WoD Ep33 Recap: Alone

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It’s been awhile since we’ve seen the crew, eh?

Just a mini-mini recap of the goings-on of 32: Ty’s gifts are distributed to the Pack with special powers imbued in them from Aisha, Jake tries to give Aisha the deed to the Dominion bar (that her bio-ma and step-daddy) owned. Eva’s on the run, Greg’s dead, and Jake wants to do spectacular things with the space to make is safe for all ‘supies’ (the supernatural beings, of which the Pack and Aisha are a part of). She declines, tells him to keep the deed to do the deed he wants to do. Sam give Aisha an ultimatum that is both incredibly sweet, but full of anger as well. Aisha leaves, heading to find her mother again.

Meanwhile, Dean’s been in Gwon’s old science lab upstairs in BMR (Big Metal Roar) bar, trying to come up with a way to defeat the bitter black once and for all. Ty’s in the walk-in freezer/cooler, got a hug from Sam, and that just about did her in emotionally.

Pack and Ty head out to the abandoned mall in Ohio, stop in the Caern, leave Ty in the car, and head to the wallow’s special totem that holds the link into the Umbra – specifically the Manticore’s chamber.

Alpha position is challenged and Sam is now the alpha. ~Fin~


BTS: Trey (GM) lets us know that if we have 5 dots (full knowledge of an area) in an Attribute or Ability, we get TWO specialisations!! *happy dance* Taiga has FOUR things that need to get an extra specialisation!  (Strength, Crafts, Survival, and Rituals)

“Non-Directional Fuckage” begins the night’s festivities.

Annnnnnd we’re Live!

Ty’s in the car, the DinoBros and Jake are wandering around in the Umbra, still searching for their Manticore to help them deal with shit.

Trying to call the Manticore – Sam suggests doing “Triple Dutch” – you’re gonna have to watch it to see what’s the hilariousness about that. Long story short: Dude has left the building and does not want to be found. Hide-and-Seek Champion of 2017!

“North Korea WoD: Trey Jong Il is the GM” Portal opens up and the guys decide what to do.

“Jake, as Alpha, [I say], jump in there” ~ Sam

Jake and Sam go in together, Dean follows.

Now, for the rest of this game, there are going to be three parts: DEAN, JAKE, SAM. in that order.

The DinoBros and Jake are in three different areas of reality, in three different confusing situations, without help from their Pack members, but with a unique link to Taiga.

I’m gonna cheat a bit and say “where” they are, but you’re gonna have to watch this one because it is such a fun RP night. Seriously, this is what I honestly missed about roleplaying games. Yes, yes, the fighting is great and everything, but I love the imagination that springs forth and demands the spotlight for everyone more so than all the other facets of the gameplay. It is amazing watching people be given an impromptu set of circumstances, and they walk through it it in their mind and share that with others. Oh how I have missed that amazing connection to creative expression!!!

*Sera’s special note: I love this group of individuals. They are so fucking chill, they are decent, hilarious, and witty a.f. and I am so honoured to be able to play with them. I can’t wait for the Saturday after next!!*


Okay, so Dean is in a forest, and after he (in Raptor form) climbs a tree, get’s a brain call from Ty, which severely messes him up that he can hear only Taiga (who he barely knows about an hour in reality) and that she is slightly panicking that she wants out of the car. He tells her the car is unlocked, so she is notably relieved.

Once Ty is out of the car (FINALLY!) and laying in the snow, she’s able to focus better and tells him that he has to calm down, and find himself. This does anything but CALM him, but he takes the “advice” such as it is, and climbs a tree. Ty reminds him that he cannot look for the others until he finds himself, and to tell her when he’s scared.

An Ent (kinda, sorry, that was my word for it, the Tree Spirit) talks to Dean, tells him he’s in the original forest. He’s told to find his missing piece: He has his body. He can think and knows he has his mind, but… wtf? Where is his spirit?

“Find yourself, lil dinosaur, you’re not the biggest thing here.” He head off, in search of the closest water source to shift to alligator form.

I will point out that it is very Lilliputianesque because of how miniaturized Dean is in comparison to the flora and fauna around him.


He’s in a mountainous region of reality, complete with snow and large entities as well. He looks around to try to set his bearings, and soon realises that he’s near a band of soldiers. There are feral, drawn looking, snarling beastial creatures that the squad attacks, and Jake helps them after he shifts to Homid form.

“What are you, creature?”

“I’m one of the Sun’s Children.”

“You are small, but you are mighty, little one.”

“What are they {the creatures defeated}?”

“They spawned in the night. Come with us, to rid the land of more of these savages.”

“Do you have a weapon?” *is handed one by the leader who speaks with a heavy Norse accent.* “Lead on, Sir.”

Ty “calls” Jake, and issues the request for him to “find himself”. She promises that she will sing “Bare Necessities to him when he and the DinoBros return to the car.


Surrounded by a deep jungle. He hears various jungle noises; clickings, bird calls, and a river flowing somewhere nearby. He heads towards the river, in raptor form.

He begins to hear voices calling out to him (softly at first, and then louder, more pronounced)

“Come to us.”

“Save us.”

“Help us.”

“Stop the KINGS.”

Ty “calls”. “Sam, find yourself, and you will the others.”

Sam trips in a hole, turns into an alligator, and hops in the river.

He tries to contact Gwon, no luck.

**Intermission for a moment while I explain that you have to burn a rage point in order to shift to a different form instantly, but if you are wanting to do it slowly, you can do so without the necessary rage burn.


Near the ((giant)) pond, there are massive creatures. Think prehistoric sized animals. Deer the size of massive elk, with 14ft antlers, etc.

Dean shifts into his 27ft long alligator [base] form, and is still a SMALL creature in the water.

There are water sprites of all sizes, and one begins to talk to him.

“Hello little alligator.”

“Where am I?”
“You’re in a pond.”

((there’s a hilarious interjection about having Dean’s essence placed on a milk carton, so that he can just show everyone and be like “hey, have you seen my essence anywhere?”))

The water sprites begin to sing and taunt Dean. “Empty lil alligator,” “The water loves you, do you love the water?” “Empty, empty, empty.”

Dean decides he’s had enough and gets FISH SMACKED. He gets angrier, calls the sprites “water cunts” and Ty calls him again.

“Tell me when you’re scared.”

Dean spins, bites through (bites it in two pieces) a larger water spirit, this one who looks like a mermaid, and the body reforms to whole.

The mermaid gives Dean shit for calling the sprites “cunts”, considering the fact they are basically five year olds and just being silly and playful.

She demands he tell her what he loves.

Love List: Sam, people… he doesn’t love himself. “Embrace the anger. Believe in Gaia.”

There’s a piercing yell that Dean (AL) makes that is so perfectly primal in this moment. He’s confused and just fucking DONE with the riddles.


  1. If you’re being told you’re in Valhalla, do you react so calmly?????

Jake is marching with the army – heading toward the Allfather – Odin. There’s another group of   feral looking creatures that are up ahead, and **interjects: I KNEW IT I WAS RIGHT!!!** ((no, I can’t say because it still hasn’t been openly realised yet)) Jake goes with the soldiers. They attack the creatures, Jake pulls back and doesn’t partake in that particular fight. He saw one of them take step back, almost as if they didn’t want to fight, and then the group of beings defended themselves.

Jake is walking with them again, heading toward the Allfather, who is standing on a massive platform, shouting to a larger group of beings all dressed in the same garb as those who are marching with Jake.

“They pillage our villages, steal our food…”

Jake cheers with them, and shifts into bird form to get closer to Odin.

“Tomorrow we shall bathe in the blood of our enemies!”

Odin finishes and comes to Jake.

“Ah, little bird, it’s about time you arrived. I thought you’d be taller.”

“What are these things we’re fighting?”

Ty calls, and is finding it odd that the two that Jake has always wanted to meet Huginn and Muninn, are no where to be seen. She thinks it’s odd that Thor, Sif, and the rest aren’t around either.

Jake decides to push the topic for the time being, and simply asks how far the two ravens are from them at the moment. Odin tells him it is a very long journey, and Jake concedes for the evening. “Where is the Mead Hall?”

Jake heads off in the direction he is pointed, and plans to drink.


*There is a specific thing that is going on with Sam, but I can’t reveal that yet, as HE doesn’t know it, so yeah, sorry, you’ll have to wait on that piece of news for two more weeks!*

Sam is in alligator form, swimming down the river, and gets a spear to the shoulder.

His first instinct is to fire breathe at whoever did that to him.

Ty calls, tells him to think before he acts, and to calm himself. He must PROVE that he can be calm, and learn the truth of a situation before acting so hastily.

He ignores Ty’s warning, and nearly burns villagers alive. They don’t get hurt, and he realises that he might have acted too thoughtlessly, heads into the nearby forest area, changes into Homid form, and returns to the villagers, who easily realise the connection between him and the alligator. They don’t speak a language Sam understands.

Villagers who saw a giant alligator in their river, close to where their young children were playing and bathing, and they got scared and wanted to protect their young.

Sam is telling them “No more fucking spears.”

The villagers draw (in the sand) an area of village – where they are currently near the water, a jungle that they are on the outskirts of, a section that could be desert, and a part where the trees are a bit more sparsely laid out – a forest.

Sam is going to help them, even though they shot him with a spear, he is going to help them get back to their people. He shows them how to make flaming arrows and weapons, and one of the villager children comes to him with a manky bandage that he takes kindly.

Wolves approach from all directions, kids are shunted into the middle of a tight protective circle, then the women, and then those holding weapons.


To Be Continued…

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