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Hey all, just gonna run through the quick lil disclaimer and mini mini recap of last session’s roleplaying fun before hopping into Episode 34: Self Actualization 101, where the crew try to Make America Game Again!

First off, this shit ain’t fo’yo’kids, so if you wanna step up and think you can throw fisticuffs, cashme ousside, howbowdah?

Actually, come to think of it, there wasn’t a whole lotta swearin’ goin on, because the characters weren’t around one another and they definitely were a bit too preoccupied by the personal hells they were facing.

You’ll know (if you have bee reading/watching/listening along with these) that when we last left the DinoBros, the Poe lover (the writer, not the singer, though she was totes awesome), and the fuzzy Ice Queen (Dean & Sam, Jake, and Ty respectively), they were all in various planes of insanity, all having midlife crises of their own.

Well, Ty was the easiest to take care of, and is currently laying in the snow on the outskirts of the Caern, watching the night lazily swim around her.

Dean was dealing with the fact that he was feeling rather insignificant (I’m still so shocked the other two didn’t poke fun at “over compensation” jokes at his expense. MISSED OPPORTUNITY, BOYS!!! SHAME. SHAME. SHAME.)

Jake was busy getting stuck into a keg of hearty viking plonk, and was happily forgetting what he had intended to do; find Odin’s ravens, Huginn and Muninn.

Sam was learning that sometimes seeing things from a different perspective would be beneficial, and was currently helping the villagers that had attacked him with valid reasons. He had just bellowed at the wolves that were going to head toward the villagers, and that’s where session had ended for everyone.

Episode 34 starts with Jake – Resting, but comes too and realises that he needs to get his shit together and kinda sorta remembers that he had a plan to go to the Great Hall where Odin and his raven ancestors are. He talks to three of the army peeps in the camp he’s in, and the first guy tells him it is too dangerous a journey to go alone (insert Legend of Zelda sword); the second guy tells him (perhaps because he’s the size of like Jason Momoa probably) pfft, dude, you’re totes fine to skip along, it ain’t far, and it ain’t difficult; The third dude is clearly a professional keg tester (he’s sauced up to the max), tells Jake that there’s a huge ass tunnel underground and under the water that he can take that is safer than up top.

Before he can decide what to do though, two shield maidens (5’s in appearance, which IRL would be like super supermodel sexy awesomeness) show up, askin’ him about his khakis, bring more for Jake to drink, and are horny a.f. so now there’s a dichotomous moment where Clay – the player – says “Fuck! Something’s up!” while Jake – the character – says “Fucccck, somethin’s UP!” Jake heads off to play hide the pickled sausage, and we switch to Dean.

Sadly, Dean’s not having as much fun. In fact, you could say he is kinda getting fisted by the reality he’s stuck in. He’s breathing inside the water; he knows it’s not a good thing (He ain’t no Martha Stewart, folks!), but he isn’t drowning anymore. He’s a 27ft MINI alligator. *cough* size issues *cough*

He’s pointed to the woods (by the mermaid) and is told to ask for a ride to find who it is he needs to seek out. He chooses a giraffe. ((Sera cheers, because she loves the giraffe IRL and she’s super excited that Trey put one in game!!!))

There’s a cute moment when how Al says something about Dean leads to a host of “Hi, My Name Is:” jokes and I kind of want to make a special sticker for him now with the backwards ‘a’ just so he can wear it during game.

The giraffe tells him [Dean] that he [The giraffe] needs to find his [The giraffe’s] brother. They haven’t been together in over 175 years, and they were separated when they were very young. The lost sibling is in the opposite direction to where Dean has to travel, but Dean graciously accepts the ride in exchange for helping the giraffe locate his long lost brother.

They head off, and have to walk very slowly through the plains, because even though this is a mammoth sized giraffe (remember, Dean was 27ft long, even though he had morphed into Homid, he’s basically a tic-tac on the back of this giant creature), there are even larger predators out there. They walk slowly.

Sam can see the wolves starting to come closer to the villagers as they reach the tarpits, but can only hear two at that time. There’s soon no cover for the villagers or the wolves, who are pacing at the far edge of the trees on the other side of the pits. They are Hispo/Dire shifter wolves.

Sam grabs some twine, drags it through one of the pits, and tells everyone to get ready to run toward the trees, and bellows (again) to intimidate the wolves. The villagers pick up the kids and start to run as the twine is lit on fire, and there’s a safe pathway for the villagers to get into the trees finally, while the wolves are investigating the fire.

Jake and Ty have a bit of a chat, and Jake realises a few things. First, he wanted to find the birds. Why didn’t he go look for them? Why did the shield maidens (who brought another friend to play mid-way through the night, so Jake is happily delightedly spent) come to him in the first place?
Odin appears, and Jake listens to Ty and thinks it through. He spends a rage, shifts into raven form, takes flight, and snubs Odin. He knows within himself it was nothing to feel bad or worry about, so he heads off in search of the longhouse. It’s an hour and a half flight. He flies over armies of the ogre-like creatures, who aren’t in any offensive posture, and finally happens upon the longhouse with a huge chimney billowing smoke. Two large birds cut off Jakes decent into the chimney, and the ravens begin to assess Jake, talking with him in a telepathic link about his need to “find the rest of himself”. He is chastised by the birds, for him not realising that Loki was tricking him, and everything he’s been party to has been illusion magic so far.
He shifts to Homid form, and heads toward the front doors of the longhouse. He has some soul-searching to do, so no time like the present.

Dean’s on the giraffe’s back, they get to the edge of the plains, and are near the trees. Ty and Dean have a chat about him sitting and communing with the spirits, and she has a chance to tell him about how she had to do something very similar once when she went back (the only time she ever set foot back in the area where she lost her two triplet siblings) to learn her path with the help of Pin and Lichen. Dean sits, and contrary to his natural state of being, he gets all up in the Namaste at the base of the tree. “In with the Buddha, out with the Hitler.”

He rolls his gnosis, and has three successes, giving him peace, calm, and tranquility. The giraffe tells Dean that he will protect him while the answers are searched for, and Dean appreciates the fact that the giraffe is cool like that. Dean feels Gaia surrounding him, and feels, more than mind-sees, the giraffe brother’s spirit standing before him. From the size of the giraffe, and the mental images that fill Dean’s mind, he knows the giraffe died that day, 175 years ago but was trapped in limbo.

Dean: He’s looking for you.

Giraffe: I know. He couldn’t see me.

Dean: Why didn’t you leave?

Giraffe: I can’t go until I say goodbye to him.

Dean tells the (living) giraffe that he will watch the area (no one attacks, thank you GM Mistress!!!!), so the siblings can have a touching reuniting moment in peace, and say their farewells so the baby twin can finally pass into the next realm of existence, and the living adult giraffe can now have closure.

Sam has a decision to make. Ty tells him something he really doesn’t want to hear, but he has to listen to her, and make a decision.

It fucking sucks.

Take two kids and run, or lose all three. A wolf – the alpha of that pack – is almost at them.

**I should point out that this is the longest time that Drew/Sam ever has taken in the history of the game to make a decision, and because of this, MAD RESPECT and props to him for the amazingly well crafted response. We’re not talking seconds here. NOOOOO; it was close to at least 5 minutes of gameplay, where he is silent, staring at his character sheets, and doing some pretty significant internal discussions. What he comes up with is fucking BRILLIANT. **

So the rest of the villagers are safe. There are three actions that he does, and he spends nearly all of his rage to do them. FLAWLESSLY I might add.

BOOM. Sam spends a rage and shifts to Raptor form.

BOOM BOOM. He then spends 2 rage simultaneously, and breathes a line of fire toward the advancing alpha wolf while Hare’s Leaping out of harm’s way with one kid in each raptor front clawed arm, and one dangling precariously (yet safely) in his teeth.

((He rolls 5 fucking successes for this action, and the wolf takes 2 agg damage to boot.))

Sam then (I’m getting all excited again just thinking about how fucking intensely amazingly well this thing was played out) drops the kids in a safe place with the villagers (the mother is VERY delighted Sam saved all three of her babies), and Sam LEAPS back into essentially curbstomp the fuck outta the alpha wolf, after initiating alpha challenge. 6 successes kills the alpha, and for good measure, in front of all the other wolves (there are three visible now), Sam chucks the fucking dead wolf into the closest tarpit, tells the wolves HE IS THEIR ALPHA NOW, and it is their duty to protect these villagers with their lives.

For good measure, Sam decides to record this moment (an extremely fucking cool ability that Mokolé have the ability to do), just in case Dean is searching for him through Gwon.

Jake is in Homid form, walks into the longhouse, and heads down the passageway. Ty and him have a conversation, and she tells him that he needs to trust himself more, and that he isn’t fully giving trust to the DinoBros yet. He is not really clear about what she is wanting him to trust them with, but she does manage to get him to understand that once he does start to share with them, he’ll feel more equal to them in the pack. He tries to reach out to them with the mindlink and almost can reach them. The hallway finally (after hours of walking) comes to an abrupt end, and the doors to the great meadhall are opened to reveal SHINY THINGS!! And Odin.

Odin and Jake have a chat, and Odin hands him a box. “This will help you, and you’ll know when to use it.”

It is something to help them to be better equipped to fight the Kings. Jake thanks Odin for the box, Odin tells him to keep it safe, and Jake is granted permission to speak with the birds.

The Horn of Valhalla – looks like a drinking horn, but is used to call… someone.

Jake stays to drink awhile.

**I got to choose the special special awesome thing that each of the guys gets a dot in, and for Jake, it was a dot in Enigmas**

Giraffe is prepared to take Dean to his location, but Dean releases him of his word, telling him he doesn’t have to take him. The giraffe decides that it is best if he does take Dean, as it would be likely six month’s journey to go alone by foot. They make good time, and they finally happen upon a tiny cabin in the woods. Dean thanks the giraffe once again for his time, and they part ways. Dean knocks on the door.

Dean: Dad? What the hell are you doing here?

John: I go where I’m needed. Where is your brother?

Dean: We were all separated.

*forcibly deep hugging moment commences*

John’s been helping fight the Kings as well, tells Dean that he and the rest of the pack are not alone in this matter, but the others who fight are taking out the lower levels, so the pack can deal with the Kings directly.

His present? Lucille. And not B.B. King’s guitar. And not the Lucy who was married to Ricky Ricardo either.

Dean gets a point in empathy (and hilarity ensues at that moment).

Sam comes across a huge graveyard (YUGE. Like BIGLY) after leaving the villagers and his newly acquired wolves. He calls out to the bones, to see if any of his ancestors remember walking in this place.

Sam has a deep discussion with the Pattern (Weaver) Spiders. They talk about manipulation, patterns, freedom, and the need for rules. Sam gives them an offer. There is a huge issue that makes Sam call upon the Ancient Lizard Kings, and they announce they have been stagnant too long.

Sam retells all the stories he now knows have been lies and tells them truthfully, to correct the history.

He is given a small ornate box, which contains what looks like a simple instrument, but it is actually the Flute of the Ancients.

Sam gets a point in Leadership, for having the entire village of people stay safe and reaching their destination unharmed.

We all get 10xp for the fun, and I can’t wait for the next session!!!!

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