White Nights


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A cold-hearted heiress returns to South Korea to crush all the men that betrayed her father. The man who loves her tries to melt her chilled heart and a working-class woman attempts to undermine her and take her power. The struggle for greed and power has never been so frosty.



Netflix recently obtained the rights to air or stream rather the Korean Drama Night Lights. They changed the name to White Nights. This story is about the highly competitive and dark side of the business and enterprise world. White Nights drops all the normal romance and melodrama and goes straight for backstabbing and sabotage to feed the power hungry characters.


This drama lets the viewer know that not all stories have thrilling romances. Instead, it reminds the viewer about the high stakes world of business is almost a reflect of Wall Street. It shares how the journey for power does not allow for friends or goodwill deals to pass. Instead, characters are out to destroy their each other’s lives and business. There is a never-ending struggle to line each character’s greedy pockets.


White Nights focuses on tough-as-nails female CEO, Yi Kyung who seeks to become the richest woman in Korea. Along the way destroying the lives and careers of the men that betrayed her father. She uses people and buys them out to achieve her goals. As a twist, she was in a relationship with one of the men, who betrayed her father, son Park, Gun Woo. He attempts to “save” her and break her from her greed, however, he quickly learns just how cold-hearted Yi Kyung can be.


The tension in the show is never ending. Just when the viewer believes things will settle down suddenly someone backstabs or betrays them.


Fortunately, because this show moves away from the typical tropes of Kdramas, which I love, love, love, the two female leads are not battling over a man or hate each other for some strange reason. Instead, Lee Se Jin actually admires Yi Kyung and wants to become just like her. Their chemistry is on fire and if this weren’t a Kdrama I would be convinced that they actually have feelings for each other. Yet, we are left to speculate over the 10 out of 16 episodes Netflix is streaming. The female empowerment on this show is incredible and this is saying a lot for a Kdrama. Yi Kyung and Se Jin are not fragile and hopeless; they don’t need a man to save them from anything. In fact, Se Jin in the second episode saves herself from a kidnapping that ultimately wins her the position with Yi Kyung’s company.


If you are looking for a fairly large departure from traditional Kdrama or you want to find out what is the hype about Kdrama this might be the show for you. White Nights lacks in the typical comedy and romance that is quintessential Kdrama. It is all business, backstabbing, and money. A breath of fresh air for a genre that is full of comedic and melodramatic romance.

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