WoD Recap: Episodes 23-26

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We’re getting close to the end of these current ones!!

Episodes 23-26

You need to watch “We’re the Millers”. The storyteller reminds you of this many times. Just do it.

Sam *in regards to the first time he was in Homid form* “Once we found ourselves, it was amazing”

I’ll just repeat what I’ve said on the other recaps: NSFW/NSFC.

Let’s back up and explain some stuff, now that I can give the spoilers (why are they spoilers if you’ve been reading them in order?) for those of you who haven’t watched yet (I’m guessing that’s only one or two who don’t currently own a means of reaching Geeks and Geeklets YouTube channel).

Last episode, I did intentionally leave out three *technically four* big events that took place.
One: They chose the Pack Alpha & Beta.
Fine, I’ll just say that it is an interesting choice that Lydia and Sam are chosen, as there are strengths both bring. It will be interesting to see how these two ofttimes dichotomous viewpoints are going to mesh as first and second in command, especially when tough decisions are needing to be made.
Two: The Fey King has been discovered and is in fact, Renea the cellist. She’s going to be performing at a concert, and because of that, DinoBros get to visit Eva and Greg again while Eva (this is technically part 3) agrees to, and begins to create a homunculus (A homunculus (Latin for “little man”, plural: “homunculi”; from the masculine diminutive form of homo, “man”) is a representation of a small human being. Popularized in sixteenth century alchemy and nineteenth century fiction, it has historically referred to the creation of a miniature, fully formed human.) I do believe though that Eva’s going to be making her doppelgänger a bit less conspicuous with size, as there is the potential for the other three fully formed Crowned Kings to be at the concert. ((Remember, Jeremy is the Demon King, Revenant is the Mage King, and Storm Crow (chicken to Sam and Jake) is the Werewolf King.
Three: (technically #4) is when Dante is talking to the Druid (another Fey) and gets it set up that there’s a bit of help to do the things the need to (in Ep23). The Druid is… well, think of him as a horny Rumpelstiltskin, and he decides his payment is going to be something that Dante isn’t happy with, and even more furious when he realises that him bringing the others in the newly formed Pack is placing Lydia in the line of… fire we’ll say for now. Dante is angry and annoyed that the Druid is imposing these considerable conditions on Lydia specifically, but because they need the help, they are going to have to acquiesce and go along with his terms of service.

When the time comes, Lydia will be carrying a child for the Druid.

Okay, now that we’re all caught up with that, let’s head into Episode 23!

Storyteller wants to have everyone list their jobs for tonight: (prep work is done)
Jake: Mimicking the homunculus and rigging the electronics inside the orchestral concert area.
He also has a window open so he can make a quick escape.
Sam: going to the store, getting snow-chains to wrap the Fey in. The wind-spirit from the Umbra is going take care of carting the spirit of the Fey King – the homunculus is going to be filled with the King instead of Renea being taken over. Her mind will be wiped and she’ll be hidden in a back room.
Lydia is going to be in the Umbra with the DinoBros, but she’s in the backstage area watching the concert and making sure the homunculus is taken into the Umbra. She’ll be with the Druid while he glamours Renea while Eva is watching the homunculus, and she’s “Blissful Ignorance” – this is the one she used at the Rave, remember? She’s nearly invisible unless someone rolls a huge success to actively her.
Dean: Setting up the “special room” – the trap for the actual Fey (Dante’s set this up ahead of time with the Druid.)
Dante: Duffle-bag stuffed in the trap-room for Dean so he doesn’t have to go hunting for things like duct tape or IDK… a stun gun or something? Anyway, the Druid’s gonna be hanging out near Lydia and then heading into that room to work his magic on Renea – the actual not the homunculus – because the homunculus will have the trapped Spirit King inside of it, and Renea won’t be a baddie but just a messed up Fey that the DinoBros have to avoid because they want to eat her badly. And I don’t mean in a yummy-we’re-dating-box-lunch kinda way.

**I need to back up and just say one thing about this whole session**

It’s pretty intense. Emotions are charged to max, and decisions are made in game that have lasting effects on the characters. This is kind of the turning point for many characters, for good or ill, there’s no turning back after this episode.

Everyone is primed to deal with their character’s duties, but even with strategic planning, there’s always something unforeseen (fucking Revenant!)

The whole Umbral part is awesome hysterical and intense.

Aisha texts Sam.
Shit is about to get frreeeeeaaaaaaakaaaaay!

Dante & Aisha to Jake: You got 7 [successes]? You you just crit your pants!

Can I just say, whenever Sam says “StormChicken” I giggle like a lil boy making fart noises with his best friends in a clubhouse? Cause that’s pretty much exactly what is going on.

This next part is emotional. << Understatement of the article here. 
Not just for the Pack though. Aisha’s finally getting her justice against Storm{chicken} Crow; her sperm-donour bio papa. The fact that Sam and the rest are there and are helping in this moment, knowing that there are issues that will likely break the veil of the game and seep into actual reality are hard choices that need to be made for the sake of the storyline to progress. 

I’m purposely not saying much about how the whole Renea thing goes down, or the situation with Stormy (nah, he doesn’t deserve my neighbour’s beautiful calico cat’s name) StormChicken (and for the last time, *giggle*) that desperately needs to take place but doesn’t exactly make everyone overjoyed at Sam’s leadership decision as Beta.

Lydia punching Sam is… significant.

Skipping onto Ep24:

The Supernatural Quotes Challenge is HILARIOUS.

Everyone is trying to get the “PUDDING!”

MEGA MEGA MEGA!!! The Vitamin D part…  Wow, the bromance is real.

They would get 1xp for a “clean quote” (not that quotes themselves are clean per say), Jake gets 2xp if he says PUDDING with no pants on, and if all of the quotes are used in game, they ALL get a bonus of 5xp.

Dante starts off not being at the Caern, and neither is Jake. He’s at Lydia’s bar, and he’s drinking and watching the news. Only 15 second glitch at the concert and that’s it on the news for being mentioned.

Druid, Eva, Greg and the others who weren’t involved got out safely. Nothing is going on.

The shit that just went down in Ep23 is significant, and has to be dealt with out of game as well as in game. Even 7 episodes later, where they currently are, they are still dealing with the ramifications of the results of the session.

Lydia gets everyone to meet at the bar the following day after the fight at the Caern.

The conversation that she sets up to the rest of the Pack is hard, raw, and incredibly wise and mature.

The Pack is a group of unique entities, and they don’t need to be fucking micromanaged. This is the hard thing for everyone to understand.

I will add here, that Sam loses his accent, and the sincerity of Drew shines through on this. This is when it’s even more raw and real, is how he responds to this situation. He could have made it belligerent and nasty, but he comments in a way that doesn’t placate and yet it smooths it all out. +5 respect to Sam/Drew/Raptorboy.

A few days goes by and it’s all quiet in the city. Until Lydia’s aunt calls from the Caern, and tells Lydia that there’s a huge Bitter Black distribution centre, and it’s in Ohio.

WHOOOOOODOOOGIES this is a freaaaaakaaaay round again (yes, I apparently like that term today. And I don’t know how I got such a southern accent today.)

20+ Ratkin are rumoured to be at an abandoned mall. Rolling Acres.

I’m purposely skipping ahead, but it is hard to leave this one behind without saying that HEALING helps a lot, and any animosity that was held on going into this fight is easily overlooked.

Dante barley sinks his teeth into the samurai’s armor, Jake is starting his sunlight dancing ritual (this one is the Funky Chicken). Dean… that kick only sends 1 agg.
There’s a wicked fight scene in this mall that shatters the group and has them racing for an exit before two of the Pack are flatlining.

Annnnnd into Epi25

BOOO Dante is missing. (Mark isn’t in game atm) **he’s gonna be “sleeping” in the game**

Heading back to the Caern.

Sam is singing HURT by Johnny Cash (the cover version).
Dean, Sam, and Jake are pretty close to mauled. Lydia’s driving the Impala back to the Caern.

They pull up to the Caern around 1am.
Sam wants to get to the Wallow and isn’t able to get there before Aisha and the Elders.

Aisha gets the full story. Dean got nearly killed by the guard, Sam raged, and inadvertently takes Dante almost out as well. Jake is the kickass super awesome crow who just does his amazing thing to distract the samurai away from the rest of the Pack.

They have a good hard long week to heal.

Storyteller makes it so there’s a tether between the Pack members – Jake, Dante, Sam, and Dean are all connected.

Azaziel and Abbadon – these might be the names of the actual Demon King – but right now, Jeremy is holding a mortal name.

There is talk of contacting and forming a kind of treaty with Hunters, and Jake & Dean are considering running back to the mall. Lydia decides to use her Alpha position to challenge Dean’s perspective on the situation regarding his wanting to go to Ohio, but taking the tact that it would be in the Pack’s best interest if Sam wasn’t put in a dangerous position to possibly berserk or frenzy or just fucking snap all together. She’s waiting for ‘a pawn she is putting in motion’ to see what is going to happen next. So for the time being, not one’s heading back to the mall.

Moving forward…
Aisha says she’s heading to the chantry, and Jake takes off and the end of the episode.

Epi26 starts with a fun question (you’ll have to watch what happens to figure out why this question is asked) “Is it dry clean only?”

Trevor called, Revenant’s got him, and Aisha heads off with Jake to toward the Chantry where they know Revenant is probably holding Trevor.

Wow, this has all the fun topics.
Lydia: Trevor is dead-ish… but can still send text messages.
Dante: Is he Fred Durst dead, or Keith Richards dead?
Sam: No, I think Keith Richards is a Lich.
Dante: Wait, if Keith is a Lich, does that make Mick Jagger a phylactery?
*inserts my own lol of “I gave that Lich a phylactery. Liches love phylacteries.” because it’s funny!*
Sam: No, Mick Jagger’s LIPS are the phylactery.
Dante: Illuminati confirmed!
Dean: *Holding hands up in a triangle shape in the air*

Aisha and Jake have an amazing time in the Chantry.

The rest of the team arrives, and shit kinds of starts to go wonky.

There’s a faux robotish being that could be useful.
Oh fuck, sorry folks, I forgot to mention, Sam has the ACTUAL Marauder’s Map. Spend a gnosis and get to track someone with blood.

There are a lot of things happening, and you really need to watch this one to see how this part plays out.

They think they’re heading into a trap.

Dante is staying nearby, and MAAAAAYYYBE meowing the Mortal Kombat theme. Jake is going to use Voice of the Mimic and sing it as a crow as well.

Trevor’s gonna have a chat with Sam about Trevor’s 2nd in command of the Red Spears, Stephen Davis (who may or may not be a Trump supporter).

Aisha does something incredible btw, and that is making Sam… disturbed. <whoah, REALLY big understatement.

A dead zone of mages. This is a pretty powerful statement.

Worst Easter Egg Hunt. Ever.

The whole Island of Misfit Toys part is hysterical.

Yes, I’m skipping things again, but you really need to be watching this part.

Let’s just say Google ‘Faraday Cage’ (or if you’re too lazy, think zappy-zappy-tesla-stick-a-being-in-a-metal-box).

See you Saturday for the last part of the wrap-up recaps before gameplay starts anew!

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