WoD Recap Episodes 17 and 18

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Welcome back!

If you’re just joining these recaps for the first time, lemme just say, it’s a mighty silly place to start. Go back to Episodes 1-3. Behave and start at the proper beginning.

As usual, this is NOT for the kiddos, and not for the workplace, unless your boss is you and you’re sitting there in your super undies eating cherrios with chocolate milk. Then you read on, you brave lil toaster.

Okay, Episode 17 is the heavy one, folks.

It’s the one that had me messaging Trey with ALL CAPS and yelling at her. Yes, I yelled at Trey. I did, I admit it. I told her to stop it right now, and take it back, and it’s not true…

Grab your kleenexes.

I’m going to be sharing a lot of the actual conversation bits I had with Trey during my WoD binge-fest I did.

There’s something incredibly surreal and borderline crazy in narrating a story that the author wrote and narrated, back to said author. One of these days, not being today as someone is watching her own binge-fest of happiness on Netflix (never did watch the show, but I can understand the happiness it brings her so watch-on, sweetheart!!), I’ll ask Trey what it’s like for me to have given her the sports-commentary approach to the sessions back to the actual storyteller.

no no no I don’t want to see the list.

Sam’s singing Turn Around, Bright Eyes again

The death toll is not a fun list. That was a hard one for the crew and the storyteller to take and deal with.

34 human kin before.
10 kids?! – 15 – 19 dead – 8 are kids

😮  there’s a lot dead

4 pups.



There’s an issue. Aisha’s incapacitated, in a coma, and she has no idea who the deceased are. Yet. I’m not kidding, this is the point I KNEW I wanted to be a part of this. I mean, I knew about 10 minutes into Episode 3, as that was the first one I was officially watching… Yes, I did start with Episode 27 technically, but I had no fucking clue what was going on. I didn’t search out the podcasts for 1&2 until after I had already watched pretty much all of them, and even then I didn’t listen to all of the podcasts – I did however get a bit of feathery help and storyteller help for some of the backstory of chronological stuffs.

My stars, I love this gameplay.

But holy hells this rips at me.




Not Razzi and Stephen and my Blitzer

*I actually sent a pic of my tears to her*

Trey: awww hunny!!!

Me: Meanie storyteller killing my Blitzer

yeah, I’m invested LOL

I need to introduce a tiny NPC that was affected by the effects of the Storm Crow (or, as Sam delightfully calls that venomous piece of steaming fecal matter, “StormChicken”) – Mutt.

Maybe it’s ‘cause he’s only 7 years old. Maybe it’s because he is so innocent and has been tainted unknowingly. Maybe it’s a million personal reasons I won’t share in here, that this poor sweet indoctrinated and brainwashed lil bebe rips at the heart of me and I just fuckin ADORE Dean for how genuine he is toward Mutt. ((And later when Sam is sweet to the puppy, it’s reinforcing the fact that these two DinoBros are fucking tough as nails, but have a softness to them that few would ever see, but it is real and true and beautiful.))

Dante and Lydia are officially open with their catdog love, as the Pack has been seeing them grow closer over the weeks.

The dinobros making fun of which type of sword Blitzer had, and decide the ‘accomodator’ giant dildo is the sword.

One of the NPCs who was helping Sam (I think it was Sam she was talking to near the beginning of Episode 16) fell asleep (she’s an old Garou [werewolf] named Sheila) before the Rise to Power of StormChicken.

Hahahaha she slept through the Murderfest


I have to add something in the midst of all this sadness. There’s a part (while I’m still wiping the tears while I watched it) that I began to laugh again. Talk about a fucking roller coaster!!

Dante: I want to contact Blitzer.
Dean: It’s weird, his Twitter is still active.
Dante: (laughs) haha yeah, I want to talk to blister.
Dean: *lol hard* BLISTER.

It was an emotionally tipped comment, but it’s like Mark intentionally made Dante (his character, remember) miss-say Blitzer’s name, just for that moment of levity. I have to give all the cast total props for this, as their acting skills in this episode is phenomenal. Poignant, raw, and anyone who was half-assing it, though it was showing on the screen, was at least not being dismissive about the characters’ ordeals that night.


How did you stay so calm when he {Sam} said please, Manticore, keep their spirits so she can say goodbye??


Sam to Manticore: hey
GM: this is how you talk to a Manticore?
Sam: if he doesn’t know me by now…

Aaaaaaahh!!!! Al just mentioned MtG!!!!!!! 5/5 white card!
+1 for coolness

Yes, these are actual comments I made to her. I’m a nerd. I fully appreciate the fact that people play Magic: the Gathering. I just need to point out the fact that it is cool. You can assume it isn’t, and I’ll just say to that, no one is perfect.

Trey’s FWF piece http://geeksandgeeklets.com/2016/03/fiction-writing-friday-lucky-me/  was from the viewpoint of Aisha (her character), and how she’s starting to deal with the aftermath of what happened in episodes 16 &17.

Episode 18 was considerably lighter-ish.

But before I really get into it, I think I should point out that Lydia (Melissa) is LIVE in the Storyteller (and Sam’s) home (with Dean as well) – this this is a fun one, because she gets to interact and SKITTLES the “sanity cat” is chillin’ with her.

Mr. The Beat-Box. << this is hilarious. The whole band prelim into the episode was the necessary levity.

okay, back to 18 now…

Clay is trying to convince everyone he burnt down the Caern, and meanwhile apparently Dean’s cock is on fire. That’s okay, “DR” Randall (Sam) has a cream for that.

Melissa needs to go check on the Manticore.

Manticore tells the Pack that there are two “Supie” bars in Pittsburgh.

BMR – Aisha’s Bar & Dominion. Dominion is… not Aisha’s bar. Let’s leave it at that for now.

Storyteller is awesomely hilariously sneaky-silly and “reminds” Dean and Jake that at the end of 17, they were heading down to the river to ‘do hookers and blow’. JAKE… the voice of reason?! O.o says “Oh, I’m down for hookers and blow, but we maaaay have something more important to do at the moment.” DAMN YOU, JAKE!! Go.. wait, I need to not be advocating this so vehemently. Moving on. *hindsight Sera suggests Jake might want to reverse and not speed shit up so quickly…*

Behind the wallow at the Caern – a giant stone statue of the Manticore, with a tiny fetish that takes them back to the Manticore throne room, and Mutt is brought before their totem.
Sam gets all defensive when Dante questions the artist ability.

I just need to tell you, this is a hard section for me to watch for some reason. Mutt is seven years old. He’s scared. He’s lost his pack, and his leader, Storm Crow was not only evil, he was one of the fucking Crowned Kings. He is seven.


**hugs mutt**

SAM is the best.

Sam’s speech to not let Mutt go alone into the city.

Dante wants to leave with him though. But you’re scolding them first. I’m giggling.

*tides of lust*  << this makes me laugh so much every time Sam suggests it.

I will note, that I play a lot of Minecraft while I was watching/hearing these episodes, and because of that, I didn’t think to take notes on the actual gameplay. I will be moving forward though. The recaps are going to become a lot more in-depth as the game rolls (get it? Rolls? like a D10? PFFFT you’re no fun) onward.

I’m seriously skipping over a large part of this as it is storyline that ripped apart at me.

They’re at Dominion.

Jake ends up in the back room, and boom, he’s run smack-dab into one of his ex’s, Carmen. She’s looking fabulous, and stripping some heavies of their loot in the poker room.

This starts some beef. I sometimes giggle at my understatements. LOTS of beef.

Eva and Greg. New NPCs – that’s all I’m gonna say for now. Dante wanders outside to retrieve Blitzer’s Klaive. By the way, Eva is an appearance 5, so she’s super super hot.

Carmen. Dante. Jake. Lydia. Chillin’ in a booth together.

Dante get drinks for everyone, and then while everyone’s sitting in the booth, Dante just leans over and plunges a dagger into Carmen. She explodes into a bomb of goo…




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