WoD 3: Meet the Characters!

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Last week, we covered learning the rolls and some basics to the gameplay.

Today, I’m going to take a brief “side step” (Umbral joke for all the WoD familiars), and give you a rundown of the character breeds that are currently in the game that Game Night with Geeks deals with.

There are others, but for this article, I’m gonna focus on just the basic core PACK.

First off, the pronunciation. If you say it wrong to this crew, they’ll be cool. If you say it to others who are a bit more intense, you could get chastised. Better safe than sorry, eh?

The breeds currently in WoD: (players only, sorry, Ratkin aren’t being listed this time)
Mokolé – Mu-kole-eh
Garou – Gar-oouh
Bastet – Bass-tet
Corax – Kore-ax

Onto the characters!

Sam & Dean [Winchester – Supernatural season 8 other than the fact they aren’t hunters, but are supernaturals themselves and hate hunters in the game] are the ‘DinoBros’ as I like to refer to them. Think of them as the beer drinkin, Impala drivin’ alligators. Dean desperately wants to be a T-rex when he grows up. *whispers: I don’t think that’s gonna happen* **giggles**

They are from an ancient line (as you’ll be able to see when they go chat with their uncle Gwan – super huge epic turtle that always reminds me of Morla in Neverending Story.)

They are Mokolé, and have three forms: Homid (human), Archid (draconic), and Suchid (reptilian). There is a legend of a fourth shift ability, but it hasn’t been able to manifest in centuries.

Homid – Mokolé in human form will similiar to the rest of the human population where they are originally from. They may sometimes have shared characteristics with their animal form, such as having slightly scaley skin or being “brutish” in appearance.
Archid – The war form is considered to be the “true shape” of any individual Mokolé. Through Mnesis they dream about the reptiles, birds, and dinosaurs of the past, which determines the characteristics of the Archid form.
Suchid – The Suchid form is typically that of a crocodile, alligator, gila monster, or similar large reptile. The Suchid form reflects on the varna of the Mokolé.

*note: the guys never actually call it by the name they are going to shift to, they just say “shifting to alligator or velociraptor”, etc.*

Lydia – The ARRRRROOOOOOOOOUHHHH (I’m not calling her a dog, I’m saying she’s a werewolf!!
Garou · (gah-roo)
Homid (Haw-mid) – Unless they are cursed, this is their ‘normal’ human form.
Crinos (Kry-nose) – Human and Wolf hybrid with stupid crazy strength. Don’t piss her off.
Glabro (Glah-bro) – Is kinda human looking, but is like a super hairy, taller, more canine human than actual human. Noticeable in a bank, but okay running through the forest faster than in human form.
Hispo (Hiss-poe) – Think Ghost from Game of Thrones. Super awesome dire wolf form.
Lupus (Loo-piss) – Looks like a typical wolf, but has super speed (and other enhancements). ((yes, this is where Professor Lupin gets his name. Lupus – the latin for wolf, not WoD.))

Dante – His preferred form is Sokto or Chatro or Feline (depending what he’s up to in the game).

Bastet · (bass-tet) – Werecat – these have 3 breeds (homid, Metis, and feline), 3 statges of Pryio (moon favour”, or if you want (infra-vision for old school DnD’rs) –  day, twilight, night, and multiple tribes like Simba and Qualmi)
Homid – regular human
Sokto – near-human
Crinos – human-cat hybrid, incites a dampened form of the Delirium
Chatro – primordial cat-form, incites full Delirium
Feline – regular cat

Jake [From State Farm] – He prefers Corvid form most of the time, and has some kickass gifts that are just too cool. Go watch and see. *Wanders off singing “I’m walkin’ on sunshine, woaooah oh”*

Corax · (kore-ax) – Wereravens – one of the only shifter breeds who get along well with Garou (werewolves). There are only 2 breeds – Homid and Corvid, and only three shifter forms:
Homid – Corax in their homid form have been described as “underfed punk rockers” with black hair, eyes and clothing. They tend to be small and thin, slightly pale and usually have sharp noses. Most Corax have ring fingers longer than their middle ones.
Crinos -the Crinos form is a very awkward half-avian creature. The Corax generally only use this form to fight off enemies long enough to escape, and then only in times when they are left without an alternative. Most of the breed’s combat-related Gifts function only in Crinos form.
Corvid – the Corvid form is essentially that of a common raven, though Corax are particularly large birds that are closer in size to eagles.

Other Specials:
Aisha – Spirit Mage
Well… that’s it for now. Spoilers!!

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