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Developed by 5 Ants and published by Rovio, the creators of the highly popular mobile game Angry Birds, Tiny Thief is a point and click or rather tap and click adventure game. The setting is in an imaginative medieval age, where the rich still from the poor. However, they steal strange things like candy or a chicken. This game is available on Android, iOS, Windows, OS X and the Wii U.



The basic story is the player controls a childlike Robin Hood-like thief who steals from the rich to help the poor. However, it is a magnitude of different items he steals back. Such as a large fish, candy, cake and jewels. Often times the player will find the Tiny Thief in silly situations such as stealing a huge diamond out of the local lord’s home. However, you have to jump into bed with his wife and pretend to be the lord sleeping in order to startle her into jumping on the bed and propelling the thief into the air to grab the diamond. The stealing doesn’t stop at the rich but includes pirates and corrupted bakers. However, the fun doesn’t stop there the player will face robots and dragons. This game doesn’t appear to want to skip any of the fun. Often times I was expecting to find a Robin Hood or Princess Bride reference thrown in. It is a happy marriage of never taking itself too seriously yet challenging the player to solve problems while playing.



The game is episodic levels. Each episode contains 5 levels in which the player must solve different puzzles to advance to the next level. Players are challenged to sneak to steal prizes as well as secondary prizes, that typically should be unlocked before collecting the target prize to complete the level. The player is also presented with finding the Tiny Thief’s pet ferret. In order to advance in the game the player has to tap the screen to direct the Tiny Thief on where to go. There are tons of places of the thief to hide and patterns to the guards and pirates. Finally, there is a limited number of hints if the player gets stuck. Thank goodness for that! Although, the game is easy enough that a child can make it past the stage without all the stars. Sometimes, it can be tricky to collect all the other items if you aren’t paying attention. The game is completely non-verbal but presents situations in a comical way. Much in the same way other Rovio games exclude words and substitute for grunts and yells. I don’t mind so much that there is no dialog. It would take away from the heart of the game which is just silly fun. Adding dialog would remove the slapstick comedy inherent in the game. The game is never too difficult that I want to put it down.

Sound and graphics-


The musical score is clean and fun. Although, this game is targetted at a younger audience I didn’t find the music too annoying or repetitive. The graphics are childish reflective of Rovio’s Angry Birds style. I don’t feel the childish graphics are distracting. If nothing else they work to cement the story and make it a fun game to play. Colorful and cute it comes off as a cartoon instead of a game. It is streamlined and the gameplay is smooth and clean. Much like all other long-term mobile games, this one adds new episodes based on holidays during the year. Finally, the game is responsive and easy to play with minimal instruction even though the first episode is full of help.

What I thought-


I found this game to be a lot of fun. It is perfect for learning problem solving and critical thinking skills for children. It is a clean game and as such as a mom I don’t have to worry about my child coming across anything I’m not ready for him to see. The game is actually a lot of fun and a great way to pass the time if you are in a waiting room. It is one of the few games my child plays and hands off to me I’m not opposed to playing. I love the childish graphics and I the short cutscenes, if you get caught, are really cute and funny. Overall the events in the game are comical and challenging. I love that the game unfolds like episodes. Sadly, I’m not a fan of the microtransactions. However, they are only there if you run out of hints which are not a bad thing. Might be a suggestion to give the game a break. I think this is one of the better mobile games I’ve played and it isn’t graphic intense.  Give it a try and let me know what you think of it!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-hV0RaqcGI]

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