When Turning into a Ghoul Wins!

Originally posted 2010-07-20 11:47:12.

So my 10 man has had Kingslayer for a while now. I, unfortunately, was not able to raid the night they went and killed the Lich King because my mother was in town. Its cool, I knew we would go back and kill him but I was really itching to! It has been a little while since we have gone back and tried. We were mostly working on hard modes and achievements. Plus the raid leader wanted to wait till everyone who needed it was on and could participate.

Well, last night was the night! 2nd attempt and bam! One dead Lich King. Actually, the first attempt did not count. Because of the change-up in healers, the one Shammy that was supposed to be cleansing was not. And we wiped because of that. Once we got that figured out though, it was on!

The kill was clean and fast, except for my epic death in phase 3! Well, the DPS forgot to kill the spirits and I was running away from them, but apparently not fast enough! They got me and blew me up. Being the other druid in the group, I was not able to get a BR, however our DK tank showed me some love with a little ghoul rez! I figured why the heck not and decided to start DPSing the Lich King as a ghoul. It was quite enjoyable to run around and claw the Lich King, and I stayed alive (thanks to some epic heals by my Shammy friend) and made it as a ghoul all the way to 10%!

We all knew it was my epic 264 dps that really killed the Lich King. Great kill and fun night!

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