What do you think about Gameloft?

Originally posted 2017-01-19 17:00:24.

Are you one of those mobile players that is currently really excited with all those incredible console quality games which are coming out lately in almost every mobile platform?

If you think that is really cool, you will like what Gameloft is doing. But did you know there was a time in which mobile platforms had a lack of good games of this kind?











Why people like Gameloft products ?

Some years ago, when Apple was on the head of mobile devices and Android was just starting breaking into the mobile gaming arena, most players from around the world started thinking it would be so fun if it would be possible to play some classic console games on a mobile device, having knowing the fact that devices had powerful enough processors and ample memory for those games.

A lot of people started looking for games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty and some other similar hits. But they were not able to do so, even if these games and many more were ported to mobile devices some years later.

It was then, when Gameloft came in, with the idea of programming games with console quality for mobile devices. And yes, they did. All of their games were amazing, and an incredible option for all of the people who were looking for classics. If you wanted to play Uncharted, you could download Shadow Guardian, which was a perfect alternative. And the best thing was that these games were not only good looking and good playing, but you just needed to pay for them once.

What was the problem with this company? Well… Even if they had some real franchises like Spiderman, the most of their games turned to be in clones from other famous ones, which made them retire a lot of their games from mobile gaming stores.

There are still some games from Gameloft available on mobile gaming stores today, like Modern Combat (which seems to be a good clone of Call of Duty), NOVA (which is a clear copy of HALO) and some other ones. Are they on your phone? You should try to play them. We can not deny one thing: all of these games are completely console quality games, and they are still the only real alternative to the lack of good serious games for mobile devices.

They even had an option for those players who loved Diablo, called Dungeon Hunter, which is now on its 5th part, and counts with absolutely amazing graphics. Also, there is a good option for the lovers of Read Dead Redemption called Six Guns, which can also be played online. The only thing that could be uncomfortable for a lot of people, is which is very clear that those games, even if they are really good, are completely uninspired clones of big hits, which make us think in some lack of honesty from their part. We hope Gameloft can continue its career in mobile games without any inconveniences on the road (like a terrible sue, which is possible). And also hope they could be a little more creative. Looks like they are on the good way, and there is no doubt that their team is conformed by very talented people.

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