Week 12 – The DayLites Head Toward Some Awesome Journey

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Screenshot 2015-12-25 15.03.44I’m excited. I’m going to try to contain my level of excitement for the moment, because you need the proper introduction and explanation. I, and several others, want to shout it from the rooftops.
Let me back up, and start properly. I’m jumping into the midst of things, and I’m bound to confuse or not give credence to the proper perspectives and explanations of things.

Hi, I’m Sera (birth name was Sarah, but prefer a different spelling, so I’m legally going to be changing that in the new year, but that’s a whole other story), I was hatched in Ontario, Canada, but I hail from Pluto … wait too far back… or maaaaaayyyybbbeeee not… let’s try that again.

new clumsyHi, I’m Sera Merrin, though most of you reading this know me these days as simply “Pixie”. I will respond to Clumsypixie, Sera, Pix, Pixie, and in one spectacular person’s world, I now and forever seem to be dubbed “Whopix”, reminiscent of my Whovianpixie moniker I dropped some time ago on the Minecraft Server, in order for all the areas of my online life to be cohesive with my clumsiness.

Suffice to say, I am pretty flexible with the name part, and I wear many hats, so sometimes ‘happypixie’ or ‘feralpixie’ or ‘exhaustedpixie’ because the elderbeast insists ((on days off like the one I’m writing the draft of this on)) to wake me 45 minutes before my alarm would otherwise go off, had this been a M/T/T/F/S (if you’ve been playing the home version of this current #100days with me, you know Sundays and Wednesdays I don’t gym), I’d be gracefully allowed to get an extra bit of sleep before the regular routine. Screenshot 2015-12-25 15.29.53

You’d think after the first 82 days, I would have gotten savvy to the plan, but apparently, I have been Pavlovian-style taught by the Maine Coon of Perpetual Loudness Cries for Water and Pettings at 4:45am… but I am now worried you think that I’m sounding annoyed or frustrated at her.

I’m not. In fact, I sound like I’m whineypixie, but in truthfulnessity, I wouldn’t want Nia any other way. She’s beautiful and super diva of fur and purrs, but I love her just the way she is. But you didn’t come here to read all about my cats, so I am going to press on.

Screenshot 2015-11-10 21.38.43I write. A lot. More than most people see, and I’ve been published (not just online in Amazon reviews or Facebook comments).

I haven’t seen any royalty cheques in many years, but I’m hopeful that 2016 changes that.

When I first started my #100days (V1.0) on June 1, 2015, I wasn’t thinking as to where this beautiful life altering self-creation could possibly take me. I had humble beginning goals, and considered not even telling anyone what I was doing for awhile before I ultimately decided to share my changes: not for bragging rights, but for accountability and possibly (selfishly) a bit of encouragement.

Did I know, back on June 1, that this would flourish into something that has inspired so many to even contemplate changing their world, let alone join me on my second iteration of it, and walk and eat, and sweat, and write, and craft, and play, and smile more?Screenshot 2015-12-25 15.13.09 Not in my wildest dreams would I have been able to tell you this was what was even possible, let alone the potential reality.

I think it’s necessary that you understand that, for a few reasons. First, as this is something that has a great level of personal attachment to me (obvs, right?!), I want to see it blossom and succeed.

I want this to be something that not just I, but many, if not everyone is able to benefit from.

Now, let me just stop you there for a second. If you’re seeing this *waves hands at all my #100days* for the first time, I don’t want you to assume I’m some snake-oil peddler. I have never once claimed I am a doctor, or that I even know what in the fur I’m doing. Screenshot 2015-12-25 15.20.48

I’m stumbling sideways through this thing, as I do with everything else in my life.

I am the clumsiest of pixies, and just because I set goals for myself, doesn’t mean I have a clue what the path is going to look like en route, let alone the ultimate destination.

Ever the good little hobbit (sans the hairy feet!); I just try to be the best me possible and enjoy the adventure as it comes along.

The attachment for my changes, my transitions, my… journey might be personal, but I want to share it with everyone at the same time.

I want this to be something that is bold and delightfully sustainable. Screenshot 2015-12-25 15.23.21

Now that I’ve had a glimpse of what *this* can bring others, I greedily want to do more to keep it that way.

You read that word wrong.

I happily want to push everyone into the daylight (sorry vampires, put your sunscreen on!), and cheer them on and hug them and shake my virtual pom poms at them.

I feed off that positivity.

I’m pretty sure it is the lifejuice of a pixie, as I am surrounding myself more and more with how life is changing to fit the mental desired view of what I had always hoped would exist.

deep as a puddle, eh?

deep as a puddle, eh?

I want to be around positive people, and I’m beginning to see that I, be that I am so bold as to say this, am that tiny ball of energy that bounces around the world and positively infects (stop seeing these words as negative connotations! They are more than just one set paradigm of existence, I swear!) and energises the world with goodness.

Alright, that sounded a bit too deep and a bit existentialistic, but it’s true.

I like being that light.

I like being that positive force that people become (preemptively warning you on this one – I mean it in the best way possible!) addicted to, and want to have it spread and grow and overtake everyone.

Yup, my goal is world domination, and my platform is happiness and positivity and goodness and kindness and joy and contentment and being the best you that you can be in each moment that you’re being the best you you could want and need and hope to be.

axolotl - aka Mexican Walking Salamander

axolotl – aka Mexican Walking Salamander

I think we should have a puppy, kitten, bearded dragon, salamander (who doesn’t love salamanders? I mean, seriously? These creatures are so adorable!! Right, moving on…) as the delivery system.

I wish I have this for everyone, because there honestly is enough darkness in the world, and I want there to be more light.

More honesty and kindness. Being not just decent to others because of some set of rules, but the actual deep internal desire to just BE GOOD.

Screenshot 2015-12-25 15.31.45But that starts within each person, and if there is one thing I’m… I can’t say realising, because I think I’ve always known I have this superpower, so I’m going to choose “accepting” or “acknowledging” that I can make other people see the goodness in themselves, and in turn want to be around me for that reason. There is a bit of unintentional gloatypixie in that, but I’m quite alright tooting the horn of self goodnessities (if it were an actual vehicle’s horn, of course it would be a Volkswagen Beetle!!), if it means that I’m being honest with you.

So what about the next #100days? Are they even going to happen? What’s going on? Who is going… calm down! Let’s take a couple deep breaths, and then I’ll let you know as much as I know right now. I will say, I’ve backed up to here, having tried to explain the following several times, and what you are about to read is at least version fifteen… if not more. Honesty, integrity, and accountability are incredibly important to me, and I want to make sure that I do this explanation proper justice, while still giving NO room for gossip, bad words, harshness, or even hurt feelings to spread. I promise there will be plenty of time to learn about the awesomeness that is coming.


As you can see from the website name, this is someawesome.com. It is important that people understand this isn’t something that was created as a polarising or even vindictive response to many changes that needed to take place.

This is simply SOME AWESOME stuff. Screenshot 2015-12-25 16.07.33

The premise is easy: our target is to the stay-at-home parents (be they with bipedal or multi-legged/feathered/ scaled/webbed/spiny/etc. children) who are gamers.

These people {hands you a mirror and says “you are the ‘these people’ I’m talking about and to right now”} are so much more than just gamers though. They (you) are parents, and superheroes and geeks and fans and diligently hardworking, productive, and [hopefully] positive people.

Your daily lives are hectic, but we want to give you a place to be connected: a community of resources and reliable friendship, sources of entertainment, and goodness. We want a safe place for your kids to play in, and we want you to be healthy as well. That’s one of the areas that I’m delighted to say I have been able to add my little superpower’s ability toward, and moving forward, I’m excited to see how many steps we can do, the meals we prepare, and the adventures we get up to in our lives!


So my sweet DayLites, who have been walking and sweating with me during this second round of my #100days, you are being offered the premier positions of Some Awesome Journey that will be starting January 1, 2016.

Don’t worry; for those who are playing the home version, we’re going to still be taking the month of January “off” so to speak, in order to prepare and properly inform everyone of what is going to happen.DayLites on Some Awesome Journey!

I’m still workin’ on what nickname I’m going to call you, as you’re not going to be merely DayLites anymore, as we are Some Awesome Journeyers as well now.

Maybe I’ll just call you my SA-Jo’s. ((Please don’t hold me to this name though, as a cloud could pass in the sky and some epiphany might strike me for the perfect moniker – but we do still have a bit of time.))

Screenshot 2015-12-16 18.05.54Some Awesome Journey is going to be a ‘back to basics’, let’s set a plan, stick to the plan… you know; that “plan the dive, dive the plan” kind of mentality I spoke of last week. Healthy choices and positive encouragement. Genuine desire to grow and change and be simply better than yesterday. Accountability Buddies. Checkins and Checkpoints and Checkups.

Screenshot 2015-12-25 15.10.06But above all else… everything that you share, must be honest. I don’t want anyone thinking that it serves a purpose to alter the facts. You yourself know if you’ve eaten things that contribute to weight gain or rotten sleep.

Be willing to be honest with yourself and acknowledge what it is that you’re doing, so that you’re not blaming or shifting focus onto others (i.e.: “I can’t eat properly, because my kid doesn’t want anything but chicken nuggets and fries!” — to which I will kindly point out that you, the parent, have choices – you, the parent, don’t have to eat the same thing your child does, because… you’re the parent.)

Screenshot 2015-12-24 13.29.30I want people to see what it is that they are saying to themselves, and see how that not only sets their daily patterns, but those around them as well. I want to challenge people to be their own little ball of sunshine in a dreary miserable stormy world. I want them to break through the clouds of doubt and self loathing, and see that they are better in the positivity, the goodness, the decent, just, and honest viewpoints.

Simply put, I want to help you become the best human you can possibly be (because not everyone is Plutonian, and as such, I have to try my best to give you all the tools I can to be as Plutonian as I can get you… as Earthlings, I realise that it can be difficult, but I am patient and I am sure if you follow the steps I suggest, and are honest with your progress and/or stumbles, you will not only persevere, you’re going to be… Some Awesome new version of yourself that will be able to inspire everyone else around you.)

So what does this mean for the current DayLites? Well, as I mentioned, it means that you will be given the penultimate advanced offer to join Some Awesome Journey with me and the rest of the SMAWS.ME team. Our community focus hasn’t changed all that much, as we’re only being more inclusive with the actual branding words.

Screenshot 2015-12-25 15.00.35The dynamic is still the same though: gamers who game, working from home (predominately females, though a large contingent are males as well who work from various “home” positions), and their children as well. It is a safe place. For everyone. I will be bringing new challenges and goals and objectives to share with everyone, and checkpoints will be between you and Some Awesome Accountability Buddy!

More on that next week (and in the coming weeks) as well.

So, how did I do in my own stats? Well, the plateau is officially smashed and left in the dust. I’m down 3.5lbs, and though I didn’t get to wear my cute butterfly dress to the office party due to a blisteringly horrible migraine I’m still dealing with 3 days later. Pixie-3Not sure exactly what is going on, as I’m getting enough liquid into me and I’m super active… I used to get them all the time (I’ve been going for CT Scans since I was eight years old because of them) for weeks on end. I shouldn’t complain though; it’s day 3 and I can manage well enough to function.

I just lose my train of thought a lot quicker… yes, I realise it seems like that train doesn’t ever really run on a particular track most days, but I assure you, it’s harder having it NOT know what it’s doing or if it’s even a train or a water bottle or a harmonica some days!

Please take care of yourself and then those around you. Smile more, and thank yourself for the things you DO accomplish. Until next week my sweet readers, always try to be Some Awesome person in someone’s day – including your own.SOME AWESOME logo

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