WoD Recap: Episodes 9-14 err 12. Yeah, 12.

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Epi 9-14… no, I’m only going to 12, because 13 might just get its own recap it is so epic.

Okay, so if you’re just tuning into these recaps, I’m gonna send you back and make you do it properly. Start with Epi’s 1-3 and then 4-8.

And as usual, this not for the little geeklings, as it is full of swears even in this (how can I not swear when I’m talking about this f*u*c*… oh, I need to learn how to place stars better apparently.

First off, Episode 9 sees a fantastic new group of NPCs and the arrival of DANTE!!

Okay, so you know the bare minimum of the other players, but just in case for some reason you’ve forgotten, here’s the roster:
Sam and Dean Winchester (Mokolé – werelizards, aka ‘DinoBros’), Lydia (Garou – werewolf), and Jake [From State Farm] (wereraven)

Dante is one cool cat. No, seriously, he’s a werecat – a Bastet, specifically an Irish Ceilican black cat who loves knocking over whiskey shots just about better than doing anything else. I say play to your strengths, and this kitty knows what he likes. He’s also deadly in combat, so do not let that perfectly curled purring mass near the hearth in the bar (wait… does Lydia’s bar have a hearth? Well, it does now!) fool you; he’s just as content in Socto form, but uses his battle time to be kick ass all-claws-and-fangs Crinos feral kitty. He also has a few minor trust issues (queue the typical catness) and the desire to not be as social as actual ‘pack animals’. He has connections though, and that makes him pretty important to the group. Plus there is a whole other catdog thing going on, but I’ll get to that when it eventually emerges.

NPCs you’re going to want to keep an eye on… Aisha, Blitzer (aka Jalal), Kon, and Razzi.

Micro-mini recap of last recap: House of Doom is in the rear view mirror. They know and have a Ratkin on speed dial (Ritchie), and apparently one of the best parts of my day has become watching Drew and Al (Sam and Dean respectively) break character when they leave notes for themselves on their papers and the words (this current time is “wet pussy”) and fall into the couch in stitches and bales of laughter. There’s probably other things in this world that are vital, but this is one of the things that should be seen at least once if not every time possible. They are hilarious to watch. This is a real friendship that is true and honest and open and fun and zero embarrassment. It’s more than just simple getting together and roleplaying.

There’s something that I guess I should point out, especially if you’ve never had any RPG experience in reality before.

It is a very social, very intense, and an incredibly liberating world to throw yourself into. It is, in its truest form, the essence of how friendships – true friendships – break the boundaries of that stranger-to-friend level of life, and become TRULY connected. 

This friendship is one such aspect to witness. I realise that there are other entities in this storyline, and they all have wonderful qualities that meld and solidify the ethos of this world Trey is storytelling for them to participate in. I’m speaking specifically to the fact that Al and Drew are so brilliantly set in this story, in their friendship, and their relationship with Trey as well (Drew and Trey are happily married if you haven’t figured that out yet, and Al is THEIR best friend) – to be that open and potentially vulnerable toward someone you look at with esteem, love, and earnest friendship… okay, call me hokie, but this is exactly why I want to join.

And don’t misread that: I’m not expecting to be besties with everyone by the end of the first session. But what I do hope is just to be AROUND that goodness. Around why they are so unabashedly happy and content with themselves and secure in their friendships that they aren’t afraid to act out… eating stink pickles, or playing with sentient stuffed animals… or telling hard stories and making loved ones have to suffer for the sake of an entertaining moment.

The wit. The charisma; the pure honest joy these people get out of this game, shines through. THEY LOVE PLAYING. Why wouldn’t I want to watch? Why wouldn’t I want to participate in that? They make it cool to geekify the RPG again. Something that has been sorely lacking in my deeply deprived world of… beige.

Okay, before I make them feel even more uncomfortable about this, I better pop into the actual gameplay for these 5 sessions.

I’ll try to be brief, but come on, you know by now, I’m not the least verbose bear in the woods. Well, you don’t know that yet, but you will soon.

I should have named this one “Memories of Nightsticks”. Just go watch the shows!!

Trevor, you’re just a jerk according to the DinoBros, and that’s the way it’s gonna stay.

And if anything, I really just hope that some day, Sam gets to pick “Tides of Lust” as his fetish. It is hilarious that he wants to pick it, and has ensured that he will always have a clean thong on.

They head to BMR (Big Metal Roar) Bar – The one owned by a werewolf and run by a Kinfolk Mage, Aisha. And there are poles. For dancing.

$150 in $1USD bills. Bow-chica-wow-wow

Watch the show. Watch the show. Watch the… So yeah, there’s a ritual that has to take place, and there’s this wereraven that may or may not have technically pulled the short straw metaphorically speaking, and yeah, Caw Caw Motherfuckers. Jake takes one for the team. Literally.

Epi10 has Lydia off gallivanting with Aisha and Razzi to work on a special fetish, and the boys are planning on making blood and gore angels.
Drew loses it, wipes his eyes.
NEVER drink tequila at Lydia’s bar by the way. Just don’t.

Dean gets an RSS alert: TUNNEL MONSTER in the Liberty Tunnels.

*whoop whoop* Tunnel Monster FIGHT!!!

Fey fight allowed Jake to work reason into allowing the Fey to live, but they won. Jake has some mad-crazy odd drinking issues…

Awww yeah, presents for Lydia. You just have to stay tuned to find out. (Fine: Dante left her a rat.)

Epi11 Dante is sound asleep and doesn’t come out right away. He does get there eventually though.
Four days after the fight, Lydia’s back from her fetish ritual.

A shadowy figure drops off a box…

Annnnnnd queue Sam singing for the next 1/2 hour. It’s hilarious. 

One word, and I’m skipping to Epi12: Krampus. Of course I’m skipping details, I need you to just get into this already!

Epi12 – Starts with Drew in stitches on the couch as usual.

The Steeler game – why did I think this was the other one? This was the BIG one. *storyteller might have been a bit distracted* but it was funny.

Razzi, Blitzer, and Aisha showed up with some amazing skills and helped save Sam.

Dante got knocked off the bar.

They think that Trevor is a part of some Bitter Black cartel kinda thing. Interesting idea… Let’s just say, that’s gonna be a wild goose chase. Jake has awesome tech, so he can help out.

There is something that because Dante is new to the area, he’s going to be the new face of an undercover ring of information.

Jeremy O’Conner wears a Blue Jay’s baseball cap. Dammit, why do the bad guys always wanna wear my baseball team’s hat? (and yes, I’m from Ontario, so of course, the Jays are my boys and I take full credit for their successes. 92/93 I WAS THERE. THEY… right right right… moving on. I just get emotional about shit people.)

This queues a sessional sing-song of Pearl Jam but just not right away.

**insert Steelers commentary for awhile. It’s only going to make sense to footballers, and then Drew is like “BUT we’re playing WoD”.

I need to add one huge thing: Al LOVES to give spoilers. He’s hilarious. And he just deadpans it.

Jake has some mad-crazy gifts. Seriously, awesome skills.
Waiting for a Rave to begin.

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