Warhammer and Those That Bring About A Mild Amount of Chaos.

Originally posted 2015-05-28 12:52:29.

Within the last few months I started playing Warhammer Fantasy.  If your not familiar with this game I suggest becoming familiar with it as it invokes the inner nerd like no other.  Not only does it involve miniatures and painting, it also involves some of the biggest geeks I have ever met, and I use to play MTG (Magic the Gathering) draft tournaments.  It also includes an in depth war game that is highly involved with layer after layer of strategy and counter-strategy.  From deciding which units to use as a flank trap and trying to predict your enemies next move, to seeing just how far to move your unit to set that ever loving reposition trap that will wind up dropping a couple blocks of units, strategy is everywhere.  This game is by far one of the best table top games I have played and truly enjoy it (even though the only person I have beat is my wife…that doesn’t sound right).

I am no Picasso by any means of the word, in fact I thought for sure I would just spam spray primer out a spray can and primer all my mini’s and be happy.  However, I find myself taking my time, well as much as I can spare seeing as that I have two minions which act like a White Lion block with Banner of the World Dragon.  I like the calming properties that come with painting the mini’s. I find it very relaxing and yet stimulating all the same.   I play Warriors of Sauceface, A.K.A. Warriors of Chaos, all Nurgle except for the sorcerer on a disc of Tzeentch, and of course the Skullcrshers of Khorne.  I run two blocks of 18 Chaos Warriors I like to call them blenders, three units of 5 warhounds,  a block of 6 Knights and last but not least my beautiful Daemon Prince.  I love that model.  I am going with a green theme with lots of rust color and a dirty brown style cloak.  I think it is coming along quite nicely but it takes forever…. but that is OK as great things come with time.  An even bigger bonus to the painting of the mini’s is that my daughter can get involved and help me paint.  A very easy way to get her into nerdom.


As you can tell from the awesome face wrecker above, she is getting the hang of it pretty well for a four year old.  Now for some painted, not necessarily better, but with a slightly more steady hand.




I only have 7 warriors done so far, with a whole slew more to go, but I am thinking about doing some custom work next, I am just unsure what I would like to do.  Maybe a big diorama that portrays my awesomeness in some shape or form.  Whatever it is I am sure it will be fun for myself and the whole family will be able to enjoy it.  With a new edition or game coming out from Games Workshop I am kind of taking it easy right now. Hopefully we can get some information soon.  Speaking of that, it is my only real complaint about the game is that Games Workshop doesn’t have any form of advertising for their product, and they give no hints as to what is coming next.  What’s up with that Games Workshop?

Have fun slaying all them puny races and roll some dice in this classic war game that has so much more depth than the boxes give it credit for.  If your interested in learning more there are several Podcast out there that have great information.  I personally enjoy Garage Hammer (PG sometimes PG-13)  and Point Hammered (R…big time).  These peeps will talk your ear off with all kinds of great information. Pick up a box and start building today!

Keep Calm and Game On