When is the Last Time you Gamed?

Originally posted 2015-05-26 12:57:27.

When is the Last Time you Gamed?

For me it is the better part of a year, and that is despite the fact that I have purchased several new gaming books including ones for the TV show Supernatural and the book series Monster Hunter International. I was also thinking other games I’ve bought and still haven’t even touched. I bought the X-men dice game sometime ago and the Arkham Horror board game even further back and have seriously done nothing with them.  I really don’t know why I do things like that. I’m not sure if it’s a gamer A.D.D. or if I am just a ridiculous dip s***. I suppose that it is likely the latter because I see something shiny and new and I have to hurry up and buy it and then I never managed to spend the time learning the rules and actually getting a game set up. But no worries I’ve already given Elfueygo and Sarindre the Arkham Horror game so there is a slight chance that we may play that.

I also purchased some Lizardmen Warhammer Fantasy armies because, let’s face it, they have dinosaurs and if you don’t like dinosaurs you are probably some sort of mutant. Though I have yet to play this game with Elfueygo or Sarindre, and that’s really only because when we spend time hanging out we BS about games, fishing, our kids, and I think it just kind of goes by the wayside. Eventually we will get there it’s just a matter of delegating time and effort. It kind of sucks growing up and knowing that on the weekend, when you would want to game, you also have to mow the lawn, clean the chicken coop, feed and water the cats and dogs like normal, clean litter boxes, make payments on your bills, etc. And on top of that, if you are like me and you work in a large-scale company in front of two computer monitors all day, sometimes you just want to shut off. Obviously that affects more of PC gaming or playing with a gaming monitors in general, but I think after all that electrical feedback throughout the week eventually hits you,  you just don’t want to do anything any more and sadly we can’t just go outside to play like the kids we have to stay in and play like the adults.

Geek in my Own Way

Now I know that my lack of gaming may seem an odd fit for Geeks and Geeklets, but I can promise you I am a geek in my own way. I could tell you more about the history of Dragon Lance, having read all but about 30 of their books, then I could about world history . . . Unless of course we were talking about dinosaurs, fishing, or hunting. My base of knowledge for those particular subjects is pretty damn high. One of those things where you realize you have forgotten more about a specific topic and then most people will ever know. That is how I am a geek. There are other ways too.  It’s true I did even go so far as to LARP for several years until of course I realized I liked girls.


Speaking of fishing Efueygo and I recently went on a charter boat in Lake Erie for yellow perch. We have done this several times in the past and most of the time have done terrible. However this time aboard the O Danny O we absolutely crushed them. We had early limits of what we refer to as slab perch, because most were pushing 12 inches long with a few that max out at 13 inches long. That was 30 fish apiece and to be honest, the weather was beautiful, the fishing was awesome, and there was literally nothing else I could have thought of doing (that didn’t involve having my daughter around) that I would rather be involved in. Soon she’ll be old enough to go on these trips with me and I am very, very excited for that. She already fishes with me in local ponds and other Sportsman’s clubs that we belong to so she’s learning our way but she still has some training to go through. My little girl is not someone who seems to enjoy gaming much, at least not yet. She will play her Xbox now and again and she does love her iPod, but she much prefers just being outside and that actually does make me really happy. Its not that I don’t want her to game, far from it, but I want her to experience the world as a kid and not some world created by someone at a desk in California or Japan. Anyway that is a rant I will go on later. I  just wanted to drop by and make a comment or two while I was thinking about it. My daughters been in bed for two hours now and daddy needs to wake up early and go to work in the morning so good night!