WoD Episode 37 Recap PT 1: Enter Remy

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Mini recap of 36:
Pizza Pixie and the worst matchmaking Corax plot out how to retrieve the amulet, the Druid lets the Pack know what the other option is – a Murder Mystery, and they decide to do that instead of Ty marrying the Druid (or Ritchie the Ratkin).

If you missed last episode’s recap: GO HERE FIRST before continuing to read 37, so you don’t miss spoilers!

My usual blah about being responsible and not letting the kiddos see the big bad swears that will show up likely in this recap.

Seriously, it’s episode 37, and I’m about to start just dropping the pic in I think.

Just in case you’ve suffered from amnesia since the last episode, I’ll give you a rundown on the current players and the MIA ones:

DinoBros: still have pulses
TechBirdie: still flappin’
Aisha: still breathing
Ty: still chillin’

MIA: oh, what’s her face? The cool one who was stuffed in the trunk and then fell into the Umbra like 2 years ago? Julie’s character – I know it’s not Cindy, but I want to say Cindy, so that’s what it is until I’m corrected when this goes live. Fact: She’s got a kickass accent and I really hope she comes to play again, cause I’d love to meet her in game!

The Cat-Dog star-crossed lovers are probably still swirling around in the pits of the deepest parts of the Dark Umbra (legit no idea if that level exists, but as Book in Firefly tells Mal, there’s a special level of hell for bad shit (like talking in a movie theatre). I picture Lydia and Dante swirling around in that layer of hell. Penance for defying the laws of Gaia and having a forbidden love affair.

Epi 37 starts with me having 36xp to spend and still not using it.

Jake calls the Pizza Pixie and asks her if the Fae High Court would be willing to assist with the Druid (even though they specifically have it listed as a caveat that the FHC will not be allowed to be involved in the actual proceedings with regards to the contract. Not sure how they are going to get through that sticky situation. We shall see.

Sam gets a call from Conrad, the new leader of  the Caern.
Conrad informs him that there is a new wolf in town (queue Al and Drew singing Werewolves of London, but changing it to Butler – PA), his name is Remy, and he’s going to meet with Sheila. Sheila who taught Jake a few new gifts and fell asleep mid-conversation that one time with Sam about a million years ago, right before Stormchicken* took over the Caern and killed Stephen. Sheila, who has been doing a lot more awake things, talking more, interacting less with the group, and spending a lot of time generally being… odd… with the Caern.

There is a HILARIOUS part interjected here, where Sam is trying to figure out who the current leader of the Caern is (Conrad, who he is STILL on the phone with) – and comes up with a fuckton of different names for who the possible leader is… Starting with Stephen, and including TANK.

*Stormchicken – aka StormCrow – was created and played by none other than our newest member of the game. He created StormCrow over a dozen years ago, and the idea he is joining the game at this time as a new werewolf is definitely a lol-worthy moment here and there throughout the evening’s festivities.

Before the Pack leave BMR, Dean and Ty have two arm wrestling competitions. 
((Strength + Brawl)) – I don’t botch, but I have my two tens canceled out by two ones and I’m sad BOOOOOOO but then the second round, I had again one nine and one one and Al botched, so Dean falls to the floor, but neither of us can concede a win on that one. Fine. 
Current score for Arm Wrestling: DEAN:2, TY: 0 out of 3 matches.

The Pack heads to the Caern – Ty’s shotgun, Jake’s in the air, Sam’s driving, and of course, Dean’s in the back seat, middle slot, opening and closing the cigarette ashtray, wearing no pants.

They are heading to Cook’s Forest (don’t worry; I have no clue where it is either, but the PA peeps seem to agree it exists, so I’m gonna smile and nod and encourage you to do so as well).

Remy (Matthew < new guy > Stormchicken > PKA) **that means previously known as** heads over to visit with Sheila (not my housekeeper) – who is the Master of Rites at the Caern, and he decides he’s going to meet her in wolf form – as she is usually in wolf form and prefers it – and drops a dead freshly killed rabbit at her feet, rolls over, and shows his furry belly to her in deference.

SADLY, TREY REFUSES TO BARK ON CAMERA, and makes Shelia just talk to Remy as a regular old freakin’ HOMID. 

*commence me weeping incessantly because I really just wanted to hear Trey barking, and now my entire night is ruined. << hear that as Stewie Griffin says it, and you understand HOW rue-eened it was!*

There’s a Place of Power in Sedona (I’m guessing that’s the same Sedona that Aerosmith sang about, that’s what is suddenly playing in my head while I write it and now three days later when I type it up – it’s a damn good song, and it’s on my playlist!) that Remy was communing with spirits, and was told in I guess a sort of Vision Quest kind of premonition about coming to PA to find the Pack.

Remy wandering out into the woods behind Sheila, towards where a birdie died twice (Jake), and where many deeply powerful moments have likely taken place.

If this were a Doctor Who episode, I’d call it a Rift spot, where unbridled amounts of power flows.

Shelia stops and begins to speak to Remy, asking him about why he’s now in Pennsylvania, at the centre of the clearing.

Remy: I saw a vision of a blackness, a gnosis storm, and a Pack of unique individuals is in the eye of that storm.
Sheila: Are you here to stop the apocalypse?
Remy: One does not stop the wind.

Shelia begins to do a ritual, and Remy decides to abide her decision and calls her “oh great one”, before rolling 6 successes (intel + rituals), and the Umbra is open, he can feel the intense power growing from her ritual, but has no idea what she’s doing exactly.
So he follows her movements. Naturally.
He starts to see little-to-medium-sized Umbral spirits, coming out of the Umbra, and beginning to dance around them.
He can soon hear the spirits chanting, and with a diff 6 +1 gnosis and heightened senses, the chanting he is doing with the spirits and Sheila are not stopping, but rather they are building in volume and intensity.

********** TO BE CONTINUED…..

**this is a VERY long and thorough recap, so this is up to the end of page two of my notes… out of 10…

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