WoD: Episodes 4-8

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World of Darkness
Episodes 4-8

Houses, Bitter Black, Tunnel Monsters, Trevor the Slow Clapper, and the secrets Dean doesn’t want to say in public.

Again, as in the actual episodes, NSFC/W/Sensitive ears/eyes.

Just to give you a short recap of the recap of 1-3:

We meet the crew: Lydia (Garou – Werewolf), Sam & Dean Winchester (Mokolé – aka werereptiles or just the DinoBros), and Jake [From State Farm] (Corax – Wereraven)

Find out there’s nasty shit going down in Pittsburgh/Oakland Penn area, and it’s all centered around some creepy goopy shit called the Bitter Black.

Tracking it down, they got to a Marauder’s house (not a Hogwart’s Marauder FYI), they’re trapped, they fight against the spirits controlling the house (Trish and Cathy) and Trish explodes Cathy into what becomes a tub full of goopy Bitter Black.

Episode 4 – Trevor is still not being very helpful. Dude, seriously, play nicer and these Supies are gonna be so much easier to deal with. Their trust issues… well, let’s just say, that their trust issues almost equal mine, so that’s saying something.

The Dinobros decide that getting faced at the river is a better idea than sticking around to deal with cops, until they get the grand notion to go to the cops as FBI agents.
In keeping with the tradition of Supernatural, they choose rock star last names. Lydia stops them before they get ready to head to the copshop and asks them to meet her and Jake at the sewers that lead from the house {oh, sorry, forgot to say the cops got to the house, it looked like a crack den, and they didn’t act all that surprised about the shit in the tub. They did scoop out several phials of it (five) into pill bottle containers (were the pills still in there? Best midol ever? probably unnoticeable if the period is that bad… sorry, focusing) as the Bitter Black went down the drain quickly. Too quickly for its seeming viscocity.} to the water treatment plant.

SEWERS + DEAN up in a tree, E-A-T-I-N-G… well, I’ll get to that poofest in a minute or two…
He saw things he won’t forget.
He botched. OOH how he botched.

Dammit baby hands. Trump shoved a poo in his mouth.

And then he double botched.
Flailing in poowater. Willpower roll. Thanks for making that initiative role. Enjoy that mouthful of icky poo.


Next time he poops, it’s a double poop of poop.

Yeah, welcome to World of Darkness.

Ratkin suck. << Understatement of the year.

**Side commentary: I love whenever Sam (Drew’s character) talks to “Almighty” — The storyteller (Trey), because he usually has some oh-so-helpful words of what she can do with herself when she gives him a task that he’s not wanting to do — such as when he was goofing around with Dean (Al’s character) and said they should lick the floor – in alligator form – and Trey told Sam he could. Dean reminded him that might be hard to do as an alligator, and Sam’s reply is “Almighty, fuck you!” one of those, had to be there kinds of moments, but it’s hysterical and I love this interaction. It happens not nearly enough for my liking, but when it does, be prepared for the giggle.**

*in Jan Brady’s voice*
Trevor, Trevor, Trevor.

Stink Pickle.
^ This is the new term for poo you unintentionally have to eat.

Revenant. Can I just say, I don’t trust this NPC from the start. There’s just something… off about them. But at least the Bitter Black is out of Sam…

Someone is collecting and distributing barrels of Bitter Black.
No one (currently) knows why, and who the ultimate level of this distribution ring kingpin is, but let’s just say, it’s not a good substance, especially for shifters.
Cops have a bunch of the Bitter Black in evidence. 

So Ep5 is where Lydia meets up with a corridor and Jake nearly meets his demise in said corridor. But we’ll get there in a bit.

Chevron Science Building in Pittsburg, PA. is where Ep5 starts after they leave the bar. Revenant was in there, but he fucked off sharpishly.

They really don’t like Trevor. But they do like Revenant. *shruggy hands out a bag of shrugs on this one, because I’d be willing to trust the devil I do rather than the one who just appears…*

Some minor technicalities on the mics gives us a chance to get to know the Corax and the Garou. Both are Homid-borne, and we get to see that they are both  -usually- incredibly chill.

The upper lab room is the first fight.

Love when they sing. I do.
Every time they do something that is older than the current pop culture, I inner fangirl.
Seriously, get prepared for the DinoBros to sing two songs all the time.

Total Eclipse of the Heart and Hungry Eyes. It is brilliant, it is hilarious, and I love whenever they do, because it takes less than half the first beat for the other brother breaks into song as well. This is what makes this show so enjoyable: The fact that they are so free and fun and willing to just not be inhibited. It is wonderful to watch the participants for the most part really get into their characters, and they sing and fart and laugh and sometimes break characters because it’s even more funny when they are laughing so hard they break character… even funnier when they get Trey to break GM character because she’s laughing so hard. << Trust me; it’s hard to do, because she’s stoic a.f. most of the time and focused, so when it happens, be prepared for lols-a-plenty.

“Dean! My face is burning Dean!”
*Dean grabs the fire extinguisher*
“Dean, you’re making it worse!”

I wish Sam’s 9-successes on the one kill was used a little later on… it was epic.

The tequila shot moment breaks character and is hilarious btw.

I’m purposely making you watch this one, because it kind of sets up the rest of the sessions as to how Jake and Lydia get along. 
There are references to this episode for… well, every session since.

Three words: Dean knows science. EPIC fucking science.
Most underrated statement of the day: DO not let the DinoBros chuck flaming thermite. Well, do it. It’s funny as fuck and totally worth it.

Corridors, thermite, and guns, OH MY!

I wanted to go into detail about Lydia’s botched roll in the corridor, but I think it’s something of magnificently horrific beauty and must be witnessed in real time for full appreciation.

Flaming Bitter Black. RUN. Just… run.

Someone quad-botched. Because of this, the entire campus might have exploded. But… it didn’t, so it will be all shiny in time for classes.
Sam used his one and only CTRL+alt+Delete

Purposely skipping to Ep6 because I’m just making you do the thing and get hooked.

35minutes later…
They decide it’s time to get the shit out of the copshop now, Jake’s gonna be the Bobby Singer for the episode, so they are grabbing beers and and heading to steal evidence.

No cops called to any of the locations, and Jake points out the one specific thing: You’d think by now someone would have reported it. Unless that shit’s being covered up. 

The cops took the remaining intact barrel of Bitter Black, so that’s why it’s even more important to get the Bitter Black.

Dean wants his new stolen lab coat a fetish so it can shift with him into dinoform.

Whoaaaohh panel-van < Yup, song time.

And Mr. Roboto is one of Dean’s favourite songs by the way, he sings it often.

I love the fantastic beats that the DinoBros do. Rave on. Agents Tyler & Perry. (Aerosmith)

“Charisma + … (it is Subterfuge but Dean whispers “Brawl”) I’m just losing it.

They have to drive again later, and it’s a hard one again. At least Lydia doesn’t try to shoot Jake again though… Why is Sam driving and botching?

Tom Brady: Deflates the situation. Get it? Get it? hahahahaha I laughed, and I’m not even “Murican or a football (< not soccer) fan.

**I really want to sing Shpoopie right now.**

Two cops are baaaaaaaaad boys.

Gwon Wang is a ancient ancestor of Dean and Sam. He’s awesome, full of stories, but kinda vague, so they are gonna have to hunt.

Ritchie the Ratkin is one of the decent of his breed.

Let me just point out that Ritchie ‘saving the puppies’ is a not a metaphor. It is also important, but I’m not sure if it comes out right away… I can’t remember when they meet the being who… well; we’ll get there.

Ep7 Jake really starts to get into the fun, and his smartass awesomeness really starts to shine.
Lydia gets to use a brand new gift she has been able to attain.

They go to meet Ritchie. Let me just say they don’t meet him right away.

*sings Somethin’s happenin’ here…*

They are who they are but they’re not who they think they are. Confused? Yeah, that’s a fun twist you need to hear.

I’m purposely going to avoid talking about most of this, because it’s a very unique storyline, and you REALLY need … why are you not listening to this at least?

Oh, and the Steelers are playing. This might or might not affect the storyteller’s happiness throughout the gameplay (Spoilers: it does and this is SO FUCKING FUNNY, especially near the end of the game…)

They’re gonna do a few other things, that lead them to penthouse.

The penthouse time is fantastic and detailed and flawlessly created by the storyteller.

Raining blood.
Dead body: “Help me… I’m dead”
Sam: Dude, how are we supposed to help you? You’re dead.

Ever the sweet and compassionate lil raptor, ain’tcha?!
**whenever they belch and try to pass it off as their inner raptor selves, it makes me lol**

((and let me just say, Drew as Sam trapped in a possessed body of some Armenian dude who may or may not know he is Sam trapped… it’s hysterical.))

((Lydia as a dude… Dean as a chic… Clay as… just go watch!!))

The commentary is fascinating, brilliant, and well written. Yet again, I love the storytelling. This fucking watch. Wits + Investigation… diff 8. 2 Lydia, 3 Sam.
They have this epic fun fight on the roof, because it is necessary, so they have to battle blood and bone chips raining from the sky, and a whole hell of a lot of issues.

Shit likes to lurk around them, but they FINALLY get to Ritchie. He’s got some stories. And tries to avoid issues and points out that he’s not the only one.

Stay tuned… shit is getting GOOOOOOOD!!!!!

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