The Tragically Hip: A National Celebration!

Originally posted 2016-08-20 18:30:16.

In honour of The Tragically Hip’s final concert in Kingston, Ontario tonight, Elyntia and I have been informing some of our American friends details about ‘The Hip’, and some funny tidbits about Canada. ((read about them here:

In just over two hours, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) will be doing a SINGLE event live stream around the globe.

Come check it out: The Tragically Hip a National Celebration

In the meantime, let’s see: what else you can learn about Canada:

1. We are not all born with maple syrup in place of blood. Some of us have poutine gravy instead.
2. There are two national languages: Canadian, and New Canadian.
3. We know the lyrics to all the national anthems in the world, particularly the ones which overlap in hockey, just in case the music ever cuts out, we got the P.A. System’s back and pick up where it falls off.
4. We DO have to trade our dog sleds in at the border when we cross into the USA. That’s why border patrol takes so long. We’re learning how to drive non-barking machines, and it confuses us.
5. Triple X Beer was not made for porn. Or for drinking. It was really good for your hair though.
6. The Queen still comes to do Lion King style naming for each new Canadian baby. She’s very tired because of this.
7. Bobcats and Lynx are NOT the same cat, and if someone tells you differently, let them duel each for proof. They’ll believe you next time.
8. We have animals that aren’t allowed to have passports into the USA, so you don’t get to see cute little creatures like … well, I can’t tell you about the narwhals unless I am prepared to revoke my CDN Citizenship. I’m on my last strike with them, so I have to behave.
9. There are Canadians we don’t admit publicly to being ours, but still might know all the lyrics to their music. *cough Nickleback cough*
10. Even if you’ve never heard of poutine, been called a buddy or pal, know what part of your body a toque goes, believe that narwhals exist, ever eaten pemmican, fed a baby moose, or watched the Northern Lights, you come to Canada, we’ll treat you right. Just don’t be a hoser, eh?

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