This Weekend in Gaming: Heroes, STEAM SALE, and Long Live the Queen!

Originally posted 2015-06-22 22:00:09.

This weekend was busy, raining, and all around gross with humidity. It is funny how the weather can completely change the mood of a household! We spent most of the time just hanging around the house doing chores. But when the kids went to bed, I played some fun games! We didn’t get a chance to play Dungeons and Dragons since we all couldn’t get together, but this Saturday, it is game on!

Heroes, Heroes, Everywhere

On Saturday night, I played some Heroes and learned that I am not getting much better. Maybe it is because I do not get to play very often, but man do I need practice. I do not play Quick Matches since I just get stomped, but I can fair pretty well in Versus A.I. I finally got my first hero (LiLi!) and she is a treat to play. I enjoy the healing aspect of her but of course have to work on not getting focused down quickly. It is pretty fun to run around and just throw jars of healing love! Panda Heals FTW!

I need to think about which heroes I would like to get next. When I used to play the Warhammer Online game I really enjoyed melee and in your face damage. I also enjoy playing a Ret Pally in WoW so maybe finding a hero that can be in the players face and not die in two hits will be my next choice. I am mostly playing with the free rotation heroes and have yet to find one that I am really devoted to other than LiLi. I will just have to keep looking! Any suggestions of a hero like a Ret Pally or a Marauder on Warhammer?




Almost everyone knows that there was a Steam sale over the last week or so. I can tell you that I bought a TON of games, probably more than I will ever play to be honest. But I picked up some great games like Fallout 3, Portal, and all the Five Nights at Freddy’s. I also bought a ton more that we are going to give away on our Twitter!!

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Long Live the Queen

One game that I wanted to buy, because of a great podcast called The Patch  , was called Long Live the Queen. Luckily, I was able to pick it up on the Steam sale and got to play it Sunday night! Fair warning, this game is NOT easy, but it is fun. I enjoy trying to build my character in order to make the game a fun experience and, of course, to beat it in the best way possible! I have played through twice and died both times! I will have to keep trying in order to beat the game and make it to being Queen!


What did you play this weekend?



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