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First off, check out this link to the retrospective on the background of WoD

Recap of Episodes 1 – 3

First off… THIS IS NOT MEANT FOR KIDS. Even what I’m recapping.

These are the current participants at the start of the roleplaying sessions that will continue on through the series.

WoD Episodes 1-2 weren’t videoed but are on podcast in the archive vault of this site, but you can listen to all the podcasts online  and watch the YouTube  (I saved you the trouble of having to just choose one at a time. You start with Episode 3 for viewing) DO IT. *peer pressure*

Let me start off with a massive apology. 
These recaps are not going to do this series justice. You REALLY need to invest the time and get to know these characters.

You will love them or hate them, but you will see why they mean so much to so many of us. I will say, by the end of the first video I watched (Episode 3), I was messaging Trey (the GM/Storyteller) telling her I was hooked. I wish I could have been watching this from the start. I wish they did this every day. I wish… well, some wishes do come true, but you just gotta keep reading these recaps and find out what that wish was all about.

Some background on the characters:

Dean and Sam Winchester are in town to look for something (Supernatural, Season 8 is where they are pulling their storyline characteristics from specifically). They are also, Mokolé. << That’s shifter talk for an ancient breed of werereptiles Okay, stopping right there to explain this. Mokolé are Werelizards. They’re shifters, who can turn into various lizard forms, but these two brothers (from Florida), apparently love being ‘gators and ‘raptors more than anything else. If you haven’t been reading the previous couple weeks’ worth of stuff, you might have missed this. Go check out the Breeds article I did last week!

**and yes, Sam and Dean are brothers, and yes, they have different accents. And somehow it just works.**

Under no circumstances, are you to shout the word “Montana!”, even as a joke. This is pretty much Spanish Fly to them, and they are ready to rage at a heartbeat’s notice. One last thing – if either brother gets injured/hurt/sworn at/… < you can pretty much fill in any negative interaction here, the other brother is going to know, get down right pissy, and likely start fisticuffin’ with whoever is startin’ beef.

Jake isn’t in the story… yet. But he will be soonishly. Dante isn’t even in the state yet. Lydia’s just chillin’ in her bar.

Lydia owns a bar (and a high powered gun, which she definitely knows how to use, so don’t trifle with her! She’s a Garou. A whaaa? Simple terms, she’s a {Shifter} Werewolf) – go read the breeds article!

Game on, back we go to the story. Geez, you’d think I was playing road hockey again with the neighbourhood boys in Ontario but just watching them play instead of actually goal tending. ((Never send an ADHD girl to play goalie. She’s way too caught up in the game to realise she shouldn’t cheer for both sides))

We meet Lydia, who like I said, is just chillin. There’s another dude who’s in the bar, but he’s not stickin’ around so I’m gonna class him as an NPC who is the lead-in to a slow-clapper named Trevor.

There’s also shady grimy dirty fucker who has been hanging around her bar for the last two weeks, and has been watched by Lydia’s waitstaff. They’ve seen him giving people phials of… something and the people never return to the bar.

We officially meet Dean and Sam Winchester.

Lydia: “Where are you from?”
Sam: “We can’t tell you that”
Lydia: “Why not?”
Sam: (breaking character, becoming Drew again) “Because we haven’t wrote it down on the paper yet. We don’t know.”

A chic is sick, and Sam, ever present (and technically is Dean but okay, we just accept they are kind of role-reversed and again, it fucking works seeing Drew as Dean named Sam and Al playing tech/science guy Sam but named Dean) make sure this Scott dude isn’t going anywhere fast. They start to “chat” about some shady things happening in the city, and then there’s a fight with some “wyrmy creatures” and things go through some tough moments from the start. Names get tossed around, and so do a few bodies.

Meanwhile, there’s a cool lil eavesdropper, listening from the rooftop area, and decides to check on a few of the names that are mentioned. We meet Jake [From State Farm]. Sort of. But I’ll get to that. ((but you don’t know that yet. but it is happening))

I need to back up again.
There’s something that has called their attention to the Pittsburgh, Penn area, and it’s being referred to as simply “the tunnel monster”. It is hilarious every time they mention it. I for some reason get this image of Cookie Monster being all tweaked out on the bitter black shit… Wait, I’m recapping this after I know shit, so I shouldn’t… well, no, they do mention the bitter black in the first one… Yeah, I’m a bit emotionally invested in this game.

The DinoBros (as I refer to them) are pretty excited about this new monster to hunt, and even though they are Supies themselves (yeah, I just made Supernaturals a fun word), there are a few things in this living world (we’re not talking about the Umbral Plane of spirit existence yet) that they detest. Think… passion of a thousand fiery suns kind of not liking.

FEY. This is their #1 chomp-worthy enemy. Yup, they actually love to eat the Fey. (clumsypixie is very frightened, and has not come out in several weeks to write because of this… ) (And NO… I will not be playing a Fey when I join soon… definitely not.)

Sera IRL commentary moment: maybe I should point out at this point that I used to have a 20-minute time limit for show and tell for grades 3 AND 4 – movies I liked lasted for weeks. I gave details about the clothes, shoes, accents… oh, just wait. The banana hammock Rave party is coming. I will take time to detail that one.

Okay, back to the story.

When Lydia botches rolls… she’s misinformation queen. Well, until she botches in a corridor… coming soon!

I’m gonna speed the recap up a bit. Into the second episode, we meet Jake officially. Jake (the Corvid) has gone off to do some research for the people in the bar, comes back and meets everyone. Sort of. No one is prepared for his information, let alone the fact that he came into the bar acting all calm and shit. Well, he is a Corax, and he’s got mad charisma. Usually.

Let’s just say Jake is “detained and questioned” (Lydia’s still dealing with the fact she almost put some buckshots through the poor lil birdie).  They realise he’s only there to help, and they come to terms with his existence pretty quickly as a positive contact and resource for intel.

The “discussion” in the back room has some pretty funny moments, including when Lydia missteps and forgets how to stand. Boom. on her ass on the floor. *giggles*

Jake tries to ‘step sideways’ into the Umbra, gets STUCK (you’re a bird, dude, how do you…) and does a half-in-half-out-freak-out-non-supies in the bar kinda thing, and that’s worth a good giggle.

Weaver spiders show up, and that’s when the DinoBros start playing (read fighting and chewing).

Trevor slow claps, and pretty much seals his fate with the DinoBros.
I really cannot stress how badly it is to slow clap them.

And, there’s this chic that is named Cathy. 
She’s somehow connected to a phial of black goopy stuff…  *ominous ellipses are ominous*   (yeah, this is the bitter black shit) Cathy somehow gets naked and steals a car. Not just anyone’s car mind you; nooooo… she had to steal BABY. The Impala. The

The group (ep. 3 – video from here on on Geeks and Geeklets YouTube Channel) head off to check out this location that Jake found that could be where Cathy is hiding (read: having sex with some dude and Jake watches like a dirty birdie). She has this friend named Trisha.

This is where shit goes sideways.

Julia is pulled into the umbra. << don’t worry about this; Julia might come back… if she does, we’ll celebrate her reunion with everyone. Wait… who is Julia? Yeah, she was in Episode 2. Think of her as an NPC as well for the next +year (I’ve never seen her in game, so I’m doubtful she’s gonna show, but they talk about her at least once a game, so they hope she does return).

Special point of interest: DO NOT let Sam yell “MONTANA!” when he’s driving. Potholes can almost kill. Click it or Ticket, Dean!

The find their ass-aulted (get it? ass… cause… fine. FINE. moving on) car.
They get to the house. The house is a demented fun (read: horror) house. This is such a fun story, that I’m not kidding you, Trey’s storytelling on this hooked me for realsies and I was freakin’ out with the characters. NO, SAM! Don’t dance wit… It’s a trap! ACKBAR! ACKBAR!!!!! Why don’t people ever listen to me when I yell at the screen a year after they record the event…?

Electo-shocking happy chairs. Suicidal moving paintings. Freakiest ‘Red Light/Green Light’ game ever. Jake has some issues with a younger iteration of himself. Pretty sure there’s a paradox in that fireplace, but moving on. Skeleton gets friendly with Dean. Too friendly. Dean might need therapy, but won’t ever admit it. Cathy is a bit of a freak. But not much longer. Trish is a bad girl. << Understatement.

Fire/Water trash compactor moment. *queue the eye-of-Meg in the Family Guy redux of Star Wars*

Let me just point out, when Shifters BOTCH mid-shift, it is hilarious. Sam botched shifting into a crocodile, and became a MINIATURE raptor. I had to wipe tears of laughter away watching this.

There’s a tub of the black goo after Lydia shifted to Crinos form.

Trevor, “Fuck you.”

Poor dude.

I just want to jump in a TARDIS and yell “DUDE, think that slow clap through. It will haunt you til the end of your days!!!”

Okay, so I only got up to the end of Episode 3…

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