WoD Ep32: Polar Bear in the Freezer

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Hey all, just wanted to give the quick disclaimer at the start so I’m not an assbutt and swear right off the hop.

Well, if you don’t know by now, here’s the short version: NSFW/NSFC.

Now that we have that shit outta the way, onto the tiny recap of Epi 31 before I launch into last night’s roleplaying session.

And just in case you’re joining this for the first time (go back to #1-3 recaps, it will make so much more sense!), Sam and Dean Winchester are in Pittsburgh, PA searching (AND LOOK AT THESE BOYS WIN WIN WIN against the stink pickle eating contest… oh right, the TUNNEL MONSTER. Silly me. Dean still gets top prize though and officially “taking one for the team”. They meet up with a few shifters (Lydia, Jake, and Dante), and a few mages (RIP Trevor, WHOAH, Revvvie’s all revved up on KingJuicyJuice these days, and lookie lookie, Sam’s future nookie, Aisha’s kickin’ it hardcore and looks like she might soon be the leader of the Red Spears.)

**Interjection: Every time I hear them say Red Spears, the kid in me giggles and immediately – I’m pretty sure that wasn’t what the creators of the Red Spears had in mind, but I assure you, if you’ve ever had a horndog around, you’ll know… sorry, now you’re stuck with the visual as well.**

So Epi 31 was intense AF.

Aisha and Eva were fighting in the Umbra. Dante was being lead astray by NOT Jalal/Blitzer, but rather a fairly vicious Harpy. On top of that, he was forced to take on a new identity (part of the Bastet curse he has to live with as a Ceilican [the tribe of he belongs to]) and everything went sideways on the group.
Dean took off, Jake was a mess, Sam was trying to keep up with his brother, Lydia was trying to keep an eye on Dante, and poor Aisha kept on fighting with her mom.
The gang finally regroups and gets to the cube where the fight is, Eva takes off after sustaining what should be mortal fatal wounds, and Aisha is left dying.
Dean’s told by Dante (via the Grand Klaive which has the essence and spirit of Jalal/Blitzer inside) to call someone named Ty. He does, and a giant polar bear is pacing the floor of the General Manager’s office at BMR when they arrive with Aisha in their arms.

Everyone is confused as fuck about how, who, what, why, HUH!? What is going on?!

Onto last night’s show! It’s sponsored by the letter A for AWKWARD!

Episode 32:
Aisha’s awake.
The gifts that were rambled off quickly were collected and “enhanced” by Aisha. **Trey decided to invest some time in the last two weeks since the last game and came up with incredibly cool fetish (not the kinky kind) and researched some excellent surprises for each player. She crafted the magical effect toward each player so they had something valuable and extremely personal for everyone.

Dante questions why Trevor had to die, and Aisha speaks up that she WAS lending her eyes to him to keep him in the plane of existence. Once she removed them, he was already dead. (this is when we find out she is next to take over as the Red Spears (Mage group) leader.

Awkward moment of the night #1: Aisha introduces Ty, and she can’t make eye contact (and it’s not just her height affecting this) with anyone. She’s nervous as fuck, and she’s sweating like it’s the hottest day of the year. Her adrenaline rush has subsided, and it’s taking all of her effort not to pass out from the warm room. HOW DO PEOPLE SURVIVE THIS HEAT?! Her biorhythms are a mess, but she is doing her best to control her anxiety and just be around everyone. She knows she has to stick around (this time) because too many beings’ lives are at stake that Aisha cares about. And if she cares about them, so does Taiga.

Dante and Lydia head down to the bar area, and Dean-the-Science-Dino-Dude heads off down the hall toward Gwon’s old laboratory to “do some science”. Jake is still not back yet from Dominion (Eva & Greg’s Bar).

Ty finally gets her chance to run off, and heads directly to the giant walk-in-freezer (it holds a lot of fun goodies, but BMR added the room special for Ty years ago. She want to shift to her happy ursine form, but Dante did ask nicely if she wanted something to drink. It has been ages since she had some Bailey’s, so that’s what he brings her. Thank you.

**I will add that the entire scene was hilarious, as everyone was chatting about the fact that I drink it straight up, and Drew’s comment that it’s basically just heavy cream with some alcohol in it made me lose it laughing.**

Aisha has an escort as she’s heading out to start tracking down the ghoulish immortal who gave birth to her. Sam gives her an ultimatum. I’m pretty sure I gasped audibly *I couldn’t help breaking character! I was shocked and touched at the same time* Only a man so earnestly in love with a woman the way Sam loves Aisha would ever put those parameters out into the universe.

Jake arrives, and hands Aisha the deed to Dominion. She refuses, and hands it back to Jake, saying it’s his to do with as he sees fit. (Some playful banter about renaming the bar “Carmen’s” is hilarious and perfectly timed by Sam so the levity returns to the scene.) Aisha agrees to remove the magical essences and artifacts that are in the bar, but she has no desire for the area aside from that.

Jake’s informed he has a “present inside” and he heads into the bar, grabs a beer, and is directed toward “the polar bear in the freezer”. Ty has finished her bottle of Bailey’s (she isn’t drunk, just likes the taste of it.) and has shifted awhile ago back into her happy ursine form. So when Jake opens the door, he literally sees a polar bear in the freezer.
Door closes, door opens, polar bear waves. ((And I’m giggling like mad in real life that this is playing out so fucking perfectly)) Jake comes in, and Ty shifts before his eyes into the 6’3” 285lb scarred, practically bald, heavily muscled pure white (baby polar bear white) chic with one bright blue and one bright green eye, awkwardly smiling at him.
He gets his present and soon leaves the freezer.

**MOMENT OF REAL cry cry cry IS COMING**

Sam doesn’t say a fucking word. Just opens the freezer, walks up to Ty, and hugs her. YUP. A BEAR HUG.  (*stupid tears of happy*) Not sure if he mumbles “Thanks” or if it’s just hanging in the air that would be what could be said if words existed in that moment. Ty really just wanted to hug him back and say “please look after my lil girl” but she hasn’t even hugged him back she is so shocked. Someday she’ll get the nerve to speak louder. 

He leaves her to sit and silently cry happy confused tears and closes the door.

Lydia finds the “True Spirit” alcohol – the shit that gets shifters drunk, and Dante pounds back a fuckton, before revealing the sad spooky details of his life curse.

Dean’s finally gonna share what he’s been science’g up in Gwon’s old Lab; he wants to flood the rivers and disperse the Bitter Black so it’s not potent.
There might be issues with this though, cause the HUNTERS that are helping the Pack are going to end up as bait.

Is the locket that Jeremy wears around his neck a special fetish? Could it possibly trap the avatar of a mage (ie currently Revenant)?

They are gonna head to the Mall in Ohio, but they want to stop at the Caern first and head to the Wallow to visit the Manticore.

Ty isn’t liking the idea of a car. She’s petrified of them. She begs everyone to let her sit in the front seat and not light anything on fire. They agree, and she’s shotgun. She stays in the car when they get to the Caern. There might be SilverFangs around, and NOO NOOOO NOOOOPE. Only Razzi was a worthy SilverFang in Ty’s eyes, and even then, it was because she was Aisha’s best friend first and foremost.

The Manticore isn’t around. Again.
Wonder what’s up with this?

Sam takes the moment in the Umbra to decide to deal with a few issues.

And then we kind of run into a situation of technical issues, and the stream ends pretty much after that. I even lost power during all of the behind-the-scenes stuff, so it wasn’t just one situation to be dealt with, but rather several.

You’ll have to wait until 2017 for the next installment!!! Stay tuned!

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