This Weekend in Gaming: Tabletop Here I Come!

Originally posted 2015-06-16 15:35:16.

I love role playing games. Let me elaborate on that, I love tabletop roleplaying games. I have been playing them for about 14 years and I really never want to stop, except sadly I have. It is no one’s fault really, just very hard to get a group together when you have two kids and can only play for a while at a time. And since the tragic loss of our friend, we just lost the urge for a while. He was the person that got me into tabletop and it was very hard to think about it without him. I even have all his old character sheets. I also sold all my Mage books from the World of Darkness Series. I regret that to this day! I even went back to see if I could at least get my core book back, but no luck. Right now all I have is the 20th edition Mage book in PDF, which is awesome, but I really should have done the kickstarter to get the book itself! I could kick myself!

Yay Tabletop!

But it was time to put an end to that, we wanted to game again and went out to buy the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. I am stoked! I am not running the game, Elfueygo is which is just fine by me (not really sure my DM skills for D&D are up to par!) I got to make a character on Saturday and it was so exciting. Of course I am playing a Cleric Wood Elf (healers are my go to in every game), but boy did I roll crappy this time for stats! I think my dice are probably mad at me for not using them in a while. I normally roll mostly 16+, this time I only got one high number and it was only 15! Shock and awe for sure. These dice better shape up for when we actually play the game!

Right now it is just two players and a DM but we hope to add more, whether by Roll20 or some other method.

Yay more Tabletop?!

We have so many services out there to use (like roll20) and so many people out there who want to game, I got it in my head that I would run a Mage game! I will probably on Roll20 or Skype if I can get some players easily. I love the system and I have some great ideas rolling through my head of games to play. If you are interested in play a Mage game, even if you have not played before, drop me a line on twitter!


I have fallen in love with Heroes of the Storm. I have never been able to get into MOBAs since, well I am not very good at them and spend most the game dying while being harped on by other players. But this is different. I enjoy the characters abilities, and I really like that this game makes you play as a team and level together. I actually feel like I am contributing. Plus, I enjoy working on the map goals!

I didn’t get to play much this weekend since we spent a lot of time making characters for D&D but next weekend, it is on!

What did you play this weekend?


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