Where Art Thou?

Originally posted 2016-02-24 17:00:50.

For too long now I’ve been netdecking from Hearthpwn. Sometimes I have success with a deck taken from there, sometimes I have epic failures, never do I get to Legend. So this month I’ve decided to go it alone with my own Mage Reno deck.  See here:-


Feel free to netdeck if you like to play something slow & inconsistent 🙂

Currently I’m rank 14 which is pretty bad given we are nearly at the end of the month! But I refuse to give up. I am going to stick with this deck & keep iterating & improving. It’s already changed quite a bit from when it started out – it had an Effigy & a Molten Giant but I did not get particularly good value from either (the Molten Giant was usually unplayable because I was in such good health – excellent constitution me – and I usually mistimed my Effigy).  I also had Chromaggus but again struggled to get value from it – too often my opponent destroyed it right after I played it. So I waved goodbye to the dragon & brought in the good old Archmage instead.

Explanation of choices:-

Mana Wyrm – my preferred 1 drop over Zombie Chow. I have enough spells to make it work and while I did try the Zombie I too often found myself hanging onto it late game because, like a wayward doctor, I didn’t want to give the opponent any health.

Flamecannon, Frostbolt, Fireball, Forgotten Torch   – standard Mage spells & all begin with F for those of you who like the odd alphabetical synergy in your deck.

Unstable Portal – sometimes I’m lucky enough to coin this out & get a good minion for 0 mana. It’s this sort of skill that will help me reach Legend – I just know it.

Mad Scientist – standard two drop

Harrison, Snowchugger & Water Elemental – all been useful against weapon classes. Snowchugger once did a sterling job keeping a warrior frozen for much of the game. Bless the little chugga.

Polymorph & Big Game Hunter – basic removals.

Refreshment Vendor, Antique Healbot, Ice Block, Ice Barrier – all there to keep me alive until  I’ve Reno’d. Possibly too many. Sometimes I have two heals & a Reno in hand and 30 health – too much of a good thing. On those occasions I fireball my face for the fun of it (just kidding – I’m not that cool)

Blizzard & Flamestrike – basic board clears

Deathlord & Sludge Belcher  – basic taunts

Ethereal Conjurer-  I like to have a surprise spell mid game

Azure Drake – my only real card draw. Yes I live on the edge.

Antonidas, Boom & Ysera – my three biggies. I’ve played around quite a bit with these – was running Kelthuzad for a while but found I never got round to playing him.

Spellbreaker – because sometimes you need a silence & this is stickier than the owl

Elise – because sometimes you just want a hand & deck full of legendaries for some extra fun 🙂

Loatheb & Thaurissian – just two good minions that can frustrate the opponent

Reno – the blessed heart of the deck. After posting a few weeks ago about how much I hate him I have now decided I badly misjudged the old guy. He’s my new BFF and we’re in it together.

So this is the deck. It’s the first one I’ve ever posted on Hearthpwn. I’m that committed to the deck I’ve gone public. Wish us well 🙂


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