Welcome Aboard, WoWMeaghan!

Originally posted 2015-08-25 18:00:00.

Hello! Lok’tar!

WoWMeaghan here! I’m super excited to be able to write for Geeks and Geeklets.  I wanted to introduce myself a bit.

I’m in love with my BM hunter in World of Warcraft, Cuddlerific aka Cuddles!


Cuddlerific, aka Cuddles 🙂

I started playing World of Warcraft right after Cataclysm hit.  I still remember my first character – a gnome warlock.  I hated it SO much, I couldn’t figure out what I was doing.  Someone suggested to try a hunter and explained that I could capture rare pets.  After checking out pettopia (My go-too website for all things pet-related), I made my first hunter named Sarli!  I had to leave her behind as my account was hacked into, so I just created a new one with a new password, which gave birth to Baby Hunter (Name changed after I had my daughter) to Cuddlerific.  And that’s my WoW life in a nutshell!

 I current write for Gaming Mommies (www.gamingmommies.com), and I also am a community manager for their social media.  That’s actually how I stumbled across Geeks and Geeklets.  Along with being obsessed with social media and hunters, I’m also a lover of photography.  I just got accepted into Grand Valley State University’s photography program, so that starts this fall.  Lots of changes happening this year, and I’m extremely excited to be able to write about them.

I look forward to reading your comments and interacting with you fellow nerds! 🙂

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