WoD Episode Recaps: 27-30

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So here we head into the final 4 episodes before the newest one airs in what will be just over an hour in your time… unless of course you’re reading this later on, and then I’m speaking from the distant past. *owooooooowooohhhh spooky*

No, you’re not free of these recaps, but I will tell you, that from here on, you’re gonna get sweet session recaps will be done on the Sundays following the most recent episode.

This one starts with the Storyteller (Trey/Aisha), Sam (Drew), and Dean (Al) in a new locale that is their likely long-term setup. Better audio, crisper video some how… maybe just different lighting? Dunno. It is working though.

As usual, NSFuckingW/NSFChildren. Oops, I guess I got the wrong word spelled out back there. Well, if you have been reading along, you’ll know better than to be reading this at your desk with you super-halitosis breath on the back of your neck wondering about those TPS reports. Well, Jenkins? Do you have the reports? No? Well, chop chop, then! Time is Money! Blah!

I need to point out that Clay *Jake* was the one to get his longtime video gaming buddy, Mark *Dante* hooked on this game.
The really cool part about this, is at the beginning of this episode, before things kick off, they’re discussing… well the ‘feel’ of the sessions (wow, that’s such a bad choice of words there, but fuck it, it’s staying), and Mark (as himself, not Dante) explains how he was ‘cracking up’ watching the episodes.

Folks, in just over an hour’s time for you (but waaaaay too long a time for me, as I’m currently writing this up Dec 2, 2016 and it’s still 24hrs away – okay, maybe a bit less… 23:22 as my clock… dammit, no, it’s 25:21, I keep forgetting the damn time change. *mumbles about the stupid clocks*), I’m going to be joining the game. *freaking out* I. Me. WHAAAAT?!?! I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am. I know, I told you already (if you were reading in order, you probably found out a few recaps ago), but it’s really real now and it’s happening in like, less than an hour from when this post goes live on the GG site. Yeah, that’s what us cool kids call the GeeksandGeeklets.com website.

Top 10 Botch list needs to happen.
#1 – Thermite in the car
We shall add to this, I’m sure.

Oh, one last thing… this was the very first episode (27) that I watched. I literally watched it the day it was posted to the site (not live, but after the twitch holding time and then releasing it blah blah now it’s on youtube… I can’t wait until YouTube owns Twitch. Maybe then I’ll be able to have a connection to it without lag!). This was what I walked into. Discussions about odd scenarios. Not having a fucking iota of an idea what was going on, and somehow being completely alright with that. More than that. I was enamoured by how the characters got along. I loved the fact that everyone just felt so “settled” into their roles, and it felt like a bunch of friends hanging out and just happened to be shifters. Literally that’s how it comes across to me. I texted Trey that very day, telling her I needed to watch more and I was going to start from the beginning (then realising at that point that the YouTube beginning was Episode 3).

Let me just add something. I know; I know, I’ve already given the NSFW thing, but lemme just point this out: IT IS A JOKE. There is no intentional slights, it’s just… You know what? You’re fine. If it’s not funny to you, don’t laugh. The gameplay will start and you’re fine. Start at 8:47 if you want to just begin… sort of… wait… start at 10:40 of Epi27 if you want to skip the possible issues you want to avoid.

Drew was clumsy. 13:23 starts the actual gameplay.

Lydia and Sam are at the Caern, dealing with the Manticore.
Dean and Jake are watching Trevor.
Dante is buying at Powerball ticket with the #s 17 9 37 46 53  Powerball 8
$35 << That’s a hilarious amount.

Alright, jumpin’ into the mini-recap of 26:
Okay, so they have the Trevor-bot (who has Aisha’s eyes) in a cage in Lydia’s bar’s basement. Dante really isn’t buying a ticket for the Powerball, but he is watching the Chantry for signs of Revenant (the real one, not the doppelgänger one that was a he), because SHE will be possibly coming out of there soon… yeah, you should be watching these.

Lydia suggests a great idea to let the Caern leaders know that there’s likely to be a new Shifter King coming from the Werewolf.

The shard of the Mage might be at the Rolling Acres Mall in Ohio. Still, no one is heading out there.

The Pack is heading back to the bar. Dante is meeting them at the Bar.

They pick on Trevor so much.
I love that Drew knows the lyrics to Pieces of You by Jewel.


They do not care that he’s dying.
WILLPOWER rolls for everyone.

Melissa botches, but Al gets 3 successes.
Weaver activity.
**I think it’s hilarious that Trey knows instinctively to preface where the Weaver activity is going on**.

The Wyrm is coming.

Remember, this is the episode that I walked into. over half an hour into the gameplay, I’m lol’g hard, I’m confused as all fuck, and I’m just seeing the second roll.

Dean DOUBLE Botches.
He has Thermite in his hands…

Yay for happy face dice!!!
Jake passes out, falls down the stairs, and nothing happens. “THUD”.

Dean falls, gashes his head, is unconscious, and profusely bleeding.

Sam: Dante, activate your watch. 
*silence* But Trey’s eyes are waaaaaay too excited.
Sam: Dante, DO NOT activate the watch!!!!

This is heading into another interesting event.
Lydia botches, passes out and hits the cage.

*Harambe is mentioned about a dozen times*

There is some significant magic that is happening, and I’m now hopping forward a bit.
**After the Oompa Loompa singing**

They’re being pulled into a situation that forces them to fall asleep and wake up in a horrible horror-movie-esque situation. Gross. Dirty. Dank, wet, with flickering lights.

Dean gets a 2×4 with nails in it.
Sam gets a club. NOT that kind of club, Sam. He goes to hide in the shadows.
Seven successes: He’s now Randall from Monsters, Inc.

Jake gets a crowbar. “FUCK YOU, JEREMY”
Dean: That’s racist.
Jake: He [Jeremy] is gonna get this crowbar upside his head.

Dante gets a machete.
It’s some weird Hunger Games kinda shit for sure.

Lydia gets the dagger.
Lydia gets 6 successes, so she’s scoping things out from a higher level.

The Warehouse of Hell and Death. << My name for it, not theirs.
This fight is pretty intense.

Ep28 Starts with R. Kelly slams.

Okay, first off, I should point out that Lydia and Dante (Melissa and Mark) are not present in this episode, and since they aren’t, but the session (Ep27) ended with them all still in the warehouse, the Storyteller had to have something happen to them. So she does. They fall into an underground chamber and are watching the DinoBros and the Crow have to fight all kinds of crazy situations, trying to get out of the Warehouse of Hell and Death.

This is one of those episodes that is fun to watch, because it shows the gameplay really well and the guys are all having fun and at the same time being incredibly devoted and “in” character. Yeah, there’s blood, but there are also laughs too.
Ep29 is all about the Ghost Pepper. And ice cream.

The Ghost Pepper with Al and Drew is hilarious. What you don’t see is all the behind the scenes stuff that they go through when they are jumping around (Trey posted this privately and I’m roaring seeing this.)

And the gameplay stream is truncated because of technical issues. The internet wasn’t playing nicely for the stream, and it’s a bit out of sync. That being said, I can give you the super-fast breakdown of the episode.

Dante and Lydia are back (yay!) in the gameplay, but they have to get out of the room with the televisions that they were dropped into.

They’re fighting the hunters Jeremy has fucked with and brought into the warehouse, and that’s who they have been fighting.

Julia is mentioned.

Sam: “OMG Satan just farted in my mouth.” “I think I am dying.”

Into Ep30, starting with a special recap of 29: *fangirl squeal* I’m mentioned!! ((just that the stream was wonky and cut out))

So here’s what you missed:

The fight at the warehouse ended with a few dead hunters, and the rest deciding they are going to meet up with the Pack later on that night. Aisha’s there, sans eyes still, and really needs to be taken care of.

There’s a dealer who is a vampire, and he’s currently apparently crying and crying. Dante set him free, so he is miserable but out of harm’s way for awhile.  Everyone gets their stuff back

Holy wow, this session is freakin’ cray!

Doooooominnnnionnnn!!! Time to go kiddos!
Dante is talking to Jalal (in the Klaive) about how Jalal knows he can kill the Kings and fun like that. He’s at Lydia’s bar, in protection mode.
Jake is getting in touch with the Parliament (a grouping of Ravens; A murder is a group of crows.) and is waiting to see if they can assist in any way with disposal of the Bitter Black and the Kings.
Lydia is checking on people.
Sam: Soaking up the sun at the Wallow, regaining gnosis, talking to Gwon about the War of Rage.
Dean: Dean is sleeping at Aisha’s bar, sleeping in the tanning bed. *Sam makes fun of him, until he’s reminded that January in Pittsburgh is a lil less sun*

2pm they meet at Lydia’s, and later that night, they are heading to Dominion to meet up with the hunters.

There’s a lot of fun on this one, and the best part (for me) was that I got to comment as things were going on during the gameplay, as I was finally able to watch live!!

So I’m gonna wrap this part up and because I don’t want to spoil too much about what happens in this episode, but I will say this is another epic EPIC fight.

Hunters and Kings and Shifters… oh my.

You’ll have a recap of what happened in this one as a mini refresher tomorrow, before I start the official FIRST GAME Session recap that I’m participating in. I’m way too excited.

Come watch us on Twitch or YouTube and comment during the gameplay! 🙂

Thanks for wandering through the World of Darkness with me! See you in game!!

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