WoD: Ep 38 pt 2 and Ep 39 (fast recaps)

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Ep 38 continued


Well, we left the Pack hanging out in FauxHogwarts for nearly a month, and in that time, my laptop has died, I got a temp one to use, it sucked and stopped working, got my laptop back, she died forever (RIP, FIONA!!), and now I have a loaner laptop. Life has been pretty busy for the lot of us, so yesterday was the first time we finally all* were able to play.


*All of us WERE able to play… one of the group simply fell asleep in a chair all night instead.


Essentially, that’s the “sorry it took so long for the rest of this episode to get put up on the site, but now I have to speed up the time, because I have last night’s game to recap as well.


Oh, don’t let kids watch the videos.


((pic of NO NO NO don’t get mad at us if you don’t like swears and read beyond the sign))

Oh shit, I should remind everyone of something:

Sam is now Harry Potter.

Dean is now Ron Weasley.

Jake is now Hermione Granger.

Ty is now Luna Lovegood.

Remy is… will be, rather, Draco Malfoy.


We do not have our shifter-abilities, but we do still have the essence of who we are, and our Pack mind-link.


Last bit from the previous recap:

While we’re all sitting around, watching this conversation take place, Neville suddenly decides he wants to stand up and fall asleep at the same time. Keeling over, he passes out, not breathing.

Harry decides that “Heimlich Dickus” is now a spell, and I’m not even sure what he was trying to do? Jerk Neville off or remove the thing that was causing the issue through Neville’s dick? I just wrote about Neville’s crotchel area and it’s not even fanfic. Alrighty then. Well, guess this is as good a time as any to announce that Ty’s going to smell Neville (NO, Dean, not in the crotch) – Luna smells a mixture of fruit, sour, and something else that Ty recognises as poison.

Draco is sneering (we had to give Remy something to do!!)



I’m gonna speed up this part a bit.


Ty ((LUNA)) checks the poison that Neville drank before collapsing into death, smells sour fruity mix.

Harry does a reveal spell on the potion, sees it turn black (NOT BITTER BLACK though).


Suddenly, Snape, McGonagall, and Umbridge are there, while Moody is checking to prove it isn’t bitter black.

**a couple weeks later**

Sorry folks, I just realized I’ve completely dropped the ball on this and now tonight we’ve got Ep 40 and this is still 38.


So I’m gonna speed things up and do a REALLY crazy flyby of the next episode.


Top Ten Things that happened in Ep 39:


  1. Draco is still in the closet. (IRL the player is a crazy busy dad and simply fell asleep exhausted after a day of Dadding)
  2. Mrs Norris is NOT a little old lady. This might be the funniest part of the entire night, so I shant ruin it for you, and beg you haste your fingers to the video to see this play out.
  3. There are clearly three different things happening:
    1. The Murder Mystery;
    2. A Mystery of Murders; and
    3. Potential allies who are getting slain.
  4. There are characters who have canned responses, and characters who don’t.
  5. The characters who have canned responses aren’t able to fully participate in the situations.
  6. Each time there is a death, the body morphs into someone the Pack knows (though this is not necessarily a loved one or friend.)
  7. There was only supposed to be one death. Our guess so far: Ginny, as Sam did “Accio Murder Weapon” and the knives that crucified and flayed Ginny were the only items that came to him.
  8. Pizza Pixie has NOT shown up yet to deliver the amulet (containing Revenant’s trapped soul)
  9. The Pack still has the Mind-Link, but NO other abilities other than as their Potterverse character; and finally
  10. The druid MAY be Snape.


Tune in tonight at 9pm to find out the gripping conclusion to this fantastic side story arc, and learn if the Pack saves Ty from a life of sadness and creepy druid-sex!

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