WoD E31:New Foe, New Ally

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If this is your first time tuning into these recaps, please turn to page 394. Just kidding; but seriously, go back to #1 which is the first three episodes together.

As usual, the game is NSFW/NSFC, so it only makes sense I give the same warnings on this recap as well.

So, just to make sure you know who’s who:
Sam and Dean Winchester – Mokolé (werelizards) – The DinoBros
Lydia – Garou (werewolf) Barkeep with a loaded rifle
Jake (from State Farm) – Corax (wereraven) Thief/Spy/Tech Dude with wings
Dante – Bastet (werecat) Irish with Fey connections who love pizza
Aisha – Spirit Mage with a tormented past and severe parental issues.
and Introducing:
Taiga (Borealis) – Gurahl (werebear) Polar Bear Guardian/Confidant/Surrogate Mamabear to Aisha **and yes, she’s Canadian!**

I’m gonna give you as much of the play-by-play as possible, including a look behind the scenes at how the gameplay is done.

After everyone is in the Hangouts call, but before the session goes live-stream, Trey (Storyteller) takes roll call.
Discussion of xp to spend, including purchasing gifts. Trey does a final request for anything wanted before the game starts, and everyone says they are good to go.
(Drew asks three minutes into gameplay on live stream -cheekily- if he can buy a gift. Oh, now I really get it! He’s the class clown for sure.)

Annnnd now we’re live. There’s Drew’s epic Vampiric “Vvvverrrrrrld ov Darrrrrrrk-nessssss” and I am not even kidding, this is the first of three waves of butterflies that start fluttering around in me. Trying to quash them, I look like a lunatic waving like I’m on cable television trying to smile bright enough for the cameras and make sure everyone knows I’m really happy to be there.

Mini recap of the previous episode brought to you by… ME. Glad I wrote it down, so I can just copy it into here.

**Sera Merrin: I can help! I just finished the recap (but I didn’t list this past episode much).

Top 5 things of Ep30:
1. Ghost Pepper = ouchies for The DinoBros.
2. Crybaby Vampire does an awesome kamikaze move sorta, and boom, he’s all ‘splodey.
3. Hunters. Shifters. Dominion. Oh my.
4. Jalal makes Sam and Dean momentarily sad with his spirit-stabby-stabby choices, when Greg is targeted as the next King. (I almost wanted to SPOILER ALERT that one LOL)
5. Aisha takes the raging horrific cunt that birthed her out of the bar. Sorry, not sorry, Eva’s a… well, you can pick a festering body part.
Like · Reply · 23 hrs**

So Aisha took Eva into the Umbra, Jake gives a silent moment to the remains of Greg’s body – his ashes and goo – Not Greg “The King”, but rather Greg the decent vampire. +2 respect for Jake on that.

Sam is heading to the Umbra with his official Marauder’s Map to find Aisha, and Lydia is doing Pulse of the Prey.
Jake dons his special shiny sunglasses (a better CSI version than Caruso ever wishes he could be) and heads into the Umbra as Dante begins to yell, and Jake does Voice of the Mimic as they enter the Penumbra (the layer of the Umbra that overlaps the physical world and includes the Gauntlet (the protective layer between the Physical and Supernatural planes of existence.)

Lydia and Sam currently are heading in the right direction of where Aisha is. There are Umbra Weaver Spiders everywhere, and Jake is actively trying to find non-weavers to help the Pack in this level of the Umbra.

Dante’s told (by the Storyteller) to roll Willpower. Jalal (in the Grand Klaive) is talking to Dante and telling him to head a specific direction, that he (Jalal) can help find Aisha.

Sam: Can I talk to your [Dante] sword [Jalal] real quick?
Dante: Hahaha no.

Perception & Alertness – Diff 7 for specialities (ie Eyes in the Back of Your Head, Uncanny Instincts, etc.) and Diff 8 if no specialties in Perception or Alertness.
Dante and Jake both botch. Thankfully Sam rolls and saves Dante (who is still chatting it up with the Klaive and not watching where he’s going) from heading into the dark foggy hellishness in front of them. Jake is flying above the rest of the Pack, and he’s lost momentary sight on them (from the botched roll).

There is darkness up ahead. THICK darkness. FOGGY thick… yeah, it’s not a happy darkness.
There’s a song emanating from the darkness (NO, Sammie boy, it’s not “Hungry Eyes”).
It’s likely a Wyrmy Bane Spirit.

Jake is up above everyone still, and realises all too soon, they are in the warehouse of hell and death. Yeah, the one that saw three hunters die, almost killed the Pack, and had Lydia and Dante in that underground chamber. Dante comes to his senses and realises that there is more than just the regular spirit stuff going on. This fog is actively being cast currently. Jalal says it’s safe to go in, so Dante follows the sword’s lead. He tells the Pack to head down into the darkness to the right.

ANNNNND Dean triple botches.
*I told Clay and Trey separately several times in the last few weeks out of game I was bad luck, and they both assured me it was fine. This happened, and I had to point that I really don’t like being right all the time. I also let it slip (my character isn’t in the game yet) that my character has THREE means of fixing something – the CTRL+ALT+DELETE that the Storyteller gives, a LUCKY gift, and a Merit that is LUCK. Why? I’ll just say I am not the “clumsypixie” because I only fall. It helps if there’s a bit of luck on my side in game.
So, Dean’s running scared in the black fog, and he’s SHUSHING everyone. That immediately creates a split amongst the Pack, as Sam goes running after Dean to ensure he’s okay and safe. Jake flies after the brothers. Lydia and Dante figure the guys are fine, and ignore them in search of Aisha. Even though, Dante believes that Jalal is only wanting to deal with shit about the Crowned (evil) Kings. Jalal keeps telling him (in Arabic) that there is a training tree that they need to go to, that he’s the key.

They decide they aren’t going to listen to the Klaive for a bit, and meet back up with Sam and Jake and Dean. Arguments ensue over the correct direction (Lydia’s is the right way to go), and before anyone can head in the right direction, HARPIES descend and pick up the Alpha and Beta. 

One swoops to attack Dante, and misses. One tries to get Jake and fails. One almost gets Dean, but he ducks at the last moment and is safe. Meanwhile, Jake is flying after the green-winged monster who is holding Sam the way the giant eagles did in LotR.

Lydia does a successful Dead By Daylight wiggle-off-the-hook maneuver, and falls to the hard cement flooring of the warehouse roughly 70 feet below. She takes some bashing damage, but no worries, she’s gonna heal in a few minutes completely.

*Intermission while the DinoBros go procure some libatiousness*

And we’re back, and Dante is running scared, holding the grand klaive like it’s some sort of used condom almost. He’s in HOMID form. He doesn’t go in Homid form unless… oh, this being is named Michael, and he has no idea who anyone is. Watching Lydia shift from Crinos to Homid almost makes him freak out even more, as this entity (possibly Dante with a split personality? Does Dante have a mental illness that is harbouring and holding a deeper secret to his unspoken past?). He’s even more freaked out that the sword is talking to him, and even moreso, he understands the grand klaive.

After a few tense moments, ‘Dante’ re-emerges, and shifts into his normally happy form: Socto. He’s questioning Lydia about what just happened and how long he was out. Yup. Sorry dude, you’ve just been hit by a fugue state, and you’re  gonna need to see a therapist to get this shit sorted.

Dean: The flappy winged cunt has me!
*By the way, I forgot to mention, DEAN is in his breed form – but larger now, so he’s a MASSIVE alligator – I believe he said 37ft long. Dante wants to help, and pulls off this EPIC Legolas move, racing up Dean’s long tail, and getting the Harpy. 
Still only counts as one kill though, Dante, even if it was a fucking amazing idea that you pulled off flawlessly.

There’s a lighter patch of fog to the left, and they are heading out of the fog finally. They see a giant tree, and when they look around themselves, see they are basically in the eye of a magic storm.
Dante inserts the grand klaive into the large knot on the tree, and a portal opens. He enters, and is followed by Lydia, Sam, Dean and finally Jake.

There’s a HUGE cube shape in the “room” they enter – which on every surface has weapons of varying sizes and abilities, from daggers to klaives and everything they could wish to train manual combat for and with. The cube is sealed tight, and Jalal informs Dante (who shares the info instantly with the rest of the Pack through their mental link) that this is the old training area for Razzi, Blitzer (Jalal), and Aisha. That cube, which has fire and storms, and electricity and all manner of fantastically horrific spells being cast inside, will not open until one being is incapacitated. On closer inspection, they can see it is a Wyrm/Wyld magic fight. Eva/Aisha are dueling it out.

Sam uses this cool ability to run up on the top of the, banging on it, and the battling females are both caught off guard and look up.

*Storyteller takes the opportunity to say “And then…” and Sam yells at her.

And then the box opens.
Sam’s off the top of the box, and racing in before anyone else.

Dante starts to sing “Welcome to the Umbra, it gets worse here everyday!”

Dean runs toward Eva. 
Sam’s shouting for a moment but becomes silent. But Eva’s making eye contact with him, and he’s fucking frozen on the spot, unable to move or scream or help.
Dante heads towards Eva.
Jake is shifting to Corvid form toward Eva.
Lydia is racing to Aisha – she’s not doing well.

GO FOR THE EYES BOO! ~ Dante giving a fantastic Baldur’s Gate moment of levity.

Jake decides to do this supercool falcon flight attack move and heads straight for Eva.
Eva laughs, and Dante nullifies the magic by clicking the watch and holding Eva by the throat.
Eva: Pretty kitty, this will not work.
Dante makes everyone laugh momentarily as he says “SHE CALLED ME A PRETTY KITTY!”
Aisha’s turn, but she’s unable to do anything.
Lydia heals her for three physical points of damage, but there is a lot of magic damage that isn’t going to heal from Mother’s Touch spell.

Dean decides he’s gonna rake his enormous giant alligator claws down her back.

Dante lets go. Eva disappears. Sam is now unfrozen.
Dante hears a message from Aisha in his head: FIND SOMEONE NAMED TY.

***AAAAH flippy butterflies are back!!!!!! I’m finally coming to play!!!***

3 successes finds Aisha’s phone. Sam tries to pull Aisha out of the Umbra and botches the roll, and gets to leave but drops her in the Umbra. He goes back with Dean, who is talking to me (ME!!!) and I’m acting (hahaha it wasn’t acting, I was too excited and kept stumbling over my words. I’m so glad I made my character awkward as fuck in social situations!!!) like I am on the verge of a meltdown. I convince Dean to tell the group to take Aisha’s body to BMR’s GM’s office and I’ll be right there. ((Can I point out it’s so weird to say “I” and “me” in these but it fits!!)

I called Sam “Samuel” (I don’t even know why I did it, but it was hilarious and I’m so glad Drew played it off so well!!)

I didn’t botch. OOH thank Gaia I didn’t botch saving her.

Aisha’s fully healed, and calls me out of the Umbra to see everyone.
**at this point, I explain what they are seeing in front of them with regards to how I look**

Jake’s not at BMR – yet.

I give special handmade gifts to everyone in the most inopportune time. Everyone’s full of angst and pain and fear and confusion, and I just randomly hand everyone something that is WAY too personal and they are suddenly all very suspicious of this pure white, scarred, massive bearlike creature who just saved someone she claims is her Ward.

We get 6XP for the game.

I’ll show you the gifts next Sunday.


I made this roughly a month and a half ago, but wasn’t able to show it off right away. A couple characters were tweaked a few weeks ago. The shadows show what everyone “is”. L-R T: Dante (Bastet), Sam (Mokolé), Dean (Mokolé) L-R B: Lydia (Garou), Jake (Corax), Aisha (Spirit Mage), and Taiga [Ty] (Gurahl). **And yes, that’s the skyline of Pittsburgh** chibis created in dolldivine.com

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