WoD Episodes 13-16 Session Recaps

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Okay, I’m just going to assume that you’ve been waiting for this one, and I’m not gonna do a mini recap of the yesterday’s recapped episodes.

This one should be named “Raving Banana-Hammock Raptor Distraction Technique #18”.

That title alone should give you a wonderfully conjured idea as to how Episode 13 begins.

It’s about to get all crunked turnt fly jiggy hip to the jive all up in here.
Sorry, I kinda got swept up in the moment.

Jake runs off to grab some awesome techie stuff (earbuds for communication) and rollin’ up to this place – oh, sorry; I forgot to mention: They followed Jeremy’s (he doesn’t know they know this though) intel that there’s a rave happening at this warehouse.

So at Crunk’o’Clock (Storyteller time is apparently awesome), the party starts.

Sam has not made his appearance yet.
Wait for it. 

I promise I’ll do it justice.

Lydia’s got this super awesome ability (not sure if it’s a gift or a fetish or a merit…? I’m writing this on Thanksgiving and I won’t rush off to pester her to find out.) that lets her basically be hidden in plain sight as long as she doesn’t move. She can’t even talk so far as I can tell, but she might be able to do some ventriloquist shit. Maybe I’ll ask her if she’s gonna do that the next time she tries it and I’m in g… well that’s coming.

I love that Dante has the forethought to meditate before the rave in case there’s a laser light show. I mean, he is a kitten. The disco ball shining with light might have Jake working a different angle of the night, with all the shiny.

Them Lion’s Club Raves though…

Sam’s outfit: Instead of me just saying the usual “Go watch it!” I’m going to post a pic of it. Well, maybe I won’t go that far, but you can pause it at the 28:25 section (NSFW/NSFC) of the episode and get a full face of it.

For those of you who would like the fun spoiler explanation, I’ll describe it. If you’ve never had to see a ‘banana hammock’ before in real life, A) you’re lucky, and B) that shit’s about to change when you load this session up on YouTube.

There are a few differences to Sam’s outfit from the one Drew shares with everyone; first off, he doesn’t wear the duck mask, though he does carry and strategically utilise a massive oversized baby pacifier. (wow, there’s a concept I never imagined I would write about!) I cannot stress the ‘strategic utilisation’ enough though. BEST Distraction of 2016, hands down.

Sam shreds what dignity (Wait, he had some walking into the store to buy that giant gubby?) he could possibly have, and does what he does best: scene stealer. He does it flawlessly, and you are entertained more by his antics than anything that is going on.
Well played, DinoBro. Well played indeed. Grindage on the J-boy though… daaaaaamn you got some cojones the size of well… in that banana hammock, everyone can technically make out the size of the berries for themselves.

**Writer’s note: It is both thankfulness with a slight hint of sadness that we did not get to be entertained in the flesh by this actual ordeal. The imagination has a lot of freewill at this point, so be it Drew or Jared* [or Jensen technically] who you have in your head (and remember, they are both happily married men, so give them a shred of dignity!!), know that the epicness is brilliant and quite well described.**

*Jared Padalecki plays Sam Winchester on the Supernatural show, but Jensen Ackles plays Dean Winchester, and as I stated in the first of these epi-recaps, technically Jensen’s character would be played by Drew but just named Sam, as Al’s character Dean is technically Jared’s Sam and if you’re not confused enough, know that Bobby’s sometimes around and sometimes isn’t and they never mention my girl, Felicia – Charlie – and that bums me the fuck out, cause she’s the best side character… fine fine fine I’ll go back to WoD. Meaniehead.)

Okay, so there’s all this plotting and scheming and getting Dante into the situation better, and he’s forced to have to hang out with the ONE who he didn’t want to have to talk to. I’ll let you watch to find out, but no, he doesn’t know the guy from anywhere, it’s another reason.

There is a lot of strategic planning and behind-the-scenes stuff that is taking place in the episode, including Dean holding the point outside, Lydia practicing the mannequin challenge before it’s cool, Dante is dealing, Jake is scopin’ shit out, and Sam is livin’ large, close to the “demon corner”.

Sam (to a demon): “Dude, my dick’s bigger than yours.”
Only Sam could get away with this shit. Giant pacifier, wearing a microspeedo, candy necklace, glowstick bracelets… he’s gotta have… I really don’t want to say spunk right now…

Coppers. Da Fuzz. Someone has tipped everyone off.

Trackin’ the vampire, Jake being ‘eyes in the sky’ to keep a lookout for Jeremy’s direction.

Tyler and Dante hang out at a restaurant for a bit, and that’s all I’m gonna say about this episode.

Epi 14: Starts with “Nerd Dildos”. This is hilarious.
The fact that this is significant conversation, it is brilliant. I am just gonna leave it that other than the fact that Drew is yet again in stitches.

Everyone gets a private message.

Let’s just say, while I’m leading you to YouTube… Dante’s drink scene is flawless and I’m going to skip a HUGE section because it leads up to a part they need to face together.


This is a very very hard session for everyone, but in a fantastic way.

The group learns about each other in a way they never would have before.

Welcome to the Gauntlet.

Sam, Dean, Jake, Lydia, and Dante.

Episode 14 is an incredible perspective to the real roleplaying world, because it is all deep and the characters are truly in the moment. This is a sombre, strong, and bonding episode. Decisions are made, friendships are solidified, and new alliances are formed.

The fact that so many hard decisions have to be made, and the Storyteller has to tell a story that is brilliant and harsh and poetically intense.

Leaving this session in the past, heading into a special episode which continues to affect them from then on.

Episode 15 starts them in the various mental fetal positions (well, Dante’s currently holed up in Dean’s hoodie), and the words “The Dawn of Kings” keeps banging around inside their heads.

It’s time to meet: The Manticore.

This is a good time to point out that they have decided that even though, they are from different werebreeds, they are going to PACK and create a familial bond.

The Manticore is going to be their totem spirit.

The binding ceremony needs to be done by Aisha and Razzi so the ladies decide they will meet up with the newly formed Mulit-Breed Pack at the Caern. They will be heading to the Caern (Lydia’s home area, but she very rarely goes back) first though. The calm before the Storm Crow.

I’m going to interject at this point and say this starts a very strong storyline. Do not just expect to not be completely and fully emotionally invested in this story by the end of Episode 16.

I’m not going to detail much more about that episode. To say you need to be paying attention, it is raw, and it will make you react in a way you might not be prepared for. But it is so well written, and equally well played out in front of everyone by the characters, that even if you aren’t happy with the twists and turns that happen, you can appreciate the depth of the story and you want to know what happens next.

**spoiler alert**

If you have any emotes like me, grab some tissues. Yeah, not even gonna lie. From the start of 13 to the end of 16, the emotional range these characters go through is nothing less than monumental.

Stay tuned, I think I’m gonna do episodes 17-21 Saturday or Sunday.
And I can’t wait to tell you the fun news of the future when these currently played out sessions are finished.

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