greg reminding them that they are to find friends and not find the Kings alone.

And no, not the LA Kings Hockey Team…

A FEY comes to Dante’s call, and he promises her some pizza for some help.

Renea Simmons… A FEY cellist.

There’s a lot of roleplaying and decision making in this session – it’s honestly best to watch this played out, as Trevor is there, and they need to discuss some things about what’s going to happen in regards to taking out the Fey King.

Oh, I should point out, there’s 5 Kings.

A Demon King, A Vampire King, A Werewolf King, A Mage King, and a Fey King.

They’ve killed off the Vampire King (episode 18 & 19, bye Carmen!), and they know that the Werewolf King is StormChicken, and the Demon King is Jeremy and the Mage King is Revenant. Which leaves the Fey as being the next to ascend… likely Renea. LIKELY.

Into Episode 21:

Sam: Where in the world is CARMEN SanDiego? 

**Sam makes a horrible joke and everyone reacts properly**

Lydia: “Live on YouTube is the SAFEST place ever”

Dean: “This is my safe box.”
Aisha: Not too safe if I set it on fire.
Lydia: NOT so safe now.

Not a family friendly safe space at all.

Geek Fuckery: The Comedy Shenanigans of the World of Darkness Cast

More searching for the possible Fey King, though they have pretty much narrowed it down to Renea Simmons.

Drew and Trey are sick, but they play on like troopers.

Episode 22:

Al’s not there, as he’s apparently got a sickness in his vagina. (He does text in as he’s watching from Twitch).

Lydia is in the storyteller’s home whoop whoop!!
Out of game that Storyteller brings into the game:

Aisha and Dante had an interesting chat (out of game).

Lydia, Sam, and Dean are chillin’ in Lydia’s bar. Dante will be entering the bar, while Jake is doing surveillance on StormChicken and Jeremy.

Alpha decision time with the Manticore is all about this session.

This is an interesting one to watch, as it is played out with a level of understanding on each other’s characters.

Trial by fire, voting, or fight to Alpha are the options.

I’ll let you watch this out and see for yourselves.

See you tomorrow!

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