Week in Review and Coming up Next!

Originally posted 2015-09-27 10:08:51.

This was quite a busy week with the Geeks crew! Check out below to see what we have been up to and what we have planned for next week!


We are looking for more to join our crew! Click here to check out what we are looking for! 

Welcome to our Team! 

This week we welcomed Dana from Dane Train and Erik from Dear God What Have We Wrought? as awesome writers for the page! Also a special welcome to Jonathan who has joined us as YouTube and Website editor!

Articles Published this Week:

Sunday – Week in Review and Coming Up Next Week

Monday – Loaded Potatoes with Chicken

Tuesday – When Are We Pushing Too Hard?

Wednesday – Novels for Nerds Presents: Ready Player One

Thursday – Salsa Stuffed Bacon Chicken

Friday – 52 Shades of Fitness: When the Pants get a Little Tight

Saturday – Rated G for Geeks Presents: Happy 40th Anniversary Rocky Horror Picture Show! 





Saturday  – World of Darkness Night! The crew played session 6 of World of Darkness campaign. As usual things went all crazy so be sure to watch the game on YouTube!



Coming Up Next!


Friday 10/2 9:00pm EST- Friday Night Rifts! Join us as we play in the fourth session of our Rifts game! Watch us at twitch.tv/ggeeklets






Saturday 10/03 9:00pm EST – Dungeons and Dragons! Join us as we play in the 9th session of WoD! Watch us at twitch.tv/ggeeklets



October is book photo challenge month brought to you by Books and Cupcakes!

Hope to see you all at our events this week! Make sure you say “Hi” when you stop by on Twitch! Also, make sure to follow us on Twitch at Geeks and Geeklets and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

See you in game!


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