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Originally posted 2015-05-21 15:19:35.

A few months ago, maybe about eight, my husband got into Warhammer. Some guys at his work wanted to play and he finally broke down and did. After the first time he went to play, he loved it and he would not stop talking about it. He created a Chaos army and started to buy pieces for it. Eventually he wore me down and for Christmas he ended up getting me some Warhammer figures. I started with the Wood Elves since I love elves and reading their abilities and looking at their figures they were my favorite. I ended up building an army which includes:

  • Spellweaver x 1 – 295
    • Channeling Staff
    • Crown of Command
    • Elven Steed
  • Spellsinger x 1 – 155
    • Dispell Scroll
    • Elven Steed
  • Glade Guard x 36 (three groups of 12) – 210 per group
    • Lord’s Bowman (one in each group)
  • Dryads x 18 – 208
    • Branch Nymph
  • Sisters of the Thorn x 10 – 290
    • Handmaiden of the Thorn
    • Steed of Isha
  • Treeman x 1 – 245
  • Waywatchers x 16 (two groups of 8) – 170 per group
    • Waywatcher Sentinel (one in each group)
  • Wardancers x 15 (three groups of 5) – 85 per group
    • Bladesinger (one in each group)

Total points – 2418

I got a good bit of the ones I needed but I still need more! Plus, I have over half of them built but have not painted any of them yet. There are some great pieces in this army and I am learning how to have them work together to be effective. I end up putting Spellweaver and Spellsinger with the Sisters of the Thorn and I try to have them get behind the army I am facing to attack with their spears from behind. Since the Waywatchers can be placed anywhere because of the scout ability, I try to have them place last and flank the army I am facing.  They end of doing a ridiculous amount of damage if I can keep them away from melee.

I have played against only two different armies so far: Chaos and Trolls. I ended up beating the Trolls but they did give me some trouble. Having played the Chaos army about 15 times I can say I have only beat them probably about two times…yes just two. The Chaos army is a beast! I know that as elves I need to keep a distance, keep shooting, and really roll well, but sometimes lady luck is not on my side. If the Chaos army gets in melee range with me, it is over. Plus he runs with the Demon Price which is the MOST annoying character of all time. I mean I hate it to my core. I think it comes with a secret cheat code to win the game automatically, but that is just my opinion. We have not played in a bit since we have been WoWing it up, but we will need to again here soon. Here are two pictures of what I have put together so far.





Happy Gaming!


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