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Originally posted 2017-01-25 12:00:25.

New Year has just arrived, but Christmas was crazy, and trying to find an “original” gift for the kids was a whole challenge unto itself, wasn’t it?

So, now that we’ve been looking all over the internet and we’ve found a bunch of cool gifts that could have worked so well for under the tree! At least there are birthdays and other special rainy Tuesdays for us to give the kids something fun to do when they’ve outgrown their Christmas toys!

Toys for kids are an important thing; nowadays, there seems to be an even larger divide between “play” and “fight” toys. A lot of toys have negative influences on children if they are introduced too young or without proper supervision and training to not harm others while playing make believe games of cops and robbers. Do they still play that?

Kids becoming desensitized to violence is an old debate, and one that we can easily discuss until the children are working toward their own great grand children’s college tuition funds. Allowing children the chance to become too familiarized too soon with war and confrontation and conflict can have lifelong effects. The point is, we must have consideration when choosing toys for children, in emotional, physical, mental developmental stages as well as their age.

A two year old boy is not the same mentally a ten year old boy (not withstanding special circumstances), so we must try to fill their demands and trying to take care of their influences, so they are able to grow and mature at their proper (as can be) stages of development.

The point remains, at the end of the day we want to have toys for our children so they can be entertained, but also to learn, discover, and socially develop many cool attributes of communication and problem solving that can open their imagination and creativity.

So here are a few recommendations of fun, accessible, and physically energy-draining toys for kids between six and ten years old so you can keep an eye on them and still have a bit of a breather too hopefully. Hope you like it!

1.- Nerf N-Strike Elite Terrascout Remote Control Drone Blaster

This big tractor like control remote vehicle, will be a lot of fun for your little remote controlling child. It comes with soft darts that shoot quite a distance; these are not harmful.

2.- Kiwi Crate

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math. This cool toy is perfect for innovators and each month there is a different theme. Each package includes all the materials and inspiration for kids to make, construct and create a particular project based on the theme.  Robots & rockets for your creative little mind, what do you think? It’s like LootCrate for science buffs!


3.-  Crayola Air Dry Clay

For the kid who likes to create and mold.  This clay air dries after a few days (no baking required!) and their creation can be painted and decorated any way they like, so if you have a kid with artistic abilities this may be perfect for them.  It softens when wet, so they can sculpt easily, and can be painted with tempera, acrylic or watercolors when dry. Budding artists, get your start here!

4.- IDO-3D Vertical Five Pen 3D Art Set

Your little artist at home can now make a super cool 3D creation following the 3D guidebook to learn how to make the coolest art pieces ever. This is a good option kids who like to build fun structures out of all the napkins and cutlery on the dinner table!

and finally:

5.- Learning Resources Pretend & Play School Set

If you have your little teacher genius at home, don’t let this one pass by.  Add this cute Teacher Record Book to the set, has plenty of information about History, Art, Science, Math, Language and many more!

Future educators, start your class early!

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