When Purples are Obsolete and Greens are Ruling my World…

Originally posted 2011-03-02 20:18:05.

Getting back into the swing of WoW was not as easy as I thought it would be. In fact, just relearning my class is making my head spin, and I have learned that my daughter can sense in her sleep when I log on and will wake up instantly! But, I am lucky enough to have a ton of wonderful sites available to help me get back on track. I just did not know this track was like the mile run in high school: I can do it, but man it took me a long time. So after spending two days just pouring over blogs about healing, (mostly focusing on Restokin and on Keeva’sĀ  Healing Guide ) I think I am finally getting back on track. But, I know I have a lot left to do.

I had been putting off replacing my epics with greens since I started the journey to 85 (currently halfway to 84 yay!). Honestly, it makes me feel a little sad every time I have to do it. Every quest reward that I knew would replace one of my epics, I would just hide deep within my bags and try not to think about. That was until the comparisons that pop up when you mouse over an item went blaring green to show me that the green I was hovering over was indeed better than my hard earned epic. Now I know this is common practice when WoW comes out with new levels. But I just hoped this time I could hold out and cherish my epics a little longer this time. Of course I was wrong. But I am not really in a rush to replace them just yet. As I have said before, I have not had a chance to run any dungeons. I would really hate for the baby to wake up during one and cause me to bounce out of there. But, a few guildies know what is going on and would not mind if I had to leave in the middle, so I just might start. My fear is that since my gear is outdated, would I even fair so well. Heck, since my healing is a bit rusty, I have this constant fear people will just die and I will be labeled a failure. Pathetic I know, but this is how I feel every time they change up druids…inexperienced.

So now I have a bag full of potential green upgrades that I just do not want to look at. At first I told myself that I was not 100% sure what stats were relevant anymore (lie) and that I would need to do a little research (partly true). I am not dumb, I know that strength and agility are magically the stats for me to take, but I truly was not sure of the priority on the gear. I know Intellect is the way to go, but what about this new Mastery, where does it fall in the grand scheme of my gear? How about Haste?! Did I still need a million points in it to be effective? I now know the answer to these questions, thanks to the blogs listed above, but I still do not want to log into the game and start the process. I can blame it on the baby hormones all I want (they are still floating in my system a little bit…I still cry at car commercials…yes I know, my husband laughs at me too) but I know they are not the only cause of my laziness. And neither is being tired, which is not happening here since the little sapling sleeps great at night (last night she slept for 10 hours straight!). I just have a hard time replacing purples with greens and it is just ingrained in my brain that this is a bad thing, even though I know it is not.

What I really should be doing is signing up for instances, getting blues, and practice my healing a bit. This will take a stretch of baby sleep time which I cannot be 100% certain about yet, but replacing with blues seems a whole lot better in my head. But tonight is the night when I will look through those greens and put the purples away (I could just DE them, but I like to hoard them till my bank is completely full…yet another character flaw!). If not tonight then tomorrow! Well I am busy tomorrow so then Friday! Hmm I might have something to do on Friday…bah it will happen I swear! šŸ™‚

I also need to get caught up on raids, instances, professions, and achievements ( I am an achievement whore!). I have a whole lot of work to do it seems.

Does anyone else have the trouble replacing their purples with greens? Or is anyone just getting back into the swing of the game and getting overwhelmed by all the new goodies?

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