WoD Epi37 PART 2: Remy, Remy, Remy!!!

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Welcome back!!!

I know you already know this part, but I’m gonna ramble through it because this is the initial piece everyone sees when it gets posted to various social media places.

As this is part 2 of Episode THIRTY-SEVEN, it should be well known by know that this is not intended for kids you haven’t told “swear words” exist, working professionals who might have super uptight angry bosses who are afraid of a four letter word *or one with a prefix of MOTHER attached to it*, and anyone who is perhaps a bit too easily offended at words but not actual social or global situations to do anything other than glare piously and judge when someone says something that might touch a nerve but not actually do anything to better the world. *pat pat* Now, you little keyboard warrior you, aren’t you proud you told the internet how you feel yet don’t think it’s right to allow refugees to have clean water? Yeah, I did it.

Oh, see? This is what happens when you don’t allow me to have internet access while I’m writing things. Good mornin’ cuntypixie!

I’m just gonna pick up where I left off last week, and remind you that Remy (our new player, Matthew’s character) is deep in the forest clearing with Shelia (not my housekeeper) and Sheila’s just begun to call the spirits out of the Umbra. Remy seems to be a bit of a follower, so without really grasping how deep this rabbit hole is about to go, he figures ah, participation is where it’s at!

**I keep forgetting until times like this that I need Trey to give me the “We are the Architects of Anarchy” speech so I can copy/paste it in here. Well, knowing that I need to post this today, hopefully my internet comes back on and I can get her to send it to me.**

Remy’s getting a different set of circumstances happening around him than the rest of us, as he begins to hear and see the Umbral Spirits (Diff 6 Gnosis/Heightened Senses) – they are chanting, heightening the ritual, rather than trying to stop it.

We all start feeling the Umbral Spirit pressure, I ask if Masking the Hunted is a good gift to use (nope, not necessary ATM), so as I’m setting my Fangs of the North (ice bear needs ice fangs), Dean announces to the group that Jalal is sensing the presence of THE KINGS. Not the hockey team. And not the three imaginary ones from that silly story about a fictional barn baby either.

I (Ty if for some reason, you can’t pick up that when I’m writing this, I’m doing it from Ty’s perspective, because let’s face it, it’s a game, and I love that these people currently in the fucking game can rationalise that it is a game and not anything personal, which is good, because the jokes about Jake and Ty are STILL going on IRL and hilariousness is true.) shift slowly (not burning anything, as I need to possibly save that for my first Pack fight I can feel brewing) into Crinos form (because I’m not afraid to be a fucking CRINOS creature), and Jake takes to the sky, over where he was killed – How does that even feel I wonder – and he sees two Homid-shifters, Sheila (he recognises her) and a new bloke (Remy) while he sees and hears Umbral Spirits dancing around them.

He relays this intel to the Pack, and they finally reach the clearing, seeing the ritual themselves. FUCK. We all roll initiative. Dex + Wits + 1d10. I really need to redo my character sheet (it’s the old Gurahl one, so there is stuff missing, and stuff that shouldn’t be there, and stuff that should be better than it is. I have a bit of time to get it sorted, so I can hopefully do that maybe this weekend if I have no internet.) My pathetic stats warrant me 14, and I go after Dean but before Jake.

It’s fun to note though that as this is my first fight, and I’m starting in Crinos form, I get some pretty kickass bonuses to my stats: Strength is +5, Dex I lose one point, Stamina is +5, Manipulation goes down 3, 0 is my new appearance score (I only lose two points on that – I mean, I am a very very white bear-human, so it’s kind of an obvious one that I’m not gonna be supermodel material) << I’m okay with that. My Perception loses a point which sucks, but I guess I don’t really need my uncanny instincts when I still have my tracking available with 5pt already in Survival.

Sam, in full Alpha form, decides he’s going to attack Sheila (instead of going back to a bar and just talking about what needs to be done for a few days). He goes to wallop her good, and she LAUGHED AT HIM. Ouch, need some burn cream, Alpha?

I get to have my first fight scene!!! YAYAYAY! I get 3 successes in actually attacking Sheila – I’ve decided I’m gonna bite her, so that is my Dex (1) + Brawl (2) Diff 5 => THREE SUCCESSES. I am so excited! I DID IT! I… oh right, that’s just the first part. Now I have to see how much damage I do to her. I got 7 successes, and I’m ready. I’m so ready to bite this… A WALL!? *sobs in ice fangs* BUT BUT BUT I’m holding onto a wall around her. My sadness has sadness!

There’s something fast moving around the area. Everyone but Dean can see the entity (he doesn’t botch his roll, but he does get no successes) in the woods, so he can feel it, he just can’t see it. So he calls out to it. Yeah, this is legit the moment I (Sera, not Ty) was thinking to myself ‘if we were in a horror flick, he’d be yelling out to the murderer, as if the murder is going to respond “Down here, making a peanut butter sandwich. Do you want one before I kill you?”’ I’m giggling to myself.

So now there is Sheila, Remy, the Umbral Spirits, and that fast moving thing in the trees behind Sheila.

Jake pulls out his horn and summons Hunnin and Munnin. BTW, he rolls 15, which was how we know it’s H&M who are coming to visit, not the Warriors or Odin. They will be here on his next turn.
Remy rolls Intelligence + Occult = 4 successes (50×4=200ft of distance) and he’s now going to be able to remove one bad essence (Umbral Spirit) per turn – well, at least the new dude is starting to see that what he was doing before was not exactly a good thing. Trying to counter the bad mojo is a good start.

Sam: Activates Strength of the Pack (dammit, I forgot this thing existed!), and re-attacks Sheila, feeling something… CRACK. kind of like how a pebble in a windshield gives that initial POP’g crack sound and then starts to web and fracture.

Sam and Ty are both still attached to Sheila, when she starts to rise above the ground. Remember, Ty is 18ft tall, so this is going to be very interesting. She can reach an additional 14-15ft (9ft for her arm, and then her Crinos form claws can extend up to 5-6 inches past the fur line). It’s gonna take a lot to get Ty off the ground, at 1600lb as well. This is strong magic for sure.

Sam falls to the ground, and we all hear “The Veil has been lifted, the FALLEN shall rise.” – There’s blue smoke around the tree-line and Sam rolls Perception/Wits at Diff 7 and has 4 successes. IT IS NOT FAE.

Dean spends a willpower to be able to gain an auto-success to hit the blur that he wants to attack coming out of the trees. He then gets 5 successes on his roll (I forgot to write which stats he was gonna use, but more than likely, it was his Dex/Strength, so please forgive me on that), and BOOOOOOF! Right in the solarplexes! 7 damage to the VAMPIRE, but only just over half of it was taken as actual damage.

I get two successes to attack Sheila while I’m mid air with her and then 6 on the actual damage. I successfully stop that bitch from floating, and I’m standing on the ground again, refusing to let her float away. In my mind, she’s like a helium filled Homid shaped balloon and I’ve got my index Crinos claw sunk hard and deep into her balloon foot, so the tip of my claw is more than peeking out the middle of her arch on the underside of her left foot. Betcha that fucking hurts, eh?


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