Usual Mistakes for Fitness Apprentices

Originally posted 2017-01-26 12:00:54.

Once we decide for any personal reason to start doing regular exercise as a part of our lives, we should do a deep research about the nutrition, diet, types of exercise according to our weight and resistance, and have a thorough discussion with our family doctor.

As any apprentice, it is absolutely normal for you to make some mistakes, especially if you have never had to workout before. Surprisingly, some people never do any further type of workout after they leave a school setting, where it was compulsory.

We have compiled a short list of common mistakes according to some trainers and experienced people. Please listen some fitness advice to create a proper workout routine that fits your life, health requirements, and day-to-day life.

Fitness Tips and Tricks


  1. – Drink enough water

Drinking water is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of taking care of your health; still many people ignore it. Drinking enough water it may seems a little difficult at first, but if you carry a water bottle regularly, it will get easier to keep yourself properly hydrated. You will feel better! The main point is not to substitute the refreshing and healthy water for sugar “energy” drink that is not going to be helpful at all. Fact: Unless you are ill (ie the flu) or running a marathon, training for a competitive sport, most energy drinks are not going to quench your thirst as well as just plain old water. You’re paying the drink manufacturers a tidy profit for your workout. Save your money, drink the water, and reward yourself with a whole new wardrobe when you’ve reached your healthy goal!


  1. – Stretching

You may hurt yourself if you don’t stretch properly, or enough time for your body to warm up and cool down. Stretching increases the blood flow and the oxygen that your muscles need to prevent injuries. Take at least five minutes to stretch and five minutes right before your routine ends. 


  1. – Change or Rotate your Training

Your body gets accustomed to physical stress rapidly; faster than you may think. It’s normal to watch somebody always repeating the same routine and get frustrated soon because cannot see the results. Ask your personal trainer about the time to rotate your activities, so you are reaching your capacity and then targeting a new area. A good example is one you may have heard before “The Trainer’s Cycle” – which is one a lot of fitness centers and workout gyms have trainer’s work with clients through. If you go to the gym every other day, four days a week, one day will be working on abdominal muscles and legs. The next day you’re in, you’ll be working on arms and back. Next day after that, you’re working the whole cycle of items, in shorter succession for each one. The last day you’re in, you’re working on one of three areas that they will determine with you after a thorough consultation: toning, strength training, or permanent solutions to maintain weight loss.

If you’re doing a routine at home, it might be a good idea to visit a gym and see if they have free consults to give you some ideas you can try!


  1. – Too much all about the Abs!

Abdominals are a great and sexy part of our body, but we cannot obsess with it! Too many people only want to target one specific area (like the abs) and think that’s all they need to do. Nope; it has to be a full body effort. You may carry a large portion of your weight around your midsection, but there is also going to be other areas of your body that need help as well.

Your abs are formed by four wrapped groups of muscles that must be worked slowly to define the toned look that some want to achieve. If your diet doesn’t help you, that is, if you are eating far more than your daily recommended caloric intake, and not focusing on all the areas of your body as well to lose weight, you are going to have a difficult struggle producing visible abs. You must train it as any muscle; working them 2 times at week will be enough. If you really want that chocolate, moderation is the key and remember to work on creating a balance with your exercises.   


    5.– Too much too fast

Your body has its process for working out as well. Like any other process, it takes time. Try not to rush yourself, or expect immediate results, because you may be injured and you’ll be out of the gym soon. Most people don’t return to a gym after they haven’t met their ultimate goal, so keep in mind, slow and steady will prevail. You didn’t get into the shape you are in one day. Be kind to yourself.  Take your time, have a healthy food and you’ll see very good result quite soon.   


  1. – Comfort Zone

If you want to see some results you have to leave your comfort zone, and create a new healthy lifestyle completely. As we said, the body gets accustomed quite quickly to changes, so if you don’t move on, your body won’t do it either.

The main point is to progress and evolve, so take into consideration new routines when you feel yourself strong enough to achieve it. Be brave! Challenge yourself to a whole new you!

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