What Happened To My Raid?

Originally posted 2010-08-18 12:01:06.

Is anyone else wondering this lately? I feel this is a question I ask myself every 25 man and 10 man raid night. What is happening to the raids? Let me just hit on a few things that I have noticed in my guild:

1. We are wiping on easy peasy bosses…Failed 25 HM Marrowgar you say? How many times you may ask…6…no that is not a typo. Yes we have downed him a million times in the past and never wiped. What happened? DPS did not down the Bone Spikes. Where they punished? Yes, the RL docked 50 dkp if a DPS never switched to the spikes.  What about 25 HM Rotface and Festergut? Yes we wiped on them both multiple times! Again some members were punished for their mistakes which included but not limited to: not running to tanks when you had a small ooze, pulling the boss before everyone was ready, and chaining vile gas to healers.

2. Poor attendance. I will say that because of some severe pregnancy exhaustion I have falling into this category with my 25 mans a few times, but the raid (who are mostly guys) understands and are not mad for fear I may rage! But I always post if I will not be attending. This is just a given. I understand that things come up, but we have a thread on our website that is for just that! Post that you will not be coming, no one will be mad. But disappearing for 3 weeks, well that just sucks.

3. Using healers, tanks and DPS that are usually “extras” and give sub par performance as consistent raid members (this is for our 25 mans mostly). Everyone has this, and I think you know what I am talking about. There are those members which will always show up and can be used on easy/farmable bosses, but they can never really keep up with the main raid. It is not that they need better gear (after much analysis of the player is done we can determine that) but something is just not clicking with them. For example – a disc priest that will not bubble, even when instructed to. Or a tank that will only AOE taunt (even on Saurfang) and dies so quickly that healers hate healing them (we have yet to figure out how this is possible). When these people are used on bosses like HM Sindi or even LK to some extent, this can cause a lot of problems and frustrations.

4. In 10 mans we are dealing with missing member issues and also “duh” moments. Let me just ask…..why are you still DPSing when slime is flying at your face? Or why did you not run when the orange ooze was on you? Finally why are you still casting when you have 4 stacks of the debuff for HM Sindi? It seems like we are not playing up to our potential and letting game common sense fly out the window.

Why the Issues?

There are many reasons for the above issues. The first, and probably most common for this time of year, is the summer bug. Going outside is something I promote, especially because a lot of the time fresh air > WoW. School is out so many of the college and younger generation are able to stay out with friends later and are busy socializing. I completely understand and promote this. Real life should come above a game all the time.

Another reason would be the pre-expansion blues. This happens with every expansion WoW has given us. We are bored with content, bored with raids, heck even bored with characters. Some people (like my husband) really want to change characters all the time due to boredom. Some people just are so sick of farming the same content over and over they need to escape and beg the expansion to come faster. Though common, this can really hurt a raid.

What about the people I mentioned above, the ones so bored and sick of their class? We have another Resto Druid that runs with us and she down right never wants to play her Druid again. She cannot even stand to log her anymore. With our shortness of healers, this puts us in a hard place. She wants to play a Hunter, but we are full on them. So she opted for her Priest. She is still healing, though is happier not healing the same way she has for 2 years. Luckily, she had another class she could play or else she would not be raiding anymore.

Indifference. Yes we killed HM Marrowgar a million times. Yes, everyone does know the fight. But that does not mean you just cannot try anymore and wipe the raid for the rest of us. There are some players that have their brain stuck on perma-farm. They just go about the motions, even if those motions are wrong. Some DPS just stand there and DPS. No moving no nothing. Some healers just spam one heal, even if it is not needed because they feel they are not needed and the other healers can handle it. I fear this is one of the major issues plaguing our guild at the moment and I am hoping we can get past it.  

Finally, another game (or in our case Starcraft). When a new game comes out, especially one everyone has waiting what feels like forever for, this can shake the balance of WoW. I know I love playing Starcraft and there are many times when I would rather play that then raid (its true!). I know there are many like me who feel it is a great break from the norm. But there are times when I have to quit killing Zerg and start healing a raid. SC is now the reason why my Loremaster achievement getting has halted and why my priest is not 80!

What Can We Do?

Attendance issues will always happen, especially in the summer time. So this is really nothing new or that can be avoided. However, making a “must post” policy might help us know who will be attending and who we can count on as regular raiders.

As you noticed with many of the issues I brought up, there are a lot of those “brain fart” moments happening that are wiping us on easy bosses. Well my raid leader has come up with a solution: DKP docking. This may sound harsh, but let me tell you, it has shown it works already. After the first week of really horrible failing, there was a post made by our raid leader that detailed what happened, who messed up, and what they suffered as consequence. The max loss of DKP was 100. This post was about people chaining vial gas for Festergut as well as not stacking when the spores came out (this night made me want to pull my hair out, especially when the spore that was standing right beside me ran away to some far off location.) Total loss of DKP for that night was 500. No one complained since we all knew what happened was horrible and needed fixed.

We run last week and we get to Festergut. Not one person messed up the spores or the vial gas. We were happy that finally something got through to the repeat offenders and they were able to make a change that helped the raid. This is not saying that night was perfect, no very far from it. But the next day a post came up of more dockings and reasons. The total loss of DKP for that night was 200. Less than half as much as the time before.

I am not saying that everyone needs to start punishing raiders for simple mistakes. Usually, just the simple fact of calling them out will help then see what they are doing wrong.

As Wraith is coming to a close, I know it is a daunting task to sit in ICC and see the same bosses we have for months, but I keep playing and healing knowing that everything will change soon and I might as well get my fix before healing for me is changed. Just remember that feeling you have when you step inside ICC for the billionth time, everyone is feeling. There is no need to argue and there is no need to get made, just sit back and enjoy the ride of Wraith before it is gone for good!

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